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Mountain View, CA, United States

Clontech Laboratories Inc | Date: 2014-12-23

Assay devices that include a poly(acid) membrane are provided. Aspects of the devices include a solid support and a poly(acid) membrane on a surface of the support, where the poly(acid) membrane includes an affinity element. In using the assay devices, a sample is contacted with the poly(acid) membrane and then a signal is obtained from the membrane. Also provided are kits that find use in practicing the methods described herein. The compositions and methods described herein find use in a variety of different applications, including analyte detection applications.

Clontech Laboratories Inc | Date: 2015-06-11

The present invention relates to a microvesicle comprising: (i) a membrane-associated protein comprising at least one first dimerization domain, (ii) a carrier protein comprising at least one second dimerization domain, and (iii) a solute that binds to the carrier protein, wherein the solute is selected from the group of: DNA, RNA, protein, carbohydrate, ribosomes, mitochondria, and small molecules. Also provided are cells, reagents and kits that find use in making the microvesicles, as well as methods of using the microvesicles, e.g., in research and therapeutic applications

Provided are methods of adding adapters to nucleic acids. The methods include combining in a reaction mixture a template ribonucleic acid (RNA), a template switch oligonucleotide including a 3 hybridization domain and a sequencing platform adapter construct, a polymerase, and dNTPs. The reaction mixture components are combined under conditions sufficient to produce a product nucleic acid that includes the template RNA and the template switch oligonucleotide each hybridized to adjacent regions of a single product nucleic acid that includes a region polymerized from the dNTPs by the polymerase. Aspects of the invention further include compositions and kits.

Provided are methods of depleting a target nucleic acid from an initial collection of nucleic acids. Aspects of the methods include contacting the initial collection with a nucleic acid guided nuclease specific for the target nucleic acid in a manner sufficient to deplete the target nucleic acid from the initial collection. Depending on a given application, depletion of a target nucleic acid may vary, e.g., where depleting may include cleaving a target nucleic acid in, or selectively separating a target nucleic acid from, the initial collection of nucleic acids. Also provided are compositions and kits for practicing embodiments of the methods.

Provided are methods of depleting a target molecule in a sample. The methods include contacting a target molecule with a free radical-generating system and generating free radicals from the free radical-generating system to deplete the target molecule in the sample. Kits for practicing the subject methods are also provided.

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