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Continental, United States

Continental Automotive Systems Inc. | Date: 2015-07-10

A system and method of maneuvering a vehicle-trailer unit in reverse travel uses at least one sensor generating output information representative of the relative position between the vehicle rear and the trailer front. An electronic processing unit compares the measured quantity with a reference value and determines from the comparison whether the trailer deviates from a straight alignment with the vehicle. If the trailer is not aligned with the vehicle, the system can interfere with the vehicles steering system, the trailers brake system, or both. The sensor can be a distance sensor or a camera, and the quantity can be a distance or a marker position. As a reference value for comparison, the method can use a stored value or previously or simultaneously measured values. The method can be activated automatically or by a switch operated by the vehicle driver.

Continental Automotive Systems Inc. | Date: 2015-03-05

A pressure sensor device which uses appropriate passivation materials/patterns to make the device more robust and resistant to a hot and humid environment. The pressure sensor device uses moisture resistant passivation material(s) covering exposed glass areas, including sidewalls, and bonding interfaces to avoid the glass and bonding interfaces absorbing and reacting with moisture, thus maintaining the integrity of the device output after exposure in a humid/hot environment. These passivation materials/patterns used for the MEMS devices described may be applied to any MEMS based sensors and actuators using glass as one type of material for fabrication. The pressure sensor devices may be front side absolute pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors, or back side absolute pressure sensors.

Continental Automotive Systems Inc. | Date: 2015-02-12

An automated child safety unlocking system for automobiles which disengages the child safety locks and unlocks the doors at appropriate times during events such as vehicle crashes. The vehicle ECU continually monitors the status of the vehicle to check if a crash event has occurred via various methods such as the status of airbag deployment, accelerometers placed in the car, and crumple points. In the event of a crash the vehicle ECU transmits one of at least two CSL command signals a child safety lock ECU. The command signals are each specific to an event severity and event type, and the child safety lock ECU then interprets the signal and acts according to the signal type. If the data interpreted indicates a crash, the child safety lock ECU unlocks the child safety locks, and if it does not determine a crash has not occurred, the locks remain engaged.

Continental Automotive Systems Inc. | Date: 2015-01-22

An air spring for air suspension system comprises a piston assembly and a damper assembly. A plurality of crush ribs are spaced apart from one another located within an internal cavity defined by the piston assembly and extending in an axial direction. A striker cap is located proximate to a first end of the damper assembly. There is a first interference fit between the damper assembly and the striker cap and there is a second interference fit between the striker cap and the crush fins, such that the piston assembly and the damper assembly are rotationally fixed relative to one another.

Continental Automotive Systems Inc. | Date: 2015-01-21

A safety system for a vehicle providing a road departure protection feature comprises a camera, mounted to the vehicle to provide a view of a driving direction of the vehicle, and an electronic control unit connected to the camera. The electronic control unit includes instructions for analyzing the image and comparing the roadway path to the predicted vehicle path. The electronic control unit determines a vehicle roadway departure is occurring when the predicted vehicle path differs from the roadway path by a predetermined threshold, and then determines at least one corrective action to return the vehicle path to the roadway path. The safety system sends instructions to apply at least one corrective action with at least an electronic stability control system.

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