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Wang Z.,Beijing University of Technology | Yang Y.,Beijing University of Technology | Yang J.,Tsinghua University | Yang J.,Collaborative Innovation Center for Devices and Systems | Yang J.,State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments
Mathematical Problems in Engineering | Year: 2015

Inertial navigation devices include star sensor, GPS, and gyroscope. Optical fiber and laser gyroscopes provide high accuracy, and their manufacturing costs are also high. Magnetic suspension rotor gyroscope improves the accuracy and reduces the production cost of the device because of the influence of thermodynamic coupling. Therefore, the precision of the gyroscope is reduced and drift rate is increased. In this study, the rotor of liquid floated gyroscope, particularly the dished rotor gyroscope, was placed under a thermal field, which improved the measurement accuracy of the gyroscope. A dynamic theory of the rotor of liquid floated gyroscope was proposed, and the thermal field of the rotor was simulated. The maximum stress was in x, 1.4; y, 8.43; min 97.23; and max 154.34. This stress occurred at the border of the dished rotor at a high-speed rotation. The secondary flow reached 5549 r/min, and the generated heat increased. Meanwhile, the high-speed rotation of the rotor was volatile, and the dished rotor movement was unstable. Thus, nanomaterials must be added to reduce the thermal coupling fluctuations in the dished rotor and improve the accuracy of the measurement error and drift rate. © 2015 Wang Zhengjun et al.

Wang Z.,State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments | Wang Z.,Beijing University of Technology | Yang J.,Tsinghua University | Yang J.,State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments | And 2 more authors.
Sensors and Transducers | Year: 2014

In this paper, it is based on the dynamics analysis about the dishing rotor’s gyroscope, and it is under the comsol software, the rotor’s effects that is on the rotor by magnetic field and thermal field, and that are simulated. Meanwhile it is concluded that the rotor is under the effect of Magnetic. The current is 100 mA, 200 mA, 800 mA, through the force of dishing rotor’s border, it is the biggest place that was established a theoretical model in the flow fields. This is related in the comsol software simulation. At the same time for the dishing rotor sphere of heated, the highest temperature: X part of the border, Y, Z: Magnetic flux density norm (T) 384.3, 32.8, 224.4, 1.2 e-10, for the dishing rotor boundary, the minimum thermal stress field is in the X, Y, Z: Value117.6, 24.7, 24.7, 117.6 e-12. © 2014 IFSA Publishing, S. L.

Zhengjun W.,Tsinghua University | Zhengjun W.,State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments | Zhengjun W.,Beijing University of Technology | Jianzhong Y.,Tsinghua University | And 6 more authors.
Materials Research Innovations | Year: 2015

The gyroscope is a kind of device for inertial navigation, it is driven by maglev rotor in the highspeed movement of liquid. However, the friction heat was produced, especially this kind of heat has a great influence on the bonding force of the gyroscope. In this study, Aluminium and 2J85 are two kinds of material for rotor. The rotor d of nanoperformance is best: its best parameter was that gyroscope can twirl in 5500 rad min-1, and its nanostructure was measured using the white light interferometer. Its parameters were for: 264·059 nm; 1·363 μm; 728·338 μm; 1·019 μm; handle: 1·312 μm. Thus, in this study, the rotor d was selected as the best nanosurface structure. This kind of materials was selected for the rotor when the gyroscope was in high speed of rotation, and it can meet the accuracy of measurement.

Wang Z.J.,Tsinghua University | Yang J.Z.,Tsinghua University | Yang J.Z.,Collaborative Innovation Center for Devices and Systems | Yang Y.Y.,Tsinghua University | And 4 more authors.
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

In this paper, it is put forward a new kind of gyroscope and Theoretical analysis and simulation for it. it is based on the latest proposed a kind of MEMS gyroscope, the micro machine rotor of the liquid floated gyroscope in the thermal field has carried on the stress analysis and simulation. The magnetic field is a kind of drive, Gyroscope lumen is composed of stator and detecting electrode plates,it is filled with 2 # industrial white oil in the inner cavity body,2 # industrial white oil support this gyroscope of rotor The measuring accuracy of the rotor is very high, and the rotor's drift stability is also greatly improved. But the rotor is governed by thermal field, it is still mentioned the main reason for the precision. For the generation of thermal field mainly comes from two parts: heat field and eddy heat. Comsol software is presented in this paper, the thermal field of the rotor were analyzed, and the current in the magnetic field to join 280 mA, 580 mA, 780 mA and 1800 mA, the temperature distribution for the magnetic field, the rotor's blow plate of temperature is less than the up plate of temperature; The rotor side wall is the highest temperature and its the lining is greater than the outer wall temperature; Around the rotor 2 # industrial white oil to join as the speed of 2500 rmp, 3500 rmp, 5500 rmp, 8000 rmp, because of the large flow rate, the eddy current is big, so the temperature increased. Two physical field coupling together to produce energy losses, affect the material performance, at the same time bring local vibration,this phenomenon results in the decrease of accuracy of measurement. Therefore, we need to change the rotor structure and materials to reduce the influence on measurement accuracy. At the same time for the next step, the stress analysis of rotor under the confined space for experiment platform test provide simulation data and the theoretical analysis.The sidewalls of the rotor machining into the radian of 0.05 mm. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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