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Khuu T.,Coh Inc. | Bagdasarian G.,Walgreens Co. | Leung J.,Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital Systems | Nguyen N.,Coh Inc. | And 2 more authors.
American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy | Year: 2010

Purpose. An adjustment factor (AF) was developed and evaluated to determine the best method for estimating aminoglycoside clearance (CLamino) and creatinine clear ance (CLcr) in underweight patients. Methods. This study was a retrospective, multicenter, chart analysis of aminoglycoside pharmacokinetic data obtained between January 2000 and August 2006 at the University of Southern California University Hospital and Cedarsr-Sinai Medical Center. Adult patients were included in this study if they' had received inpatient aminoglycoside therapy, were at least 60 inches tall, and were at least 10% below their ideal body weight (IBW). CLcr and CL amino were estimated and compared to actual CLamino using the Gockcroft-Gault equation with actual serum creatinine (SCr) (CG SCr), Cockcroft-Gault equatipn with SCr rounded to 1 mg/dL (CG md) and Cockcroft-Gault equation mutiplied by an AF(CGAF). Results. An AF of 0.69 was determined from 52 patients and tested in 53 separate patients. The CGAF method was more precise and less biased than the CGSCr equation; the CGmd equation was less biased than the CGSCr equation; the CGAF method was more precise and less biased than the CGmd equation, but this difference was not statistically significant. In underweight patients with an SCr concentration of ≥1 mg/dL, the CGAF method had less bias compared with the CGSCr equation. Conclusion. Both the CGmd and CGAF methods of predicting CLamino in underweight patients were superior to the CGSCr equation. The CGAF, method was more accurate in patients exhibiting greater differences between IBW and actual body weight. Copyright © 2010, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Inc. All rights reserved.

Gokavi N.,Coh Inc. | Ravikumar M.,HRS | Chandalinga,KRCCH | Chandalinga,University of Horticultural science | Chethan T.,Coh Inc.
Ecology, Environment and Conservation | Year: 2014

An investigation was carried out to study the effect of spacing and NPK on growth and yield of makoi under hill zone-9 of Karnataka at Horticulture Research Station, Thirthahalli, University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot during the year 2013-14. The results revealed that, spacing of 60 x 45 cm and application of NPK fertilizer @ 125:75:75 kg /ha was found beneficial for getting higher growth and fruit yield by makoi. Among different spacing levels, maximum plant height (70.41 cm) was noticed in SI (60 x 45 cm) and the spacing of 60 x 60 cm (S2) recorded maximum number of branches (14.22) and maximum number of leaves (233.77), higher fresh and dry fruit yield (14.33 and 2.58 t/ha, respectively). Among the different fertilizer levels, application of 125:75:75 kg NPK / ha (F8) recorded maximum plant height (74.27 cm), higher number of branches (15.23), higher number of leaves (269.77), fresh and dry yield (16.03 t and 3.71 t/ha, respectively) by makoi compared to other levels and control. Non-significant difference was noticed among the interaction with respect to number of leaves. Whereas, maximum plant height (76.00 cm) was noticed in the plants spaced at 60 x 45 cm and supplied with 125:75:75 kg NPK / ha (S1F8). While, maximum number of branches (15.43) was noticed in the plants spaced at 60 x 60 cm and supplied with 125:75:75 kg NPK / ha (S2F8) combination. The interaction of spacing and fertilizer levels showed non significant effect in increasing fresh and dry yield of makoi. Copyright © EM International.

Kumar H.,Coh Inc. | Babu D.,VRS | Jyothi U.,Coh Inc. | Kumar K.,Fruit Research Station
Ecology, Environment and Conservation | Year: 2014

Investigations were carried out to understand the effect of various post harvest packaging treatments like modified atmosphere packing on shelf life of banana Cv. Grand Naine by pack the fruits with different levels of perforations (0.5 mm) at ambient temperature condition. In the experiment, the fruits were packed in poly propylene bags with 5 Pores, 10 Pores, 15 Pores, 20 Pores, 25 Pores, 30 Pores, without Pores and imwrapped control kept under ambient storage condition and the packs were sealed with the help of electrical sealer. Among these treatments 5 Pores recorded lower physiological loss in weight, colour index, spoilage and higher firmness, total soluble solids and thereby recorded more shelf life (11 days) over control (8 days). It was observed that the physiological loss in weight, colour index, spoilage rates increased and fruit firmness decreased in all the experiments irrespective of the treatments with the advancement of duration. Total soluble solids, sugars increased initially and then decreased towards the end of the storage period. Copyright © EM International.

Coh Inc. | Entity website

PRIVACY STATEMENT Pursuant to French Informatique et Libert [Data Protection] Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 related to data files and freedom, we are committed to informing people who provide personal data on our site of their rights, notably of their right to access and correct such information ...

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NEWS COH DAM SUCCESSFUL WANETA EXPANSION PROJECT HYDROVISION INTERNATIONAL 2016 EXHIBITION 2016 Nuclear, EPRI-HRCUG, Memphis, USA , June 21-24 Nuclear, CNS, Ottawa, September 11-14 Hydropower, CEATI, Indian Wells, March, 8-9 Hydropower, HYDROVISION,Minneapolis,USA, July 26-29 Aerospace, MRO Americas, Dallas,USA, April 5-7 Aerospace, ADSS, Seattle, USA, April 14-15 Aerospace, NBAA Business, Orlando,USA, November 1-3 Powerhouse cranes, gates, gate hoists and gantry cranes

PubMed | City of Hope Medical Center, Coh Inc., Director and Co Investigator of the ELNEC Project and Case Western Reserve University
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Journal of professional nursing : official journal of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Year: 2016

Nurses spend the most time of any health care professional caring for patients and families dealing with the challenges of serious illness. The demand for nursing expertise in palliative care is growing as more people are living with chronic, life-limiting illnesses. Nursing faculty must prepare future nurses to meet this demand. The new American Association of Colleges of Nursing Palliative Competencies And Recommendations for Educating undergraduate nursing Students document, released February 2016, identifies the 17 competencies that all undergraduate nursing students should achieve by the time of graduation. This historic document is a revision of the 1998 American Association of Colleges of Nursing Peaceful Death document and is now the guiding framework for undergraduate nursing education. In an effort to support nursing faculty and prepare nursing students to deliver quality palliative care, an innovative, interactive on-line undergraduate End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) curriculum is under development and will be released in January 2017. This new curriculum will meet the competencies and recommendations for achieving those competencies outlined in the Competencies And Recommendations for Educating undergraduate nursing Students document.

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