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Liu M.,Tsinghua University | Wei J.,Tsinghua University | Wei J.,Qinghai University | Wang G.,Tsinghua University | And 2 more authors.
Ecological Indicators | Year: 2017

In most parts of China, water resources development and utilization has reached or exceeded the international warning level, especially in the northern arid and semi-arid regions, the serious water stress have aroused worldwide concerns. Many issues of water resources are closely and some inseparably associated with human activities. In this study, the water footprint (WF) and related indicators were applied as comprehensive indicators to assess real water use by humans from the consumption perspective. A Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model (FCE) was used for the evaluation in its role to assess water stress. And the index system of water stress assessment including four aspects, namely water supply and demand balance, socio-economy, agricultural production and ecological environment was established. Taking the case of Hebei province of China where there is serious conflict between water supply and demand, water stress assessment of all eleven administrative areas for the period 2000–2013 was analyzed. The findings showed that water stress was denoted by three levels, namely high water stress (red zone), general water stress (yellow zone) and low water stress (blue zone), which lays the foundation of the further research on water risk warning. According to the results of water stress assessment and the socio-economic development trends of Hebei, a Markov Chain Risk Warning model was built to describe the risk state of water system and to predict the transition probability of future states. This was intended to focus on the possibility that water stress levels might change into higher water stress level. The current study aims at extending earlier research by making a first step from water footprint estimation towards water stress assessment and providing reference for scientific management of water resources in arid and semi-arid regions. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd

Feng J.-C.,Hohai University | Ren Y.-F.,Hohai University | Duan Z.-N.,Hohai University | Liu Z.-J.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project | Li H.-Y.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project
Water Science and Engineering | Year: 2012

According to the multi-project and program management theory, this paper analyzes the program generation principle and establishes a program based on progress goals. On the basis of the present situation of calculation of penalty for delay of the bidding section construction period with the critical path method, we studied the effects of contractor-induced delay of the bidding section construction period in detail, including the effects on the construction period of the bidding section itself, the earliest start times of the next bidding section and other subsequent bidding sections, and the construction period of the program, and then constructed a penalty model for delay of the bidding section construction period from the perspective of programs. Using the penalty model, we conducted a practical analysis of penalty for delay of the construction period of the Baoying station program in the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. The model can help determine the amount of penalty for delay of the construction period in bidding sections scientifically and reasonably. © 2012 Editorial Office of Water Science and Engineering.

Fang G.,Hohai University | Wang T.,Hohai University | Si X.,Chinese Ministry of Water Resources | Wen X.,Hohai University | Liu Y.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project
Water (Switzerland) | Year: 2016

To alleviate increasingly serious water pollution and shortages in developing countries, various kinds of policies have been implemented by local governments. It is vital to quantify and evaluate the performance and potential economic impacts of these policies. This study develops a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model to simulate the regional economic and environmental effects of discharge fees. Firstly, water resources and water environment factors are separated from the input and output sources of the National Economic Production Department. Secondly, an extended Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) of Jiangsu province is developed to simulate various scenarios. By changing values of the discharge fees (increased by 50%, 100% and 150%), three scenarios are simulated to examine their influence on the overall economy and each industry. The simulation results show that an increased fee will have a negative impact on Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, waste water may be effectively controlled. Also, this study demonstrates that along with the economic costs, the increase of the discharge fee will lead to the upgrading of industrial structures from a situation of heavy pollution to one of light pollution which is beneficial to the sustainable development of the economy and the protection of the environment. © 2016 by the authors.

Wang L.-J.,Hohai University | Liu S.-H.,Hohai University | Wang J.-B.,Thermal Power Research Institute | Zhu H.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2012

Based on the mechanical theory of unsaturated porous media, an equation of electroosmostic consolidation theory which considers the coupling of electrical field, seepage field and stress field is derived by applying the principles of charge and mass conservation, stress equilibrium equation, Darcy's law and Ohm's law. The equation is discretized by using the Galerkin method of weighted residuals to get the formulation for finite elements; and then a code is developed. A model test of the electroosmosis combining with vacuum drainage is simulated. The simulated results agree well with the measured ones; it is shown that the proposed theory can predict the development of pore water pressure and displacements quantitatively in the electroosmosis consolidation process.

Wang L.,Hohai University | Liu S.,Hohai University | Zhu H.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project | Wu P.,China Communications Construction Company Ltd.
Journal of Hohai University | Year: 2013

Three laboratory model tests were conducted to investigate the effects of electroosmosis drainage in different electrode configurations. The drainage, settlement, pore water pressure, and current were monitored in the process of electroosmosis. The water content and shear strength of the soil were obtained after electroosmosis, in order to study the effects of electrode configuration on electroosmosis reinforcement. The experimental results show the following: the effects of drainage and reinforcement by electroosmosis significantly improved with the increase of the number of anodes around a cathode, the current exhibited exponential attenuation with time, and there was a linear relationship between energy consumption and drainage discharge per unit volume.

