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Nishimura S.,Cloud System Research Laboratories
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2012

Recent years have witnessed a significant increase in the collection and analysis of a large amount of data such as website logs, sensor information from various devices, etc. Relational databases used to be a major system for storing such data, but recently KVS (Key-Value Store) is becoming more popular as a data storage method due to its superior characteristics in scaling out according to increases in data volume. However, KVS only support simple search functions. This paper introduces "MD-HBase," which is an extended version of HBase, a KVS-type database. MD-HBase enables efficient data search performance for multi-dimensional range queries without giving up scalability characteristics.

Ichien M.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | Ogawa M.,Cloud System Research Laboratories
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2016

One of the means through which the transition to a sustainable low-carbon society is expected to be realized is the smart grid, which facilitates more efficient and stable energy use. Achieving this goal will require technology capable of effectively controlling multiple geographically separated systems. This technology also needs to be able to cope with any sudden environmental change. At NEC, we have been working on a control method for use in real world applications which utilizes autonomous adaptive control based on the biological adaptive mechanism to the environment. In this particular application, we are seeking to establish an energy management system (EMS) that doesn't force users to consciously make efforts to save energy; instead, we have applied this technology to the power control on the demand side and employed flexible equipment control as required. Tests have shown that our home energy management system (HEMS) can autonomously control the power to achieve intended target values by adjusting lighting and air-conditioning in response to environmental fluctuations.

Sasaki E.,United Mobile | Maru T.,Cloud System Research Laboratories
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2014

Demand for higher-capacity wireless mobile backhaul has been increasing in recent years, making the achievement of 10 Gbps transmission a significant target. Microwaves have conventionally been used in this field, however, microwaves have reached the limit of capacity expansion and a broader bandwidth is needed to achieve increased capacity. Therefore, there is an increasing expectation for millimeter wave, especially E-band, which can ensure broadband speed. This paper introduces LOS-MIMO as a component technology for a 10 Gbps transmission system in E-band currently under development, as well as NEC's approach to an increase in wireless transmission capacity.

Sugawara T.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | Mizukoshi Y.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | Iwata A.,Cloud System Research Laboratories
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2013

A communications outage may occur as a result of congestion of the mobile communications networks or of multiple and simultaneous physical damages to the transmission lines and communications facilities that comprise the mobile communications networks. Such issues may all be caused by a massive and concentrated occurrence of calls and data transfer from and to mobile phones, especially during major natural disasters happen. It is essential therefore for the congestion issues to be resolved and the networks to be restored. As a part of the R&D strategy to solve these issues, this paper discusses suitable technologies designed to enhance processing capacity by using virtualization of the communications services, a priority control technology for mobile traffic using OpenFlow and a quality maintenance technology for virtualized communications services.

Saida Y.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | Iihoshi T.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | Morita G.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | Watanabe Y.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | Karino S.,Cloud System Research Laboratories
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2013

The increasing use of smart devices in enterprise businesses is making it an urgent task to take proper measures against information leaks. The NEC Cloud System Research Laboratories is conducting R&D into a flexible network control function that links networks and smart devices by introducing OpenFlow technology to smart devices. This paper introduces the improved safety of business communications using smart devices achieved by applying this technology.

Furukawa J.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | Furukawa R.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | Mori T.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | Mori K.,Cloud System Research Laboratories | And 2 more authors.
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2013

Following the diffusion of cloud-based services and the consequent increase in the opportunities for handling sensitive data, concerns about leakage and abuse of such data has been increasing. In order to deal with these concerns, this paper introduces suitable countermeasures. These are a technology for preventing data leakage by processing data in an encrypted form and one for protecting data by selecting optimum processing measures according to content. Both of these technologies are results achieved from the "R&D of Security Technology for Promoting Transition to Cloud Services in Preparation for Disasters." This research project was commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC).

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