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Rue, Switzerland

Codman Neuro Science Sarl | Date: 2011-03-31

An implantable active pressure transducer including a pressure sensing element and associated sensor circuitry together enclosed within an innermost glass packaging. The pressure sensing element is anodically bonded to the innermost packaging substantially aligned with an opening defined therein. An outermost biocornpatible metal packaging forms a cavity divided into first and second chambers by an intermediate partition. The innermost packaging is disposed within the first chamber without physically directly contacting or being fixed to the outermost packaging. A barrier plate is hermetically sealed to the intermediate partition to hermetically isolate the battery and communication circuitry from a pressure transmitting fluid. Inductive coupling is used to communicate data detected by the pressure sensing element internally within the implant.

Codman Neuro Science Sarl | Date: 2012-12-06

An implantable pump includes a base plate and a can that are parts of the pump housing. The base plate bottom divides the housing into a first electronics chamber and a second chamber. A bellows mechanism is connected to the base plate and is disposed within the second chamber. The bellow mechanism has an expandable sidewall and a bottom plate. The bellow mechanism divides the second chamber into a medicament receiving portion and a non-medicament-receiving portion. The bellow mechanism has an intermediate plate disposed within the medicament-receiving portion. A coil is disposed in a recess on the lower surface of the base plate, and the coil is spaced from an internal wall of the recess. The amount of fluid remaining in the implantable pump can be monitored by energizing the coil. A primary magnetic field is generated by the energized coil. A secondary magnetic field, which is dependant on the position of the bottom and intermediate plate of the bellow mechanism, couples back to the primary field affecting the electrical characteristics of the coil. The amount of fluid remaining in the reservoir is determined based on the resulting changes in the electrical characteristics of the coil.

An absolute piezo-resistive pressure sensor system and method employing multiple pressure sensing elements operating simultaneously to detect pressure. Both pressure sensing elements being subject to a common reference pressure within a sealed cavity. The first pressure sensing element detecting an offset voltage resulting from the progressive release of mechanical stress at an assembly interface between the sensing element and a base plate on which the sensing elements are assembled. Electronic circuitry compensates the pressure measured by the second pressure sensing element based on the offset voltage detected by the first pressure sensing element.

Codman Neuro Science Sarl | Date: 2012-07-09

An electrokinetic actuator for fluid flow titration including two chambers separated from one another by a porous dielectric disposed therebetween. A plurality of electrodes are disposed about a perimeter of the first and second chambers. Polar electrolyte disposed within the actuator is able to pass through the porous dielectric between the first and second chambers upon the application of an electric field or electric potential to the plural electrodes. A mechanical valve actuation mechanism connected to the second chamber allows for fine titration of fluid flow using electro-osmosis, including full-flow and/or complete cut-off. The polar electrolyte is isolated to prohibit intermixing with a fluid being titrated such as cerebrospinal fluid.

Codman Neuro Science Sarl | Date: 2012-07-13

Improving the accuracy of the flow rate of a valve in a fluidic delivery device in which a desired flow rate may be achieved by varying the duty cycle of the valve. The flow rate of fluid delivery from the valve over its lifetime is stabilized by minimizing the voltage OPENING time of the valve to account for valve and piezoelectric actuator drift. Also, the valve OPENING time of one or more fluidic parameters that impact on the flow rate delivery by the valve and differ among fluidic delivery devices is compensated to optimize the flow rate accuracy.

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