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Borough of Bronx, NY, United States

The College of Mount Saint Vincent is a Catholic liberal arts college located in the northwest corner of the Riverdale section of The Bronx, New York, adjacent to the Yonkers border. It is the northernmost location in New York City. It was founded by the Sisters of Charity of New York.Today, the school serves 1,800 students, with professional undergraduate programs in nursing, business, communication, and education. In addition, the college offers a strong liberal arts undergraduate curriculum with distinctive strengths in biology, biochemistry, English, psychology, and sociology. The College also offers graduate degree programs in nursing, business, TESOL and education.The college is the peak of the educational network under the care of the Sisters of Charity of New York, one of several Sisters of Charity congregations of Catholic women that trace their lineage back to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. Wikipedia.

Moriarty C.M.,College of Mount Saint Vincent | Jensen J.D.,Purdue University | Stryker J.E.,Research and Evaluation
Cancer Causes and Control | Year: 2010

The media are a frequent and sometimes sole source of cancer information for many people. News coverage of cancer can be influential to cancer-related practices such as prevention or detection behaviors, and sources cited by journalists may be influential in shaping this coverage. A content analysis (n = 3,656 stories) revealed that the most frequently cited sources in cancer news articles-research institutions and medical journals-receive disproportionately more attention compared to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the American Cancer Society (ACS), and pharmaceutical companies. Research institutions were cited twice as frequently as medical journals, and more than three times as frequently as pharmaceutical companies. Most clinical trial stories were optimistic or neutral in tone, and tone was significantly related to citations of pharmaceutical companies and medical journals. Implications for effects of cancer coverage on behaviors, and the influence of sources such as research institutions and pharmaceutical companies, are discussed. © 2009 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.

Chatterjee N.,St. Johns University | Rollins J.,St. Johns University | Rollins J.,College of Mount Saint Vincent | Mahowald A.P.,University of Chicago | Bazinet C.,St. Johns University
PLoS ONE | Year: 2011

The SLC6 class of membrane transporters, known primarily as neurotransmitter transporters, is increasingly appreciated for its roles in nutritional uptake of amino acids and other developmentally specific functions. A Drosophila SLC6 gene, Neurotransmitter transporter-like (Ntl), is expressed only in the male germline. Mobilization of a transposon inserted near the 3′ end of the Ntl coding region yields male-sterile mutants defining a single complementation group. Germline transformation with Ntl cDNAs under control of male germline-specific control elements restores Ntl/Ntl homozygotes to normal fertility, indicating that Ntl is required only in the germ cells. In mutant males, sperm morphogenesis appears normal, with elongated, individualized and coiled spermiogenic cysts accumulating at the base of the testes. However, no sperm are transferred to the seminal vesicle. The level of polyglycylation of Ntl mutant sperm tubulin appears to be significantly lower than that of wild type controls. Glycine transporters are the most closely related SLC6 transporters to Ntl, suggesting that Ntl functions as a glycine transporter in developing sperm, where augmentation of the cytosolic pool of glycine may be required for the polyglycylation of the massive amounts of tubulin in the fly's giant sperm. The male-sterile phenotype of Ntl mutants may provide a powerful genetic system for studying the function of an SLC6 transporter family in a model organism. © 2011 Chatterjee et al.

