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Mumbai, India

Cipla Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, headquartered in Mumbai, India; Belgium, & Surrey in the European Union; and Miami, Florida, in the United States; with manufacturing facilities in Goa , Bengaluru , Baddi , Indore , Kurkumbh , Patalganga , and Sikkim , along with field stations in Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad. Cipla primarily develops medicines to treat cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, weight control and depression; other medical conditions.As of 17 September 2014, its market capitalisation was 7px517 billion , making it India's 42nd largest publicly traded company by market value. Wikipedia.

The present invention relates to a compound of formula A, wherein R is alkyl. Compound A may be used as an intermediate in the preparation of O-desmethyl venlafaxine or a salt thereof, and the present invention provides such a preparation, as well as a process for preparing the compound of formula A.

Cipla | Date: 2015-04-10

The present invention provides a process for preparing a compound of formula (VI) or a salt thereof, the process comprising: (i) reacting 4-methoxyphenyl acetone with an amine of formula (VIII) under conditions of reductive amination to produce a compound of formula (II) or a salt thereof, wherein there is no isolation of an imine intermediate formed during the reductive amination; (ii) condensing the compound (II) or the acid addition salt thereof with an -haloketone of formula (III) to produce the compound of formula (IV); (iii) reducing the compound (IV) to a compound of formula (V); and (iv) reducing the compound (V) to the compound of formula (VI), wherein the reduction is carried out in the presence of either (1) a hydrogen donating compound in the presence of a hydrogen transfer catalyst; or (2) ammonium formate using a hydrogenation catalyst, wherein R

There is disclosed crystalline darunavir hydrate substantially free of any non-aqueous solvent.

Cipla | Date: 2015-03-25

A topical foam pharmaceutical composition for rectal administration comprising rifaximin is described. Also described is a method of making the composition and the use of the composition as a medicament.

A pharmaceutical product or formulation, which comprises azelastine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate or physiologically functional derivative thereof, and a steroid, or a pharmaceutical acceptable salt, solvate or physiologically functional derivative thereof, preferably the product or formulation being in a form suitable for nasal or ocular administration.

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