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Hamilton, NY, United States

Colgate University is a private liberal arts college located in Hamilton Village, Hamilton Township, Madison County, New York, United States.Colgate has 54 undergraduate concentrations that culminate in a Bachelor of Arts degree. The student body comes from 47 states and 42 countries. In its 2013 edition, U.S. News and World Report ranked Colgate as the 18th best liberal arts college in the country. Colgate ranked 13th on the Forbes' top liberal arts colleges list in 2013, and 36th overall in the 2013 edition of "America's Top Colleges" from Forbes.com. It is also listed as one of thirty Hidden Ivies and as one of Newsweek's "New Ivies". In 2014, Princeton Review ranked Colgate as the Most Beautiful Campus in America.Colgate is located on a rural 575 acre campus in the Central New York town of Hamilton Colgate is a member of the Patriot League conference of the NCAA Division I. Wikipedia.

There has recently been emphasis put on providing two-factor accounts of monothematic delusions. Such accounts would explain (1) whether a delusional hypothesis (e.g. someone else is inserting thoughts into my mind) can be understood as a prima facie reasonable response to an experience and (2) why such a delusional hypothesis is believed and maintained given its implausibility and evidence against it. I argue that if we are to avoid obfuscating the cognitive mechanisms involved in monothematic delusion formation we should split the first factor (1 above) into two factors: how abnormal experience can give rise to a delusional 'proto-hypothesis' and how a 'proto-hypothesis' in consort with normal experiences and background information, can be developed into a delusional hypothesis. In particular I will argue that a schizophrenic is faced with the unusual requirement of having to identify an introspectively accessible thought as one's own, and that this requirement of identification is the central experiential abnormality of thought insertion, auditory verbal hallucination, and alien control (i.e. passivity symptoms). Additionally, I will consider non-experiential factors which are required for the formation of a delusional hypothesis. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. Source

Loe M.,Colgate University
Sociology of Health and Illness | Year: 2010

This article focuses on women in their nineties (nonagenarians) who are ageing in place - or ageing at home - in upstate New York. I analyse these old women's use of everyday technological tools to care for themselves and construct meaning. I argue that despite what we may expect, nonagenarian women can be and are technogenarians in their active and creative uses of everyday technologies. Old women utilise lifelong care work repertoires to identify, adjust, use and reject old and new technologies for their own everyday mobility, communication, nourishment, and physiological health. Perhaps most importantly techno-savvy elders can maintain and achieve health and wellbeing, associated here with bodily comfort, social networks, self-efficacy and intellectual life, in and beyond their homes. In these ways, nonagenarians can teach us how household technologies can be health and ageing technologies; instruments of continuity and control; or just the opposite. © 2010 The Author. Journal compilation © 2010 Foundation for the Sociology of Health & Illness/Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Source

Rowlett R.S.,Colgate University
Sub-Cellular Biochemistry | Year: 2014

The β-carbonic anhydrases (β-CAs) are a structurally distinct family of carbonic anhydrase that is widely distributed in microorganisms, algae, plants, and invertebrates. Like all carbonic anhydrases, β-CAs catalyze the reaction CO2+H2O↔HCO3-+H+, and is typically associated with other enzymes that produce or utilize CO2 or HCO3 -. β-CA is required for normal growth for many organisms. Unique among the five different families of carbonic anhydrases, β-CA is the only family of carbonic anhydrase to exhibit allostery. This chapter summarizes the structure, catalytic mechanism, and allosteric regulation of “β-CA. © Springer ScienceCBusiness Media Dordrecht 2014. Source

Conti R.,Colgate University
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders | Year: 2015

Two studies examine the role of compassionate and self-image parenting goals in the experience of mothers of children with autism. In Study 1, a comparison sample was included. Study 1 included measures of parenting goals, life satisfaction, family life satisfaction, parenting satisfaction, and meaning in life. Study 2 incorporated a measure of parenting efficacy. Study 1 showed that mothers of children with autism were higher than comparison mothers in compassionate parenting goals. In both studies, compassionate parenting predicted positive outcomes including higher parenting satisfaction (both studies), family life satisfaction, meaning in life (Study 1) and higher parenting efficacy (Study 2). These studies support the notion that compassionate parenting is a key to satisfaction for mothers of children with autism. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York. Source

Scrimgeour D.,Colgate University
American Journal of Agricultural Economics | Year: 2015

Information contained in high-frequency financial market data reveals that a 10 basis-point surprise increase in interest rates causes commodity prices to fall immediately by approximately 0.6%. This is similar to the estimated responses of both the Standard and Poor's 500 and a United States trade weighted exchange rate index, and approximately five times larger than the response in a standard vector autoregression, even twelve months after the shock. Metals prices tend to respond more than agricultural commodities. The point estimate for oil prices is similar to other commodities, but is estimated less precisely. © 2014 The Author. Source

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