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Poornima R.,Easwari Engineering College | Malathi S.,Easwari Engineering College | Narayani T.,CLRI | Sobana S.,Easwari Engineering College | Panda R.C.,CLRI
Proceedings - 2015 IEEE International Conference on Technological Innovations in ICT for Agriculture and Rural Development, TIAR 2015 | Year: 2015

Many industrial chemical processes involve exothermic (heat generating) reactions whose temperature needs to be controlled for safe operation of the process. If there is any irregularity in coolant flow, the reactant temperature becomes difficult to control. Reaction continues under unsafe condition till all the reactants finish which may lead to hazardous reaction. Dicumyl peroxide reaction is one such process, where the amount of heat generated is high, which may cause thermal explosion and runaway reaction to occur when the heat liberated is not compensated by the jacket coolant temperature or due to contaminants present in the reactor. The present work comprises identification of the process dynamics by nonlinear ARX model and estimation of internal states of the process reaction using estimators like Kalman Filter (KF), Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) and Unscented Kalman Filters (UKF). Results of these estimators are compared and suitable estimator which provides least mismatch between plant and model will be applied to design the control law for efficient control. © 2015 IEEE.

News Article | December 20, 2016

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - December 20, 2016) - Cleartronic, Inc. ( : CLRI), through its subsidiary ReadyOp Communications, Inc., announces that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expanded its use of ReadyOp as an integral part of their communications and incident response planning. "The FDA began testing ReadyOp for their use in 2013. In 2014, they became a client and have continued to expand their use of ReadyOp since that time. This latest expansion includes using ReadyOp for their operation continuity planning and also for radio interoperability. ReadyOp already serves as the continuity of operations (COOP) platform for several local and state government agencies, so this is in-line with the growth and actions we see in our other clients," stated Marc Moore, CEO of ReadyOp Communications, Inc. Contingency and continuity planning are important for all organizations. ReadyOp provides an easy and efficient, yet powerful platform for organizations, government agencies, hospitals, universities and other groups for daily operations, to plan for special events and to plan and respond for incidents that may occur. Radio interoperability, a key feature provided by ReadyOp, allows agencies to conduct two way communications between multiple talk groups on different frequencies and in different locations, plus extend the same two way communications securely to laptops and smartphones using ReadyOp. Cleartronic, Inc. is a technology holding company that creates and acquires operating subsidiaries to develop, manufacture and sell products, services and integrated systems to government agencies and business enterprises. ReadyOp™ is a secure, web-based platform providing organizations with a single site for planning, response, communications and documentation of personnel, tasks, assets and activities. Cleartronic currently has two operating subsidiaries, ReadyOp Communications, Inc. and VoiceInterop, Inc. -- Safe Harbor Statement: This press release may include predictions, estimates, opinions or statements that might be considered "forward-looking" under the provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements generally can be identified by phrases such as the Company or its management "believes," "expects," "anticipates," "foresees," "forecasts," "estimates," or other, similar words or phrases.

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - December 16, 2016) - Cleartronic, Inc. ( : CLRI) announces that it has acquired ReadyOp™, a proprietary communications software platform originally developed by Collabria. The ReadyOp command and control software platform, combined with the patented interoperable radio technology of Cleartronic, enables the delivery of the most cost effective rapid deployment "Real-Time Interoperable Communications" platform on the market. This acquisition establishes a significant revenue growth opportunity for Cleartronic. Contingency and continuity planning are important for organizations both in the public and private sector. ReadyOp™ is a simple, efficient and powerful solution that enables any organization to coordinate strategic, tactical and operations activities across geographic boundaries in real-time. Coupled with Cleartronic's patented radio gateway technology, teams from of disparate organizations and agencies can collaborate effortlessly through a secure and encrypted communications portal. ReadyOp™ is also an ideal solution for special event coordination, emergency response, and incident management applications. "We have had a strategic relationship with Collabria for the past several years and are thrilled to be able to offer Cleartronic's radio gateways with Collabria's software to market, sell and support a total solution for emergency command and control communications to our customers. Our offerings in airport operations and communications, as well as the other industries we serve, will be enhanced with the integration of our hardware products with Collabria's ReadyOp communications platform," stated Cleartronic CFO, Larry Reid. "We are excited and prepared to take our combined market ready platform to many new organizations leveraging our assets to grow revenue and market penetration. The synergies of using Cleartronic's IP Gateways in our client installations, both domestically and overseas will pave our path to robust growth," said Moore. About Cleartronic, Inc. Cleartronic, Inc. ( : CLRI) is a technology holding company that creates and acquires operating subsidiaries to develop, manufacture and sell products, services and integrated systems to government agencies and business enterprises. For more information: About Collabria LLC Collabria's software suite ReadyOp™ provides government agencies, hospitals, first responders, companies and unified commands with multiple communication capabilities and options in a single, secure platform. ReadyOp is designed to support daily operations, special event planning, incident management and emergency response and recovery. ReadyOp's simple, flexible interface allows users to focus on the response activities by providing multiple communications capabilities with and between responders in multiple organizations. For more information please visit Safe Harbor Statement: This press release may include predictions, estimates, opinions or statements that might be considered "forward-looking" under the provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements generally can be identified by phrases such as Cleartronic or its management "believes," "expects," "anticipates," "foresees," "forecasts," "estimates," or other, similar words or phrases. Similarly, statements herein that describe Cleartronic's business strategy, outlook, objectives, plans, intentions, or goals are also forward-looking statements. All such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the expectations of Cleartronic or its management. Investors should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which reflect our opinions only as of the date of this document.

