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Ottawa, Canada

Convergent | Date: 2015-09-04

An improved medical instrument cabinet may include a first side wall, a rear wall connected to the first side wall, and an adjustable support assembly disposed on the first side wall or the rear wall. The adjustable support assembly includes a housing, a slide assembly connected to the housing, a holder assembly movable relative to the housing and connected to the slide assembly, a belt connected to the holder assembly, and a counterweight connected to the belt.

Convergent | Date: 2015-04-08

The embodiments herein provide a system and method for auditing a plurality of multimedia content, creating a contextual cycle of multimedia contents, and associating the plurality of the multimedia content with a source. The system comprises a plurality of multimedia input sources configured for receiving a plurality of multimedia content, an analysis and recognition module connected to the plurality of multimedia input sources and configured for analyzing and recognizing the plurality of the received multimedia contents, and an auditing console communicatively coupled to with the analysis and recognition module.

Techniques for managing the charging and/or discharging of an energy storage device are disclosed. The techniques include obtaining clearing price data points spanning a plurality of dates and for each date: generating a distribution of the clearing price data points corresponding to the date; determining a lower quantile price point of the distribution based on a capacity of the device and a charge rate of the device; and determining an upper quantile price point of the distribution based on the capacity and a discharge rate of the device. The techniques include selecting a first set of the lower quantile price points from the lower quantiles and a second set of the upper quantile price points from the upper quantiles. The techniques include determining a buy bid based on the first set and a sell bid based on the second set and selectively transmitting the buy bid and/or the sell bid.

A structural wall panel includes an elongated shared structural framing member and one or more elongated intermediate structural framing members. An elongated top track is connected to a top end of each of the framing members. An inner sheet of suitable sheet material may be secured to the framing members so as to form an inner face of the structural wall panel, while an outer sheet of suitable sheet material may be secured to the framing members so as to form an outer face of the structural wall panel opposite the inner face. The elongated top track and inner and outer sheets are aligned on the framing members so as to form a male receiver at one lateral side of the panel and a female receiving structure along the opposite lateral side of the panel.

A computer implemented platform for creating a virtual community of sellers thereby enabling said sellers to jointly endorse the products and services, has been disclosed. The platform detects the presence of handheld devices of the users within a predetermined communication range, along with the coordinates. The platform presents to the users the location specific information corresponding to the products and service offered by the virtual community of sellers. The platform tracks the response of the user to the presented information along with the previous interactions of the users. The platform prompts each of the users to provide said platform with access at least their respective social networking profiles. The platform selectively customizes the information to be presented to the users thereby rendering the product/service offerings suitable for requirements of users, and forecasts the user requirements based on the tracked response information, and information corresponding to the previous interactions of users.

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