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Taipei, Taiwan

Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. is the largest telecommunications company in Taiwan and the incumbent mobile, PSTN and broadband carrier there. It has its headquarters in Zhongzheng District, Taipei on the remains of the old Taipei Prison. Wikipedia.

Chunghwa Telecom | Date: 2012-01-05

An intelligent administration system for paying electricity bills mainly includes a monitoring device for monitoring the actual meter readings that indicate the electricity consumption of an electricity consuming system and a management platform connected to the monitoring device via a network system. Accordingly, the intelligent administration system for paying electricity bills of the present invention allows real-time monitoring of the electricity consuming system, provides remote value-adding and payments, and allows the administrator to adjust electricity charging standard according to the fluctuations in tariff, achieving a fair payment mechanism.

A method for segmenting video and audio into clips using speaker recognition is provided to segment audio according to speaker audio, and to make audio clips correspond to the audio and video signals to generate audio and video clips. The method instantly trains an independent speaker model by increasing an unknown speaker source audio signal, and the speaker recognition result is applied to determine the audio and video clips. Independent speaker clips of source audio are determined according to the speaker model and the speaker model is renewed according the independent speaker clips of source audio. This method segments audio by the speaker model without waiting for complete speaker feature audio signals to be collected. The method is also able to segment the audio and video into clips based on the recognition result of speaker audio, and can be used to segment TV audio and video into clips.

Chunghwa Telecom | Date: 2013-02-05

An anti-counterfeiting system and method for an e-ticket are disclosed. The anti-counterfeiting system includes a ticket service center, a handheld device, a ticket checking device, and a database. The ticket checking device identifies the e-ticket information shown on a display of the handheld device at least twice. The e-ticket is verified by using the handheld device to execute a ticket software including an e-ticket service. The handheld device obtains at least one e-ticket information from the ticket service center via a network link. When the display of the handheld device shows that the e-ticket information is read by the ticket checking device and is verified by the database, the ticket service center transmits an e-ticket verification information to the handheld device, and the display of the handheld device then shows the e-ticket information for the ticket checking device to check again.

The present invention is related to an issue-manage-style internet public opinion information evaluation management system and method thereof. The system mainly comprises 5 modules of 1) Issue establish/setup module for establishing new issue and the keywords thereof; 2) public opinion information collection module for retrieving and analyzing data retrieved by dredge technology, program, and community web-site open API; 3) public opinion information reputation analysis module for calculating each public opinion information evaluation score by text reputation analysis and community interactive fuzzy analysis; 4) issue trend analysis module for calculating issue trend score by disclosed method based on daily, weekly, or monthly public opinion information reputation evaluation score; 5) issue related public opinion information exchange module for presenting issue related public opinion information on each management interface or message alert of each system via internet exchange standards.

Chunghwa Telecom | Date: 2015-02-16

A message transmission method includes steps of receiving a identifier of a first wireless transmitter by a first portable device; transmitting associative message of the wireless transmitter by the first portable device; retrieving the identifier of the targeted wireless transmitter according to the identifier transmitted by the first wireless transmitter; linking the associative message of the wireless transmitter with the identifier of the targeted wireless transmitter; verifying the identifier of the targeted wireless transmitter with a identifier transmitted by a second wireless transmitter and received by a second portable device to confirm whether the identifier is the same or not; and if the identifier is the same, the second portable device retrieves wireless transmitter associative message which is associative to the identifier of the targeted wireless transmitter for later application.

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