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Systems, methods and devices relating to coordinated network communication (e.g. transport-layer communication) of client requests and client request responses between a client and a distributed network service system, the network service nodes of the distributed network service system comprising a storage resource, a network interface, and a computer processor module for sending a coordinated network communication of data request responses to the client upon receipt of (1) network communication of client requests from clients; or (2) communication data channel information from another network service node. There is also provided a network switching device for managing a coordinated network communication of data transactions between clients and a distributed network service system comprising a plurality of network service nodes, the network switching device configured to manage higher-layer data units to coordinate a network communication of data transactions between clients and a distributed network service system.

Systems, methods and devices for monitoring data transactions in a data storage system, the data storage system being in network communication with a plurality of storage resources and comprising at least a data analysis module and a logging module, and receiving at the data analysis module at least one data transaction for data in the data storage system, each data transaction having at least one data-related characteristic; storing in the logging module the at least one data-related characteristic and a data transaction identifier that relates the data transaction to the associated at least one data-related characteristic in the logging module; analyzing at the data analysis module at least one data-related characteristic related to a first data transaction to determine if the first data transaction shares at least one data-related characteristic with other data transactions; and, in cases where the first data transaction shares at least one data-related characteristic with at least one other data transaction, logically linking the first data transaction with the other data transactions.

Systems, methods and devices relating to a network-accessible data storage device comprising a network interface in data communication with a network, the network interface for receiving and sending data units, the data units being assigned to at least one of a plurality of network data queues depending on at least one data unit characteristic; a data storage component communicatively coupled with the network interface, the data storage component comprising a plurality of data storage resources for receiving and responding to data transactions communicated in data units; and a queue mapping component for mapping each network data queues to at least one data storage resource for processing of data transactions.

Evaluator Group announces IOmark benchmark results for Coho Data DataStream 2000f, an addition to their family of web-scale storage solutions. IOmark-VM determined that a single chassis Coho Data 2000f system was able to support 448 virtual application workloads at a cost of $357.14 per VM and a two chassis 2000f was able to support 960 virtual applications at a cost of $302.08 per VM. “The Coho DataStream All-Flash 2000f system delivered excellent performance, achieving an IOmark-VM level of 960. These are the highest certified results of any system we have tested to date,” said Russ Fellows, Senior Analyst at Evaluator Group. “Additionally, the scalability of the Coho architecture was evident with the 2 node system delivering more than 2X the performance of a single node system.” The IOmark-VM tests real world workloads, measuring a standard set of applications running in a virtual environment. The results are audited to ensure uniform testing and reporting of results, enabling IT users the ability to compare products using metrics that matter, price, capacity and application performance. The application mix of IOmark-VM includes databases, webservers and Exchange mail servers, plus additional Hypervisor operations. Per the benchmark specifications, both the 1 and 2-node Coho DataStream 2000f configurations achieved these results with over 70% of response times below 20ms for all applications. "Our mission at Coho Data has always been to build fast, flexible scale-out solutions that grow along with the needs of our customers, allowing them to focus on the demands of their business and not their datacenter solutions,” said Ramana Jonnala, Coho Data CEO and co-founder. “The 2000f DataStream solution allows Coho customers to add acceleration to their storage systems, without compromising the ease of use that comes with web-scale computing." Coho Data’s new all-flash 2000f DataStream combines Intel P3600 NVMe flash and conventional solid state drives to achieve performance results. DataStream 2000f can be deployed on its own or incorporated into existing Coho DataStream storage clusters while being managed from a single pane of glass. The IOmark-VM workload measures storage system performance by recreating multiple instances of a standard set of virtual application, driving actual I/O streams rather than simulations or synthetic workloads. The IOmark-VM benchmark requires the following to achieve passing results: -Total test time is 1 hour, with a measured interval of 30 minutes      -Seventy percent of response times for I/O’s must not exceed 20ms      -A minimum number of storage vMotion and VM clone operations must also be completed during a 1 hour test Evaluator Group is the developer of IOmark which is available to end users for purchase or free to Evaluator Group premium subscribers. Vendors, performance testing labs and channel partners may purchase to use the tool in their lab and for publishing audited results. Free evaluation licenses are available. Coho results are available at the IOmark website. For more information on IOmark-VM see the IOmark Concepts. IOmark is dedicated to helping IT professionals and Vendors effectively measure and compare storage system performance while running real application workloads. IOmark-VM was released in 2013, after the 2011 release of IOmark-VDI. Evaluator Group, Inc. is a technology research and advisory company covering Information Management, Storage and Systems. Executives and IT Managers use us daily to make informed decisions to architect and purchase systems supporting their digital data. We get beyond the technology landscape by defining requirements and knowing the products in-depth along with the intricacies that dictate long-term successful strategies. Follow us on Twitter: @evaluator_group and @iomark_suite For more information about Evaluator Group, Contact Caitlin McCluskey at 303.221.7867 x1008 or Caitlin(at)evaluatorgroup(dot)com.

