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Potsdam, NY, United States

Clarkson University is a private research university located in Potsdam, New York. It was founded in 1896 and has an enrollment of about 3,700 students studying toward bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in each of its schools or institutes: the Institute for a Sustainable Environment, the School of Arts & science, the School of Business and the Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering. Clarkson University ranks #14 among "Best Engineering Colleges By Salary Potential". The Carnegie foundation classified Clarkson University as "High Research Activity" institution. Wikipedia.

Clarkson University | Date: 2014-06-19

A system for tunable removal rates and selectivity of materials during chemical-mechanical polishing using a chemical slurry or solution with increased dissolved oxygen content. The slurry can optionally include additives to improve removal rate and/or selectivity. Further selectivity can be obtained by varying the concentration and type of abrasives in the slurry, using lower operating pressure, using different pads, or using other additives in the dispersion at specific pH values.

Clarkson University | Date: 2014-04-02

Various examples of systems, methods, and programs embodied in computer-readable mediums are provided for fingerprint liveness detection. Fingerprint liveness may be determined by evaluating pixels of a fingerprint image to identify pores along a ridge segment of the fingerprint image. A circular derivative operator can be used to identify the pores. Liveness of the fingerprint can be determined based upon features of the identified pores.

Systems and methods for determining particle size distribution from electrical mobility spectrometry (EMS) measurements in the presence of multiply charged particles. EMS data comprising zeroth order singly-charged particle size distribution information for one or more EMS channels is obtained and fitted using a Gumbel distribution function to obtain a fit function value. The obtained fit function value is used to correct for multiply-charged particle contribution to the received EMS data.

DuPont Company and Clarkson University | Date: 2014-04-23

This invention provides a double jet process to produce silver nanoparticles, the process comprising providing a double-jet system to form a reaction mixture in a reactor containing the reactor solution by adding a basic aqueous silver ammonia complex solution and a basic reducing solution to the reactor solution at the same controlled rate with a targeted pH profile for the reactor solution from acidic to basic determined by the addition rate and the initial pH of the reactor solution. Use of this process results in a dispersion comprised of silver nanoparticles that have a specific size and de-agglomeration level that is determined by the process conditions.

Clarkson University | Date: 2014-04-03

A colorimetric reagent in the form of nanoparticles, composite nanoparticles, and nanoparticle coatings, including methods of use, methods of preparation, deposition, and assembly of related devices and specific applications. The colorimetric reagent comprises cerium oxide nanoparticles which are used in solution or immobilized on a solid support, either alone or in conjunction with oxidase enzymes, to form an active colorimetric component that reacts with an analyte to form a colored complex. The rate of color change and the intensity of the color are proportional to the amount of analyte present in the sample. Also described is the use of ceria and doped ceria nanoparticles as an oxygen storage/delivery vehicle for oxidase enzymes and applications in biocatalytic processes in anaerobic conditions of interest in biomedicine and bioanalysis. Further described are a variety of related applications of the disclosed technology including clinical diagnosis, in vivo implantable devices, food safety, and fermentation control.

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