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Saitama, Japan

Provided is a technology for dealing with display restrictions more easily. A restriction information distribution apparatus includes: a storage unit for storing software restriction information, component layout setting information, and component validity setting information; a communication unit for receiving, from an external device, software identification information, model identification information of an output device, and location information; a restriction information distribution unit for transmitting the software restriction information corresponding to the software identification information to the external device; a location determination unit for determining the region based on the location information; and a layout distribution unit for specifying the component layout setting information corresponding to the model identification information and transmits, together with the component validity setting information corresponding to the region, the component layout setting information to the external device.

An input/output limitation information storage unit stores input/output limitation information in which limitation processing for limiting operation input to the application and display output from the application is prescribed by associating the limitation processing with the application. A determination unit acquires a vehicle state of a vehicle, and determines the limitation processing to be applied to the operation input to the application and the display output from the application on the basis of the application running on the terminal device, the vehicle state, and the input/output limitation information. The limitation unit performs the limitation processing determined by the determination unit for the operation input detected by the input control unit and transmitted to the communication control unit, and the display output received by the communication control unit and transmitted to the output control unit.

Clarion Co. | Date: 2015-03-17

An information display device for displaying predetermined information while overlapping the predetermined information with a landscape having a prediction unit that obtains information on a route at a traveling front side and predicts a visual-line movement destination of a user on the basis of the obtained information, and a display controller that changes a display position for the predetermined information on the basis of a prediction result of the prediction unit.

Clarion Co. | Date: 2015-01-21

Provided is a technology for enabling smooth execution of a plurality of pieces of application software which perform communication via a communication path. A connection device includes: a storage unit which stores type priority level information for specifying a priority level assigned in advance for each type of a process, usable communication system information for specifying a usable communication system for each process, and sharing propriety information for specifying whether or not the communication system is sharable among a plurality of processes during the same period of time; a plurality of communication units which communicate to and from another device with use of the communication systems different from one another; and a communication system allocation control unit configured to: use the usable communication system information to identify the communication system usable by the process to be started to be executed; and allocate, when the identified communication system is not sharable and a process in execution that is different from the process already uses the identified communication system, the process to use the communication system based on the priority levels.

Clarion Co. | Date: 2014-02-26

A technology for searching for a recommended route matched to a search condition is provided for route search that involves substitution with a learned route. A route search device comprises: a storage means to store therein, as learned routes, routes corresponding to sections where traveling deviated from recommended routes have been performed; a setting means to set a search condition matched a recommended route; a recommended-route search means to find a recommended route on the basis of the search condition; an application means to select any one of the learned routes that is applicable to the thus found recommended route, and apply the selected learned route to the recommended route; and a display means to display the recommended route to which the learned route has been applied. The storage means stores therein category information of the learned routes in association with the respective learned routes. The application means selects, from the storage means, any one of the learned routes that is associated with the category information matched to the search condition.

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