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Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Cmc Magnetics Corporation | Date: 2012-09-14

The invention relates to a multi-functional label sticker, particularly to a sticker suitable to be marked by means of laser induction process, thermal induction process or ink-jet process, and suitable to be used on any object to be labeled. The sticker comprises a substrate, an adhesion layer formed on a side of the substrate, a release paper attached to a side of the adhesion layer opposite to the substrate, a laser induction ink layer provided on the other side of the substrate, an ink-jet layer or thermal induction ink layer provided on the laser induction ink layer opposite to the substrate. Thus, the sticker of the invention can be marked by at least two different marking means, i.e., laser induction and thermal induction manner, or laser induction and ink-jet coating manner.

Cmc Magnetics Corporation | Date: 2012-09-12

A recording apparatus characterized in that comprising a firmware configured to execute the following operation: performing a recording operation onto a rewritable optical recording medium with a recording speed selected from one of a plurality of recording speeds for an one-time optical recording medium; wherein the recording layer of the rewritable optical recording medium comprises at least four elements from Ge, In, Sb, Te, and Sn, wherein the component proportion of Sb/Te is ranged from 3 to 8, and the thickness of the recording layer is ranged from 3 nm to 25 nm.

Cmc Magnetics Corporation | Date: 2012-08-09

An optical effect disc, has a transparent substrate and a surface optical structure, and an optical recording media combining the optical effect disc. The surface optical structure may be a computer-generated hologram optical structure or a micro-lens array structure for showing the effect of brightening or peep prevention, or a diffraction gating structure for achieving a three-dimensional visual effect. The optical effect disc or the optical recording media may include an image forming layer for forming an image to be shown by the optical effect disc with corresponding visual effect. The optical effect disc or the optical recording media may include an adhesive layer for attaching the optical effect disc to the optical recording media.

CMC Magnetics Corporation | Date: 2012-03-28

A recordable optical recording medium having inorganic films prepared by sputter coating is disclosed. The recordable optical recording medium includes a substrate; one or more film stacked structures sequentially formed on a surface of the substrate to respectively function as an independent recording layer structure and include from top to bottom a reflective film, an upper dielectric film, one or more recording films, a lower dielectric film and a barrier film; an interlayer separating layer located between two adjacent film stacked structures to isolate them from each other; and a ZrO

Cmc Magnetics Corporation | Date: 2015-12-07

Blank optical disc for the recordal of computer programs, blank recordable optical discs, blank optical data carriers, blank optical disc, Compact discs featuring music, blank recordable digital versatile discs (DVD), blank magneto-optical discs, blank optical data media, blank recordable compact discs; compact disc cases.

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