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Delhi Hills, OH, United States

The Mount St. Joseph University, formerly College of Mount St. Joseph, is a private, Catholic, co-educational college located at Mount Saint Joseph, an unincorporated community near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Also known as “the Mount,” the college was founded in 1920 by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and educates students through liberal arts and professional curricula. Enrollment exceeds 2,300, with over 1,800 undergraduate students and approximately 300 graduate students. The Mount offers 39 undergraduate programs, nine associate degrees, and pre-professional and certificate programs, as well as graduate programs in business administration, education, organizational leadership, religious studies, nursing, and physical therapy. Wikipedia.

Johnson E.,College of Mount St. Joseph
Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics | Year: 2012

The separability between overall and internal motions is evaluated over multiple folding trajectories of the villin headpiece subdomain. The analysis, which relies on the Prompers-Brüschweiler separability index, offers a potentially useful perspective on protein folding. The protein is considered folded in this study, not when it reaches some static target, but rather when it tumbles as a dynamically constrained object. The analysis also demonstrates how the separability index, when applied to protein folding simulations, can facilitate the analysis of NMR relaxation data. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Fischer M.W.F.,College of Mount St. Joseph | Money N.P.,Miami University Ohio
Fungal Biology | Year: 2010

Gilled mushrooms are produced by multiple orders within the Agaricomycetes. Some species form a single array of unbranched radial gills beneath their caps, many others produce multiple files of lamellulae between the primary gills, and branched gills are also common. In this largely theoretical study we modeled the effects of different gill arrangements on the total surface area for spore production. Relative to spore production over a flat surface, gills achieve a maximum 20-fold increase in surface area. The branching of gills produces the same increase in surface area as the formation of free-standing lamellulae (short gills). The addition of lamellulae between every second gill would offer a slightly greater increase in surface area in comparison to the addition of lamellulae between every pair of opposing gills, but this morphology does not appear in nature. Analysis of photographs of mushrooms demonstrates an excellent match between natural gill arrangements and configurations predicted by our model. © 2009 The British Mycological Society.

McDonough T.A.,College of Mount St. Joseph
Violence and Victims | Year: 2010

Based on theories of social exchange and cognitive decision-making, the current research was an initial attempt to analyze battered and nonbattered women's decision-making processes using a policy capturing methodology. Participants included 28 battered and 30 nonbattered women who responded to several questionnaires and vignettes about violent relationships. Overall, both groups of women reported they would be unlikely to stay in the described relationships. Further, the cue of violence intensity was overwhelmingly the most heavily weighted variable for women in both samples, and a comparison of subjective reports and objective policies found that both groups lacked insight into which variables they were weighing when deciding to stay. Results suggest that when making the intellectual decision to stay in an abusive relationship, battered and nonbattered women respond similarly. © 2010 Springer Publishing Company.

Johnson E.,College of Mount St. Joseph
Journal of Biomolecular NMR | Year: 2011

NMR order parameters are calculated from molecular dynamics computer simulations of ubiquitin and the apo (Ca 2+-free) state of calbindin D 9k. Calculations are performed in an expanding reference frame so as to discriminate between the effects of short- and long-range motions. This approach reveals that the dominant contributions to the order parameters are short-range. Longerrange contributions are limited to specific sites, many of which have been recognized in previous studies of correlated motions. These sites are identified on the basis of an effective reorientational number, n eff. Not only does this parameter identify sites of short- and long-range motion, it also provides a way of evaluating the separability condition that is key to the Lipari-Szabo model-free method. When analyzed in conjunction with the Prompers-Brüschweiler separability index, the n eff values indicate that longer-range motions play a more prominent role in apo calbindin than they do in ubiquitin. © Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2011.

McCallum C.A.,Walsh University | Mosher P.D.,College of Mount St. Joseph | Jacobson P.J.,Bellarmine University | Gallivan S.P.,University of Dayton | Giuffre S.M.,Youngstown State University
Physical Therapy | Year: 2013

Background. Many factors affect student learning throughout the clinical education (CE) component of professional (entry-level) physical therapist education curricula. Physical therapist education programs (PTEPs) manage CE, yet the material and human resources required to provide CE are generally overseen by community-based physical therapist practices. Purpose. The purposes of this systematic review were: (1) to examine how the construct of quality is defined in CE literature and (2) to determine the methodological rigor of the available evidence on quality in physical therapist CE. Methods. This study was a systematic review of English-language journals using the American Physical Therapy Association's Open Door Portal to Evidence-Based Practice as the computer search engine. The search was categorized using terms for physical therapy and quality and for CE pedagogy and models or roles. Summary findings were characterized by 5 primary themes and 14 subthemes using a qualitative-directed content analysis. Results. Fifty-four articles were included in the study. The primary quality themes were: CE framework, CE sites, structure of CE, assessment in CE, and CE faculty. The methodological rigor of the studies was critically appraised using a binary system based on the McMaster appraisal tools. Scores ranged from 3 to 14. Limitations. Publication bias and outcome reporting bias may be inherent limitations to the results. Conclusion. The review found inconclusive evidence about what constitutes quality or best practice for physical therapist CE. Five key constructs of CE were identified that, when aggregated, could construe quality. © 2013 American Physical Therapy Association.

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