Spermatogenesis in all animal species occurs within a syncytium. Only at the very end of spermatogenesis are individual sperm cells resolved from this syncytium in a process known as individualization. Individualization in Drosophila begins as a membrane-cytoskeletal complex known as the individualization complex (IC) assembles around the sperm heads and proceeds down the flagella, removing cytoplasm from between the sperm tails and shrink-wrapping each spermatid into its own plasma membrane as it travels. The mulet (mlt) mutation results in severely disrupted ICs, indicating that the mlt gene product is required for individualization. Inverse PCR followed by cycle sequencing maps all known P-insertion alleles of mlt to two overlapping genes, CG12214 (the Drosophila tubulin-binding cofactor E-like homolog) and KCNQ (a large voltage-gated potassium channel). However, since the alleles of mlt map to the 5'-UTR of CG12214 and since CG12214 is contained within an intron of KCNQ, it was hypothesized that mlt and CG12214 are allelic. Indeed, CG12214 mutant testes exhibited severely disrupted ICs and were indistinguishable from mlt mutant testes, thus further suggesting allelism. To test this hypothesis, alleles of mlt were crossed to CG12214 in order to generate trans-heterozygous males. Testes from all trans-heterozygous combinations revealed severely disrupted ICs and were also indistinguishable from mlt mutant testes, indicating that mlt and CG12214 fail to complement one another and are thus allelic. In addition, complementation testing against null alleles of KCNQ verified that the observed individualization defect is not caused by a disruption of KCNQ. Finally, since a population of spermatid-associated microtubules known to disappear prior to movement of the IC abnormally persists during individualization in CG12214 mutant testes, this work implicates TBCE-like in the removal of these microtubules prior to IC movement. Taken together, these results identify mlt as CG12214 and suggest that the removal of microtubules by TBCE-like is a necessary pre-requisite for proper coordinated movement of the IC.

Pfaff D.W.,Rockefeller University | Ribeiro A.C.,Rockefeller University | Ribeiro A.C.,College of Mount Saint Vincent
Journal of Neuroendocrinology | Year: 2010

A theory is put forward that emphasises differences in neuronal responses to fluctuations in steroid hormone levels compared to constant hormone levels. We propose that neuronal functions that regulate gonadotrophin release from the anterior pituitary tend to be more sensitive to rapid increases in the levels of oestrogens than they are to constant oestrogen levels. By contrast, neurones that control certain behavioral functions are affected just as well by constant oestrogen levels as by positively accelerating levels of oestrogen. In addition to providing examples of data from recent experiments that examine actions of the long-term effects of oestrogen on mouse behaviour, we illustrate the behavioural effects of microinjections of adeno-associated viral vectors of small interfering RNA directed against the mRNA for oestrogen receptor-α (ERα). This manipulation provides for a long-term loss of ERα function in a neuranatomically specific manner. The theoretical distinction between temporal features of oestrogen sensitivity of neuroendocrine versus behavioural function is not absolute, but is intended to stimulate new experimentation that examines temporal features of oestrogen administration. © 2010 The Authors. Journal Compilation © 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

Miroshnikov V.A.,College of Mount Saint Vincent
Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics | Year: 2012

Multiscale resultant, principal, perturbation, cascade, and reference Poiseuille-Hagen flows with exposed, hidden, and dual perturbations are constructed and computed in trigonometric, hyperbolic, and elliptic structures, which are invariant with respect to nonlinear algebraic and differential operators. Algebra and differentiation of the invariant cos, sech and cn structures are treated both theoretically and symbolically. Reduction of the invariant cn structures to the invariant cos and sech structures is also considered. As the first application, the invariant cn structures are used to compute series solutions of an asymmetric Hamiltonian system of the fourth order, which models propagation of solitary waves. The developed algorithm allows to compute the series solutions of initial-value problems both for positive and negative pulsations. Comparison with the conventional Felhlberg-Runge-Kutta method shows that the series solutions are preferable with respect to the numerical ones due to their uniform convergence. As the second application, the invariant cn structures are exploited to integrate the exposed and hidden perturbations of the Poiseuille-Hagen flow into the dual perturbations. The invariant cos, sech and cn structures together with the invariant exp structures are invoked to model multiscale transition of the principal, perturbation, and resultant Poiseuille-Hagen flows. Decomposition of the perturbation flows into the cascade and reference flows and an asymptotic treatment of the series solutions at large Reynolds numbers yield that the invariant cos structures model homogeneous turbulence, the invariant sech structures simulate flashes of turbulence, and the invariant cn structures prototype intermittency of turbulence. ©2012 Pushpa Publishing House.

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