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Coho Data, a leading innovator in web-scale flash storage for the enterprise, today announced its latest release of the DataStream v2.5 software. This update brings performance improvements to the entire platform, enabling customers to utilize all of the latest offerings from VMware while achieving the highest IOPS-per-dollar for their flash investment. Coho Data is also introducing its new Elastic Subscription Program that redefines how enterprises purchase and deploy their private cloud storage. “Enterprises are looking for ways to buy what they need so they can deliver key data services to their organization while keeping their data on-premises,” said Ramana Jonnala, Coho Data CEO and co-founder. “With the new Elastic Subscription Program, Coho is disrupting the status quo and allowing enterprises to deliver scale-out storage on premises at a low monthly cost. Now enterprises can procure and deploy storage hardware just-in-time and benefit from the commoditization of flash technologies with an architecture that enables them to pay as they go.” Flash Optimization with FlashFit The DataStream FlashFit technology allows storage admins to deliver the right amount of flash for each application by learning about a customer’s unique application environment and auto-tuning flash utilization. The DataStream automatically optimizes the placement of application data across the DataStream system, providing IT teams with a model on the right mix of flash and disk to meet their specific application’s needs. Doubled Density in Hybrid Array With the option of new 8TB drives, the hybrid Coho DataStream 1008h can deliver double the density, increasing total capacity from 25TB/U to 50TB/U while maintaining consistent performance of 90,000 IOPS/U. With these improvements, companies can increase capacity while still maintaining the predictable high performance delivered across the DataStream system. Support for VMware vSphere 6 Support for the latest VMware vSphere version means Coho Data customers can now rely on a single storage system to support all their VMware needs. It also allows customers to leverage Coho Data solutions to virtualize a broader range of applications and take advantage of the latest features from VMware, such as new migration capabilities. Multi-vCenter Support Customers can now support multiple vCenter installations and connect all their vCenters across multiple versions of VMware software into the Coho DataStream. In addition to its product updates, Coho Data unveiled a new Elastic Subscription Program that is a first for private cloud environments. The model will allow customers to conserve capital and pay for their solutions monthly rather than incurring a large upfront capital expenditure. As customers experience growth within their private cloud datacenters, rather than incur large, unexpected storage costs with traditional architectures, they can simply adjust their subscription to easily add the additional performance or capacity they require and benefit from the hardware best prices available. For more information about Coho Data and the latest update, please visit www.cohodata.com. Coho Data is delivering web-scale storage for the cloud generation. Led by a team of virtualization and storage industry veterans, Coho Data is enabling businesses of all sizes to build their own high performance web-scale storage for their private cloud. Inspired by the highly scalable, commodity-hardware based approaches of public clouds, the company is developing the first flash-tuned scale-out storage architecture designed for private clouds that delivers unparalleled performance and simplified management at public cloud capacity pricing. Founded in 2011 and funded by March Capital Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners, Hewlett Packard Ventures and Intel Capital, Coho Data is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with offices in Canada, the U.K. and India. For more information, visit Coho Data and follow us on Twitter at @cohodata.

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