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Mountain View, CA, United States

Confluent | Date: 2013-12-30

A spray assembly for dispensing a mixture is provided. The spray assembly includes a connector configured for operable engagement with a first and second source of component and a source of pressurized fluid, and a tip operably connected to the connector. The tip includes an opening and defines a mixing chamber between the connector and the opening of the tip, and an insert member configured to be received in the mixing chamber. The insert member includes a plurality of radially extending slots on at least one end of the insert. The plurality of radially extending slots is configured to mix the first and second components prior to the mixture exiting the opening in the tip.

A microsphere and methods for forming the same are disclosed. The microsphere includes modified cellulose and at least one of precursors for is-situ polymerization or endothermic/exothermic reactions.

Confluent | Date: 2013-06-20

An actuator assembly is provided. The actuator assembly includes housing configured for operable engagement by a user, a trigger assembly operably supported on the housing, a gas cartridge releasably secured to the housing, a valve assembly mounted within the housing for controlling the flow of pressurized gas through the housing and a cylinder actuator operably operably connected to the valve assembly. The cylinder actuator includes a piston selectively extendable therefrom configured for depressing a plunger. The piston includes a head having an inlet surface disposed within an inlet chamber of the cylinder actuator and an outlet surface disposed within the outlet chamber of the cylinder actuator. The exposed surface area of the first surface is equal to the exposed surface of the second surface.

Crosslinked polymers, methods for their preparation and use, are described in which the crosslinked polymers are formed from at least two polymer precursors, one of which is designed, upon degradation of the crosslinked polymer, to release the second polymer precursor in its original, unmodified chemical form.

A process for dissolving modified cellulose includes contacting modified cellulose solution with at least one non-solvent to form a plurality of modified cellulose particles.

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