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Conti Temic microelectronic GmbH | Date: 2015-10-15

A device, a sensor arrangement, a system and a method are provided for checking the plausibility of sensor data. The plausibility of the results of processing of sensor data is checked with an independent module by an alternative verification method at each stage, and quality indicators are calculated for the reliability of the calculated data from this plausibility check, which can be taken into account during further processing.

The invention relates to a method (

A driver of a vehicle applies an actuation force to an accelerator device such as an accelerator pedal or a twist-grip throttle of the vehicle to deflect the accelerator device to an actual deflection angle (

An apparatus for operating at least two antennas for a motor vehicle. The apparatus has a switching device to be coupled to the at least two antennas and to perform at least one switching process for changing a respective input capacitance of one antenna of the at least two antennas. A multiplexing device is configured to select one of the at least two antennas for near field communication and to connect it to an output. The multiplexing device and the switching device are configured, when changing over from a first antenna having a first input capacitance to a second antenna having a second input capacitance, to match the second input capacitance to the first input capacitance by performing the switching process.

A control unit for use in the engine compartment or in the transmission of a motor vehicle. The control unit has a line section for an engine or transmission fluid, a circuit carrier, and a base plate. The base body is mounted on the base plate. The circuit carrier is arranged between the base body and the base plate. The base body has a plurality of parallel channels each having a respective outlet. At least one of the plurality of parallel channels forms a portion of the line section. A separate cover is mounted on the base body, the cover having a single inlet coupled to the plurality of parallel channels. The cover is, other than only the inlet, connected to the base body in a fluid-tight manner, and the inlet is the only fluid passage through the cover.

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