News Article | November 17, 2015

Hydrogels have been used variously as agents for delivering proteins, drugs, antibodies, DNA, growth factors and immunological molecules to various tissues for a range of biomedical research applications. It is their ability to swell depending on external factors, their inherent biocompatibility, biodegradability, non-toxicity and mechanical stability that make them important. Now, researchers at CSIR-CLRI Adyar, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, have demonstrated how reduction followed by oxidative refolding can convert natural albumin found in serum into a hydrogel that responds to stimuli, such as changing redox conditions without the use of toxic glutaraldehyde as a cross-linker, a problem facing earlier efforts to make hydrogels from albumin and other biomaterials. They tried hydrogel formation at 75, 150, 300, 450, 600 and 750 micromolar concentrations across a pH range from 2.0 to 10.0 and demonstrated that 150 micromolar is the baseline although 450 micromolar is optimal while a pH between 4.5 and 8.0 is needed. Hydrogel swelling is maximal at a pH above 9.0. Serum albumin is the most abundant globular protein in blood, the team explains, consisting of 580 amino acid residues with 17 disulfide bridges; its natural role is as a transport protein in the blood for numerous endogenous and exogenous compounds. The team points out that their serum hydrogel is more responsive to redox conditions than pH changes, a property that has not been widely studied in previous hydrogels. Such a responsive hydrogel from an autogenic substance derived from the patient's own tissues could make the material even more biocompatible than polymer hydrogels and the team has already demonstrated proof of principle in the laboratory of the material, albeit one derived from the more readily available bovine serum albumin, BSA. They demonstrated body temperature controlled release of the broad-spectrum, polyketide antibiotic tetracycline, as a model drug from the hydrogel. The intracellular environment is predominantly in the reduced state and so this hydrogel is perfectly suited for such delivery. [Gnanamani et al, Sci Rep, 2015, 5, online; DOI: 10.1038/srep15977] The team points out that the chemistry of their serum albumin hydrogel and the relatively simple and additive free preparative steps points the way to designing strategies for making scaffolds, microspheres and nanoparticles from this and related materials. "Natural materials are biocompatible and biodegradable compared to synthetic polymeric materials. Proteins, a natural material, can be effectively used due to their availability and unique structural properties," the team reports in the journal Scientific Reports. "Our next step is on stimuli responsive nanoparticles as a carrier material to deliver drugs under a reduced environment, that is to target cancer cells," Gnanamani told Materials Today. David Bradley blogs at Sciencebase Science Blog and tweets @sciencebase, he is author of the bestselling science book "Deceived Wisdom".

Panda R.C.,CLRI | Tade M.O.,Curtin University Australia
ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications | Year: 2010

'Smith Predictor' (SP) is a model based control strategy and is used to compensate dead time in process plant control. By introducing a tuning parameter (K sp) in the control law, to switch between SP and Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) modes, a SPPID is synthesized for linear multivariable processes (square, stable, non-singular linear) and for non-linear systems (decentralized scheme) to counteract the offset and to obtain improved performance during set-point change as well as load changes. With K sp = 0, controller becomes PI while with K sp = 1, controller switches to SP mode. Closed-loop results after implementation of the proposed technique are presented. Sensitivity and robustness issues are also discussed. ICIC International © 2010.

Sobana S.,Easwari Engg College | Indumathy M.,Easwari Engg College | Panda R.C.,CLRI
Proceedings of 2015 International Conference on Robotics, Automation, Control and Embedded Systems, RACE 2015 | Year: 2015

In industries it is necessary to monitor and control temperature in real time. Flow dependent temperature control has become vital in different industries like pharmaceuticals, drying, material processing and petroleum industries. This paper aims at nonlinear modeling, identification and control of a temperature-flow cascaded control system. The experimentally obtained open loop models are used to design conventional controllers for primary and secondary loops using Cohen-Coon tuning method. Both flow and temperature processes have also been modeled stochastically and with the help of ANN technique which have been validated with experimental data. The parameters of the model are estimated using Auto Regressive eXogenous (ARX) identification techniques. The conventional PI controller response is compared with Internal Model Control (IMC). Further the Integral Absolute Error (IAE) is computed separately for the conventional controller and the IMC controller to select better performance of controller. In the cascade loop, temperature process is kept in primary loop and flow is considered in the secondary loop. Results indicate that it can be implemented in commercial. Changes in the inlet flow of water to the heating tank affect the temperature of the process fluid directly and hence it is important to control the nonlinear behavior of the flow process in order to control the temperature process. © 2015 Hindustan University.

