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Onesti, Romania

A measuring arrangement for registering a measured variable representing concentration of an analyte in a measured medium, includes: a first electrode modified with a redoxly active substance, a second electrode, and a measuring circuit, which comprises a voltage source for applying at least one predetermined voltage between the first electrode and a reference, and an apparatus for registering electrical current flowing, in such case, between the first electrode and the second electrode or for registering a variable correlated with the electrical current flowing between the first electrode and the second electrode, wherein the second electrode is modified with the same redoxly active substance as the first electrode.

A contacting system, comprising: an essentially cylindrical contact body having at least a first opening, a second opening and a contact body interior between the first opening and the second opening. The first opening is embodied for accommodating the cable, wherein a holding element is provided in the contact body interior and is so embodied that it produces contact between the first conductor and the contact body. A sealing element is provided at the first opening and is so embodied that it seals off the contact body interior from the medium.

Conducta | Date: 2013-10-08

An electronic circuit for amplifying a wanted signal, comprising: a comparator having a first input, a second input and an output, wherein a connection is provided, which leads the wanted signal to the first input; a first driver stage comprising an input and an output, wherein the first driver stage includes at least a first push pull end stage; a low-pass filter having an input and an output, wherein the output of the first driver stage leads to the input of the low pass filter; a first feedback network; and a second feedback network.

A method for determining a physical and/or chemical, temperature dependent, process variable of process automation technology utilizing a resistance thermometer (R

A method for determining orthophosphate content of a liquid, comprising: registering a first measurement signal (ISE

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