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Richardson, TX, United States

CommScope Inc. is a multinational telecommunications company based in Hickory, North Carolina, United States, since its founding in 1976. CommScope is a 1997 spin-off of General Instrument and now has over 15,000 employees worldwide, with customers in over 130 countries.CommScope manufactures SYSTIMAX and Uniprise brands of Enterprise infrastructure of copper Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling, connector panels, jacks and fiber optic cabling, connector panels, racking and metals. CommScope also manufactures environmentally secure cabinets for FTTN and DSL applications.In 2007 CommScope's net sales were approximately US$1.93 billion.On October 25, 2010, The Carlyle Group announced it would pay $31.50 a share, or about $2.98 billion, to take CommScope private.In July 2011, CommScope received the 2010 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation for its product, Wired For Wireless.On August 2, 2013, CommScope filed with the SEC to raise up to $750 million in an initial public offering. Wikipedia.

CommScope | Date: 2016-01-04

A distributed antenna system includes a master unit configured to receive at least one set of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) channel signals from at least one signal source. The master unit is configured to frequency convert at least one of the MIMO channel signals to a different frequency from an original frequency, and combine the MIMO channel signals for transmission. An optical link couples the master unit with a unit remote from the master unit for transceiving the MIMO channel signals. Conversion circuitry is configured to frequency convert at least one of the first and second MIMO channel signals from the different frequency back to an original frequency for transmission over an antenna.

The present disclosure relates generally to a telecommunications wire including an electrical conductor and a dielectric insulator surrounding the electrical conductor. The dielectric insulator defines a plurality of channels defining void space containing a material having a low dielectric constant such as air. The channels each run along a length of the electrical conductor. The channels are configured to lower an overall dielectric constant of the dielectric insulator while maintaining desirable mechanical properties such as crush resistance.

A multiband radiating array according to the present invention includes a vertical column of lower band dipole elements and a vertical column of higher band dipole elements. The lower band dipole elements operate at a lower operational frequency band, and the lower band dipole elements have dipole arms that combine to be about one half of a wavelength of the lower operational frequency band midpoint frequency. The higher band dipole elements operate at a higher frequency band, and the higher band dipole elements have dipole arms that combine to be about three quarters of a wavelength of the higher operational frequency band midpoint frequency. The higher band radiating elements are supported above a reflector by higher band feed boards. A combination of the higher band feed boards and higher band dipole arms do not resonate in the lower operational frequency band.

CommScope | Date: 2015-08-11

A connector for a plurality of coaxial cables includes: a conductive common base with a contact surface; a plurality of conductive contact pads embedded in the common base, each of the plurality of contact pads having a contact surface; and a plurality of dielectric pads embedded in the common base, each of the dielectric pads surrounding a respective contact pad to isolate the respective contact pad from the common base.

Automated infrastructure management systems and methods document infrastructure elements within a facility, provide a comprehensive record of all network-connected equipment within a facility, and facilitate trouble shooting of network-connected equipment. An automated infrastructure management system includes a plurality of intelligent patch panels, each comprising a plurality of connector ports connected to individual communication channels of a network, a controller in communication with at least some of the intelligent patch panels that obtains connectivity information for the intelligent patch panels ports, and management software in communication with the controller. The management software performs various functions including correlating the interconnection information for the intelligent patch panels with the physical location information for telecommunications in its database, applying energy management policies to a respective communication channel, providing real time physical location information for devices connected to communication channels to a network switch, and displaying real time physical location information of the devices.

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