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Atlanta, GA, United States

Clyde Bergemann Inc. | Date: 2014-05-27

A sootblower having a nozzle that includes one or more deep reaching jets aligned with its respective platen bank to clean slag deposits inset from the leading edge of the platen bank. The nozzle also includes one or more edge cleaning jets substantially angled with respect to the platen bank for cleaning the leading edges of the platen bank. For most applications, the major axis of the sootblower is perpendicular to the major axis of its respective platen bank, resulting in a sootblower with a nozzle having angled and perpendicular jets, referred to as angled-perpendicular nozzles. The jet sizes are selected to balance the opposing components of force perpendicular to the sootblower to avoid the imposition of torque on the lance.

Clyde Bergemann Inc. | Date: 2011-04-18

A nozzle for the spraying of black liquor in a recovery boiler has discharge orifice inserts that can be removed and replaced with other inserts, to provide variable spray patterns, by changing the size and/or shape of the orifice of the nozzle, without requiring replacement of the entire nozzle body, to enable fine tuning of the atomization of the spray. Adjustment of the orifice height provides adjustment of the atomization and the spray angle of the discharge.

Techniques relate to a cleaning device for an interior of a thermal power plant carrying flue gases, especially a so-called soot blower. The cleaning device includes at least one rigid lance having a base and a lance add-on part which includes at least one nozzle, the lance add-on part being detachably connected to the base. At least the lance add-on part includes at least one sensor for measuring an environment parameter. The techniques further relate to a method for installing such a cleaning device and to a cleaning and monitoring method for defined areas of the interior of the thermal power plant.

Clyde Bergemann Inc. | Date: 2011-10-21

A cleaning device for a combustion boiler, comprising a high-temperature-resistant cleaning hose for feeding a cleaning medium into the combustion boiler, a hose reel which can be rotated about a first axis of rotation, wherein the cleaning hose can be wound at least partially in said reel, and wherein the hose reel comprises an opening through which the cleaning hose can be guided during winding or unwinding parallel to the first axis of rotation.

Clyde Bergemann Inc. | Date: 2014-09-08

A modular design for large pulse jet fabric filters (PJFF) is divided into similar compartments, which are each shop-fabricated in quarter sections prior to delivery to the power plant site. The quarter sections of the compartments are modular and sized so that they can be fabricated at a shop located away from the power plant site and transported by truck over public roads to the power plant site. Once delivered to the site, the quarter sections are bolted together and seal welded to form a PJFF compartment, without requiring additional internal fabrication or welding. The assembled compartment is then lifted onto the support structure as an assembled unit and bolted and/or welded in place. The additional components of the PJFF may also be shop-fabricated offsite to further the benefits of the modular design.

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