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Seoul, South Korea

Construction Inc. | Date: 2015-06-08

In one aspect, a tool stabilizer system is provided. The tool stabilizer system includes a support deck, a mast coupled to the support deck, and a beam coupled to the mast. The beam includes a first end, a second end, and a body extending between the first end and the second end. A pulley system is coupled to the beam. The pulley system includes a first pulley coupled to the first end, a second pulley coupled to the second end, and a cable coupled to the first pulley and the second pulley. The cable includes a first end and a second end. The tool stabilizer system further includes a counter weight coupled to the cable first end proximate the first pulley and a tool coupled to the cable second end proximate the second pulley.

Construction Inc. | Date: 2014-03-17

Systems and methods for constructing concrete foundations are provided which allow for rapid and high-precision placement and alignment of anchor bolts across large distances. A frame system is constructed outside of an excavation and then suspended, using supports, over an excavation. The frame system can include a frame having one or more templates for anchor bolts, a form suspended from the frame, and a mat and cage assembly tied to the frame. The frame system can be aligned in proper position and the anchor bolts placed in the frame system before the concrete is placed. In this way, the anchor bolts can be cast in place as the footing is placed.

Construction Inc. | Date: 2015-10-07

Disclosed is an economical and effective way of producing a double sided decorative wall using facing panels having a decorative face surface, in particular dry cast concrete panels having a regular surface structure, more preferably an embossed surface, most preferably a patterned surface. Further disclosed are wall components and a wall kit for a double sided decorative wall. The facing panels in the wall are stacked in a back-to-back arrangement into a pair of first and second back-to-back walls, which walls are interconnected by connectors which link at least one facing panel in the first wall to at least one facing panel in the second wall for forming the double sided decorative wall. The connecting members can be in individual connectors, or a combination of connectors for linking multiple facing panels or linking facing panels at corners or curves in the wall. The connectors can be of different length to enable the construction of decorative walls of different thickness. A modular wall system for double sided decorative walls forming both straight and curved walls is also disclosed. The system uses facing panels and connectors, wherein all facing panels are of equal thickness, but may have different lengths and may have different widths. The facing panels of the modular wall system all have graduated lengths, each length being a multiple of a base length L. Thus, the facing panels have lengths of 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L etc. To facilitate the formation of walls with corners, such as right angled corners, the facing panels preferably have a depth which is equal to L or a multiple of L. Building the decorative wall of two partial walls of facing panels with intermediate connectors renders the wall more economical than the previously known walls with base blocks and facing panels suspended from the base blocks on one or both sides.

Construction Inc. | Date: 2015-05-22

An elevated building surface assembly including a plurality of surface tiles, a plurality of support pedestals disposed in spaced-apart relation on a fixed surface and having a support plate with a top surface operatively supporting the surface tiles in horizontally spaced-apart relation, and a plurality of elongate restraining members configured to restrict movement of the surface tile(s) in directions away from first and second adjacent support pedestals and/or relative to one or more adjacent surface tiles to advantageously limit movement or displacement of the surface tile(s) that may otherwise occur due to uplift forces (e.g., generated by winds and/or the like).

Construction Inc. | Date: 2015-09-14

This invention is directed to a watercraft launch and storage assembly including: a mounting assembly; a first step; a watercraft cage pivotally carried by the mounting assembly having a launch position and a storage position; a continuous loop included in the watercraft cage for receiving and surrounding at least a portion of a watercraft; and, a watercraft cage plane defined through the watercraft cage that is generally perpendicular to the waterline when the watercraft cage is in the storage position so that when a watercraft is received by the watercraft cage and in the storage position an angle defined between a plane running through the width of the watercraft and the watercraft cage plane is greater than 90 reducing the amount of water and debris that can enter the watercraft in the storage position.

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