Sujatha V.,CLRI | Panda R.C.,CLRI
Journal of Process Control | Year: 2013

Traditionally, control configuration selection and controller design of MIMO systems are done using input/output information of direct loop while outputs of undesired or interactive loops go un-noticed that bears information on interactions. This paper describes the state of art in integration of manipulated variable and controlled variable by selecting an appropriate control configuration among the loops in MIMO systems using interactive responses. It is difficult to quantify the interactions among the control loops as the disturbance propagates from one loop to other loops and vice versa. This paper provides a technique to assess the control loop interactions and rank the loops accordingly. A novel method based on the comparison of areas of the undesirable responses has been proposed to calculate the interactions among the loops and subsequently input-output pairing. Simulation and experimental results shows the validity of the proposed methods. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Hima Bindu T.V.L.,Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology | Vidyavathi M.,Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology | Kavitha K.,Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology | Sastry T.P.,CLRI | Kumar R.V.S.,Veterinary University
Trends in Biomaterials and Artificial Organs | Year: 2010

Natural polymers are used as lead compounds for design of therapeutic drugs in treatment of different ailments. Chitosan and gelatin have proven wound healing properties individually. As both have wound healing property, the combination of two polymers shown improvement in wound healing property. Thus, the composite films were evaluated for various in vitro and invivo tests to ascertain the applicability of prepared combination for wound healing activity. The composite films were prepared with increase in gelatin concentration and were evaluated for thickness, folding endurance, water absorption capacity, tensile strength and for biological properties like antimicrobial activity and in vivo wound healing performance by excision wound model. With increase in gelatin concentration, thickness, folding endurance, water absorption capacity and tensile strength were increased. Percentage of wound contraction was more in wounds treated with chitosan-gelatin composite film. With the above results, it was concluded that chitosan-gelatin combination has improved wound healing property than chitosan film alone.

Shobana R.,Easwari Engg College | Sreepradha C.,CSIR - Central Electrochemical Research Institute | Sobana S.,Easwari Engg College | Panda R.C.,CLRI
Proceedings - 2015 IEEE International Conference on Technological Innovations in ICT for Agriculture and Rural Development, TIAR 2015 | Year: 2015

The nitration of organic compounds is among the basic reactions used in synthesis of many compounds used in agrochemicals industries, pharmaceuticals, dyes and agriculture. The Nitration process are usually carried out as batch process in aqueous phase as they are very sensitive and liable to explode. A very close control of heat and mass transfer is necessary as it leads to selectivity of reaction under safe condition. This prevents the thermal loss of control of the system, so that the reaction temperature rise can be limited below a critical value. The Present work carries out the Identification and Estimation of model states of a runaway reaction. The temperature data are collected from exothermic reactor and the optimal model is identified using NARX method. The Kalman, Extended Kalman and Unscented Kalman filter dynamics are studied and implementation and design of the optimal filters are carried out. The filter algorithms are used to estimate the concentration and temperature in the presence of random noise in measurement. The nonlinear estimators are compared for selection of best estimator. The results are found motivating for development of control. © 2015 IEEE.

Sr S.,Vellore Institute of Technology | A M.S.,Vellore Institute of Technology | P N.R.,CLRI | Gregory M.,Sa Raja Pharmacy College
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine | Year: 2011

Objective: To evaluate the analgesic activity of the ethyl acetate, methanol and aqueous extracts of Pleurotus eous (P. eous) mushroom. Methods: The dried fruiting bodies were extracted with ethyl acetate, methanol and water. The analgesic effect of extracts of P. eous were investigated at doses 250 500 and 1 000 mg/kg body weight, using acetic-acid induced writhing, hot-plate, tail immersion and tail-clip tests. Results: P. eous extracts produced significant reduction in number of writhes induced by intraperitoneal injection of acetic-acid (P<0.05). Moreover, in hot-plate and tail immersion test, all the three extracts significantly raised the pain threshold at different time of observation (0-60 min) in comparison with control (P<0.05). In tail-clip test the extracts also caused a significant inhibition of pain at both the doses used (P<0.05). Conclusions: The results of present study suggest that extracts of P. eous possess potent analgesic property and could serve as a base for future drugs. © 2011 Hainan Medical College.

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