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Hsinchu, Taiwan

Chung Hua University is a private university located in Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan. It was formerly known as Chung Hua Polytechnic Institute founded in 1990 by three local Hsinchu entrepreneurs, Ron-Chang Wang, Zau-Juang Tsai and Lin Junq-tzer. It was upgraded to university status and renamed as "Chung Hua University" in 1997. There are six colleges with 25 departments offering undergraduate courses as well as 16 master programs and 3 PH.D. programs. Wikipedia.

Chung Hua University | Date: 2015-09-21

A nozzle device includes an upper cover module having a cavity, a plurality of stacked piezoelectric plate modules, a plug module, and a lower cover module. Each piezoelectric plate module includes a substrate, a piezoelectric material, an electrical connection, an upper electrode, and a lower electrode. The substrate includes multiple first through holes disposed correspondingly to the cavity. The piezoelectric material is located on the upper surface of the substrate. The electrical connection extends from the lower surface of the substrate, through the substrate, and to the bottom of the piezoelectric material. The lower electrode is located below the lower surface of the substrate and electrically connects to the electrical connection. The plug module includes plugs and second through holes corresponding to the first through holes. The lower cover module includes openings disposed according to the plugs of the plug module.

Chung Hua University | Date: 2014-02-07

A touch panel comprises a plurality of basic sensing-units arranged in a matrix. The basic sensing-unit comprises a pressure-sensing transistor and a selection transistor. The pressure-sensing transistor comprises a first terminal, a second terminal, a gate electrode, a mask layer, a channel connecting the first and second terminals, a dielectric layer formed on the channel, and a piezoelectric material deposited on the dielectric layer. The piezoelectric material may comprise PVDF, lead zirconate titanate, ZnO, BaTiO

A thermal convection-type accelerometer includes a first insulating substrate, a circuit formed on the first insulating substrate, a first acceleration-sensing device coupled with the circuit, and a first supporting layer attached on the insulating substrate. The first acceleration-sensing device includes two temperature-sensing components and a heater disposed between the temperature-sensing components. The temperature-sensing components and the heater are directly formed on the first supporting layer.

Chung Hua University | Date: 2014-06-11

A thermal convection type linear accelerometer includes a substrate and a first sensing device. The first sensing device includes two first temperature-sensing components and a first heater. The two first temperature-sensing components are disposed on the substrate. The first heater is disposed on the substrate. The first heater is located between the two first temperature-sensing components. The two first temperature-sensing components are higher than the first heater relative to the substrate.

Chung Hua University | Date: 2014-04-15

The invention is related to a microstrip line structure, which comprises: a first microstrip line and a second microstrip line, paralleled with the first microstrip line for transferring a transmission signal, and a plurality of grooves periodically arranged on both sides of the second microstrip line by using subwavelength, and each period length in the plurality of grooves is smaller than the wavelength of the transmission signal.

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