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In accordance with methods and systems of the present disclosure, a mobile device may include an enclosure adapted such that the enclosure is readily transported by a user of the mobile device, a speaker associated with the enclosure for generating sound, and a controller within the enclosure, communicatively coupled to the speaker. The controller may be configured to receive a signal from the speaker, the signal induced at least in part by sound incident on the speaker other than sound generated by the speaker and process the signal.

Cirrus Logic Inc. | Date: 2015-04-01

A system and method map dimming levels of a lighting dimmer to light source control signals using a predetermined lighting output function. The dimmer generates a dimmer output signal value. At any particular period of time, the dimmer output signal value represents one of multiple dimming levels. In at least one embodiment, the lighting output function maps the dimmer output signal value to a dimming value different than the dimming level represented by the dimmer output signal value. The lighting output function converts a dimmer output signal values corresponding to measured light levels to perception based light levels. A light source driver operates a light source in accordance with the predetermined lighting output function. The system and method can include a filter to modify at least a set of the dimmer output signal values prior to mapping the dimmer output signal values to a new dimming level.

In at least one embodiment, an electronic system adapts current control timing for half line cycle of a phase-cut input voltage and responsively controls a dimmer current in a power converter system. The adaptive current control time and responsive current control provides, for example, interfacing with a dimmer. The electronic system and method include a dimmer, a switching power converter, and a controller to control the switching power converter and controls a dimmer current. In at least one embodiment, the controller determines a predicted time period from a zero crossing until a leading edge of a phase-cut input voltage and then responsively controls the dimmer current to, for example, reduce current and voltage perturbations (referred to as ringing), improve efficiency, and reduce an average amount of power handled by various circuit components.

A system may include a sampling circuit, a temperature calibration system, a phase detector, a virtual phase-locked loop, and a sample rate converter. The sampling circuit may be configured to generate a series of digitally-sampled data at a sampling frequency provided by a local clock. The temperature calibration system may be configured to determine a temperature-based timing compensation with respect to the local clock. The phase detector may be configured to estimate an error of the local clock in view of the reference clock. The virtual phase-locked loop may be configured to generate a virtual clock based on the temperature-based timing compensation and the error. The sample rate converter may be configured to generate a corrected series of digitally-sampled data in response to the virtual clock by interpolating the series of digitally-sampled data to correct for the error.

Power consumption in a start-up circuit for a LED-based light bulb may be reduced by digitally switching a transistor of the start-up circuit coupled to the input voltage. When the transistor is digitally switched between on and off, a reduced amount of power is dissipated by the transistor, because it may not enter a saturation region of operation where the resistance of the transistor between drain and source terminals increases. The transistor may be coupled to a voltage regulator for generating one or more output voltages, including a supply voltage for a host controller IC. The transistor may be switched on and off by a digital signal generated by logic circuitry, which may decide to switch the transistor on and off based on a voltage level at an output of the voltage regulator.

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