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Chicago, IL, United States

Concordia University Chicago is an American private, Lutheran liberal arts university located in the village of River Forest, Illinois, 10 miles west of Chicago. Wikipedia.

Yuen F.,Concordia University at Chicago
Journal of Leisure Research | Year: 2016

This paper discusses collage as a method of inquiry in a participatory action research project, which examined the meaning of healing with Aboriginal women and the meaning of leisure in their experiences of healing. The discussion highlights how simultaneous analysis, synthesis, and representation led to a rhizomatic process and multivocal understandings. Given that the project was also founded upon Indigenous epistemologies, this artistic means supported Indigenous ways of knowing by enabling emotional and spiritual connections throughout the process. Metaphor, symbolism, and interpretive communication are used to move beyond binary thought patterns and language. As such, collage has the potential to communicate a poignant and evocative message, thereby contributing to creating a strong platform for social justice.

Fu C.,Ericsson AB | Belqasmi F.,Ericsson AB | Glitho R.,Concordia University at Chicago
IEEE Communications Magazine | Year: 2010

A presence service enables the discovery and retrieval of, and subscription to changes in, an end user's context information. RESTful web services are now emerging as a lighter alternative to the so-called Big Web services. This article presents an early feasibility prototype of a RESTful web-services-based architecture. The architecture enables the discovery and retrieval of and subscription to changes in context information, independent of the technologies used in the end users's domains. Concretely, it enables end users with multiple presence accounts (e.g., MSN, Yahoo, Gmail) to publish context information related to the account(s) they are using at any given time. It also enables other end users or applications to retrieve this information by subscribing to any of the multiple accounts of the publisher. The project has demonstrated that RESTful web services are quite suitable for bridging services across technologies and domains. It has also demonstrated that a RESTful web services approach has several advantages over a traditional web services (also known as Big Web services) approach. However, more functionality needs to be added to the prototype before market introduction is contemplated. The lessons learned are discussed and the missing functionalities are identified. © 2006 IEEE.

Reid S.E.,Bishops University | De Brentani U.,Concordia University at Chicago
Journal of Product Innovation Management | Year: 2010

Having the "right" market vision (MV) in new product scenarios involving high degrees of uncertainty has been shown to help firms achieve a significant competitive advantage, which can ultimately lead to superior financial results. Despite today's increased rate of radical innovation, and hence the importance of effective vision, relatively little research has been undertaken to improve our understanding of this phenomenon. The exploratory and empirical investigation undertaken herewith responds to this research gap by focusing on MV and its precursor, market visioning competence (MVC), for radically new, high-tech products. MV is a clear and specific mental model/image that organizational members have of a desired and important product-market for a new advanced technology, and MVC is a set of individual and organizational capabilities that enable the linking of advanced technologies to a future market opportunity. Based on samples of high-tech firms involved in early technology developments, the measurement study indicates that five factors comprise MV (i.e., clarity, magnetism, specificity, form, and scope) and that four factors underlie MVC (i.e., networking, idea driving, proactive market orientation, and market learning tools). Structural equation modeling is used to demonstrate that MVC significantly and positively impacts MV and that each of these constructs significantly and positively influences certain aspects of early performance (EP) in new product development. This is the first empirical study to develop a comprehensive set of scales to measure these constructs and then to combine them in a model by which to examine their interrelationships. © 2010 Product Development and Management Association.

Kaul T.,Concordia University at Chicago
Journal of School Health | Year: 2011

BACKGROUND: Asthma is the leading cause of chronic illness among children in the United States, with a disproportionately higher incidence among minority children. In an attempt to increase understanding of the factors that may influence self-management of chronic disease, the study examined the relationship between self-efficacy belief and asthma self-management in urban African American children. METHODS: Using a descriptive correlational research design, the participants (81 African American children between 7 and 12 years old) completed the Asthma Inventory for Children (AIC), which measured asthma self-management behaviors, and Asthma Belief Survey (ABS), which measured asthma self-efficacy. RESULTS: Results of this study demonstrated a statistically positive correlation (p < .01, r = .53) between the child's asthma self-management and the child's self-efficacy belief toward his or her asthma. The mean item scores for the AIC, which measures the number of asthma management behaviors utilized by the participants, ranged from 1.88 to 5.00 with a mean of 3.69 and a standard deviation of 0.59. The mean scores of the ABS, which measures the level of self-efficacy beliefs for asthma management among the participants, ranged from 1.73 to 5.00 with a standard deviation of 0.58. CONCLUSIONS: In chronic illness such as asthma, self-management is key to the long-range personal, academic, and professional success of children and adults with such conditions. Implications are drawn for the preparation of health care providers, teachers, and counselors who work with school-age children with asthma. © 2011, American School Health Association.

Vukotich G.,Concordia University at Chicago
American journal of disaster medicine | Year: 2012

In a joint military/civilian exercise conducted in June 2010, military National Guard medical and decontamination response efforts proved to be paramount in supporting hospital resources to sustain an adequate response during a simulated terrorist event. Traditionally, hospitals include local responders in their disaster preparedness but overlook other available state and federal resources such as the National Guard. Lessons learned from the exercise included the value of regular joint disaster planning and training between the military and civilian medical sectors. Additionally, military communication and medical equipment compatibility with the civilian infrastructure was identified as one of the top areas for the improvement of this joint exercise. Involving the National Guard in community disaster planning provides a valuable medical support asset that can be critical in responding to multiple casualty events. National Guard response is inherently faster than its federal counterpart. Based on the findings from our joint exercise, states are encouraged to incorporate their corresponding National Guard in civilian critical medical infrastructure disaster preparedness activities, as the National Guard can be an integral part of the disaster response efforts in real multiple casualty events.

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