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Santa Clara, CA, United States

Coherent | Date: 2014-02-20

A microcrystal laser for generating laser pulses has a laser resonator which has a laser medium arranged between two mirrors; and an arrangement for stabilizing the optical path length is provided. The laser resonator has a saturable absorber medium for pulse generation.

A light-source includes a planar array of diode-laser bars and a plurality of turning-mirrors arranged to stack beams from the diode-laser bars in the fast-axis direction to provide a first combined beam. Six plane mirrors are arranged to divide the combined beam into three beam-slices, each having one-third the slow-axis width of the first combined beam, and add the beam-slices in the fast-axis direction to provide a second combined beam having about one-third the slow-axis width and three-times the fast-axis length of those of the first combined beam. A spherical mirror and a cylindrical mirror focus the second combined beam into an optical fiber.

Coherent and Boston Scientific Inc. | Date: 2015-11-03

In one embodiment, an apparatus may Include an optical fiber that may have a surface non-normal to a longitudinal axis of a distal end portion of the optical fiber. The surface may define a portion of an interface configured to redirect electromagnetic radiation propagated from within the optical fiber and incident on the interface to a direction offset from the longitudinal axis. The apparatus may also include a doped silica cap that may be fused to the optical fiber such that the surface of the optical fiber may be disposed within a cavity defined by the doped silica cap.

Coherent | Date: 2014-08-22

An electro-optic modulator for a laser beam includes an yttrium vanadate crystal cooperative with a double-pass electro-optic switch. A beam to be modulated passes through the yttrium vanadate crystal and makes a forward and a reverse pass through the electro-optic switch. The electro-optic switch returns the beam to the vanadate crystal selectively in one of two polarization orientations at 90 degrees to each other. Depending on the polarization orientation, the returned beam is transmitted by the crystal along a corresponding one of two about-parallel paths spaced apart from each other.

Coherent | Date: 2014-10-16

A laser includes a Ti:sapphire gain-medium in the form of a thin-disk. The thin-disk gain-medium is optically pumped by pump-radiation pulses having a wavelength in the green region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The pump-radiation pulses have a duration less than twice the excited-state lifetime of the gain-medium.

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