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Del Mar, CA, United States

Compx Inc | Date: 2015-01-07

Hub-based electronic lock systems and devices relate to lock or access control systems, and more particularly to electronically controlled lock systems such as may be applied to various storage enclosures or cabinets to provide secure storage of various items, equipment, materials, and/or information within the enclosures or cabinets. Certain present aspects may relate to hub and/or daisy-chained control for a plurality of electronic locks used in an electronic access control system, for inventory management using electronic locks, and/or to electronic locks with various features including display screens, access controls and tracking, and alert capabilities.

Compx Inc | Date: 2011-10-27

Disclosed is a convertible motorized latch that may be configured in either of a slam latch or a dead bolt latch configuration, just by desired selection and replacement of a minimal number of components, and which may be used on new (oem) equipment or in retrofit applications. In either preferred configuration, an electric motor contained within the latch housing operates to open or unlock the latch. Latch closure may be provided by spring actuation in a slam configuration or by further motor operation in a dead bolt configuration. Either present configuration may make use of an electrical feedback switch for signaling latch retraction while the dead bolt configuration may also include a second electrical feedback switch for signaling latch extension. A gear train may be incorporated within the latch housing to provide reduced speed and increased torque from the electric motor.

Compx Inc | Date: 2015-01-26

Disclosed are apparatus and corresponding methodology for securing access to an underground device through use of a locking mechanism to secure the fill cap on underground liquid storage tanks for refined petroleum products such as situated at typical end user fueling stations. A protective shell with integral vapor sealing cap is provided with a three point toggle mechanism, to prevent theft, willful contamination, or other unauthorized access to the underground storage tank fill cap for any purpose while maintaining a vapor seal to prevent the release of the vapor from the tank contents.

Compx Inc | Date: 2012-10-09

A lock system is disclosed. The lock system includes a lock and one or more keys. The lock includes a plurality of tumblers configured for interaction with associated key features. A tumbler includes at least two sections and defines at least two contact points. One contact point is configured to interact with a feature included on either of an operator key or a master key, while the other contact point is configured to interact with a feature included on a separate key. A key according to the present disclosure includes features configured to interact with a contact point on each tumbler, such as with only one of the two contact points. One of the keys may include channels defined on surfaces thereof. Such channels accommodate the set of contact points that the features of such key are not interacting with, allowing access to and interaction with the appropriate set of contact points.

Compx Inc | Date: 2011-09-23

The present subject matter is directed to electronic circuitry and associated hardware configured to electronically control directional signals, i.e., neutral, forward and reverse signals, to the transmission of a watercraft. The circuitry provides for electronic control of the throttle position of the watercraft engine and electronic override of the transmission shifting circuitry to allow throttling up (i.e., revving) of the engine without placing the transmission into gear. In an alternative embodiment, directional control is effected by operation of a lever mechanism and override functionality is effected by manual disengagement of a drive mechanism for the directional control while maintaining operation of the electronic throttle control.

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