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Gottingen, Germany

Coherent GmbH | Date: 2013-09-09

A solid-state MOPA includes a mode-locked laser delivering a train of pulses. The pulses are input to a fast E-O shutter, including polarization-rotating elements, polarizing beam-splitters, and a Pockels cell that can be driven alternatively by high voltage (HV) pulses of fixed long and short durations. A multi-pass amplifier follows the E-O shutter. The E-O shutter selects every Nth pulse from the input train and delivers the selected pulses to the multi-pass amplifier. The multi-pass amplifier returns amplified seed-pulses to the E-O shutter. The shutter rejects or transmits the amplified pulses depending on whether the HV-pulse duration is respectively short or long. Transmitted amplified pulses are delivered to a transient amplifier configured for separately suppressing first-pulse over-amplification and residual pulse leakage.

Apparatus for homogenizing and projecting two laser-beams is arranged such that the projected homogenized beams are aligned parallel to each other in a first transverse axis and partially overlap in second transverse axis perpendicular to the first transverse axis. The projected homogenized laser-beams have different intensities in the second axis and the degree of partial overlap is selected such that the combined intensity of the laser beams in the second axis has a step profile.

Coherent GmbH | Date: 2012-12-18

A microcrystal laser assembly including a gain-crystal includes a frame having a high thermal conductivity. The frame has a base with two spaced apart portions extending from the base. The gain-crystal has a resonator output minor on one surface thereof. The gain-crystal is supported on the spaced-apart portions of the frame in the space therebetween. Another resonator minor is supported in that space, spaced apart from the output mirror, on a pedestal attached to the base of the frame. The pedestal and the frame have different CTE. Varying the frame temperature varies the spacing between the resonator minors depending on the CTE difference between the pedestal and the frame.

Coherent GmbH | Date: 2013-02-27

A master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) system includes an oscillator having a neodymium-doped gadolinium vanadate gain-medium and delivering seed-pulses. A length of single mode fiber is used to broaden the spectrum of the seed pulse. An amplifier having a neodymium-doped yttrium vanadate gain-medium amplifies the spectrally broadened seed-pulses. The gain-spectrum of the amplifier partially overlaps the broadened pulse-spectrum, providing spectral selection of the seed-pulses in addition to amplification. This provides amplified output-pulses having a duration about one-third that of the corresponding seed-pulses.

An optically pumped laser oscillator or amplifier includes a laser head having a gain medium exhibiting polarization-dependent absorption along two crystallographic axes and a pump source producing a pump beam. The mediums absorption coefficients along both said crystallographic axes are equal or the difference between the absorption coefficients relative to the lowest absorption coefficients R=Abs(

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