Zhong J.-F.,Nanchang Hangkong University | Wen S.-Y.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project | Hu X.,China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2011

There are many limitations for important hydraulic project's rock site at present, such as envelopment effects of probability-consistent response spectrum, and frequency stationarity in acceleration time history, etc.. In order to overcome those shortcomings, a new method of determination of ground motion input parameters for important hydraulic project's rock site has been put forward in this study. The effective peak acceleration with different exceeding probability, as well as the dominant potential seismic source which had the largest contribution to the site, have been determined by using probabilistic seismic hazard analysis, which based on effective peak acceleration. The magnitude of scenario earthquake within the dominant potential earthquake sources is determined by the largest probability of magnitude-spatial joint distribution,and the corresponding design response spectra is determined by the attenuation relationship of acceleration response spectra. Then evolutionary power spectrum is gained according to scenario earthquake and the attenuation relationships of evolutionary power spectrum model parameters, and the amplitude and frequency non-stationary acceleration time history at dam site are synthesized by using trigonometric series superposition method, which based on evolutionary power spectra and minimum phase spectrum. In a case study of Shapai dam site, based on the evaluation of regional seismic activities and seismotectonic environment, ground motion input parameters at dam rock site with different exceeding probability, including the effective peak acceleration, design response spectra, amplitude and frequency non-stationarity acceleration time history, are determined.

Xu Z.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project | Xu Z.,Wuhan University | Yang L.,Wuhan University | Li X.,Wuhan University
Dianli Zidonghua Shebei/Electric Power Automation Equipment | Year: 2015

A method based on CMST(Clustering-Modified S-Transform) and DSVM(Direct Support Vector Machine) is proposed to identify the power quality disturbance. Combined with the characteristics of power quality disturbance signal, the CMST method can optimally and simultaneously process the time-domain resolution of fundamental frequency signal and frequency-domain resolution of high-frequency signal to ensure the correctness of property extraction. Compared with the least squares support vector machine, DSVM, as a classifier, has simpler solving process, lower computation complexity, faster training and testing speed, higher generalization ability. Furthermore, it guarantees the global optimal solution. The CMST combined with DSVM is applied in the identification of single or mixed disturbance. Simulative experiment verifies the effectiveness of the proposed method. ©, 2015, Electric Power Automation Equipment Press. All right reserved.

Wen S.-Y.,Wuhan University | Li J.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project | Su X.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project | Yao X.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2010

In the geological environment, the rocks show many complex engineering features and phenomena, both associated with its form and change of internal fine structure. The characteristic parameters of rock microscopic structure are given quantitatively; and its relationship with macro-mechanics is studied, and then to further understand the mechanics of rock deformation. In order to research the relationship between rock mesomechanical structure and macroscopic mechanical behavior, the technique of SEM is applied to marble fracture of surrounding rock in diversion tunnel of a hydropower project; and a lot of information of SEM in fracture is obtained. The main research content is information abstraction and measurement of mesomechanical structure with computer image processing and analysis techniques and pattern recognition principle. By the quantitative experimental study of rock microscopic structure; it is a great significance to learn from the microscopic scale that the failure mechanism of rock. It also has an obvious reality to analyzie and evaluate engineering properties of rocks and the adaptability of the construction.

Jiang Y.H.,China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research | Li L.B.,China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research | Zhang Q.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project | Lu Z.C.,China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

This study analyzes the specific requirements for data transmission in an integrated automation system for safety monitoring of the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. It introduces the bearing method and network structure of a private wireless digital data network (DDN) based on general packet radio service technology. Moreover, the measures adopted based on the private wireless DDN system for ensuring safe data transmission are expounded. The integration of a wireless outer network and a wired inner network has sufficiently addressed the actual demands of the project. The successful application of this system can be used as a reference for similar projects. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Wang J.,Henan Academy of science | Wang J.,HIGH-TECH | Zhao B.,Construction and Administration Bureau of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project | Zhao L.,Henan Academy of science | And 4 more authors.
Synthetic Metals | Year: 2015

A silane-bridged polyaniline (PANI)/cotton fiber (CF) composite (designated as PANI/SCF) was prepared by a novel and facile approach in the current study. Aniline-bearing silane molecules were first grafted onto the CF surface through a condensation reaction between hydroxyl groups of cellulose and the silane molecules. Subsequent oxidative polymerization of aniline in the presence of silane-modified CF (SCF) yielded the final PANI/SCF composite, which can be used as the potential Cr(VI) adsorbent. Results showed that the optimal silane grafting conditions were: 0.01 mol/L HAc, EtOH/water volume ratio 95/5, reaction temperature 40 °C and silane dosage 0.1 g (per 0.5 g CF). Using SCF that prepared under the optimal conditions as the substrate, about 4.6% of PANI can be deposited, mostly existing as nanorods and distributing more evenly than those on the raw CF surface. FTIR and XPS analyses further testified the successful chemical bonding of silane and the final deposition of PANI on the fiber surfaces. In comparison with neat PANI, the solid-liquid separation can be achieved by simply taking the fibrous adsorbent out. Besides, the adsorption capacity of PANI/SCF on the basis of PANI mass (dividing Qm by PANI content) was much higher, probably due to the uniform distribution of PANI nanostructures on SCF and the high efficiency of PANI nanostructures in Cr(VI) adsorption. © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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