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Jeonju, South Korea

Chonbuk National University is a national research university founded in 1947, located in Jeonju, South Korea. As the flagship national university for the Jeollabuk-do province , Chonbuk National University has been ranked 501–550th in the world by QS Top Universities Ranking in 2010. Wikipedia.

A high-efficiency heterojunction filed effect transistor in which a gate electrode area is formed to the direction of a drain electrode on nitride-based buffer layers with a low dislocation density to exhibit a high breakdown voltage, and its preparation method. The heterojunction field effect transistor according to the present invention minimizes dislocations in a device and provides a high breakdown voltage by forming a gate electrode area to the direction of a drain electrode on the top of the wing area that is on the far side opposite to one that includes the coalescence boundary of the wing area with a lower dislocation density in the buffer layer.

Samsung and Chonbuk National University | Date: 2014-04-08

An inspection apparatus for detecting a defect of a substrate is provided. The inspection apparatus includes a liquid crystal modulator, a light emitting unit, a beam splitter, and a measurement unit. The liquid crystal modulator includes a reflection layer, a liquid crystal layer, an electrode, and a polarizer. The reflection layer reflects a light. The sensor layer includes a hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal. The electrode is provided on the liquid crystal layer. The polarizer is provided on the electrode.

Chonbuk National University | Date: 2015-01-06

A system and method for controlling voltage at a point of common coupling of a wind farm including a plurality of wind turbines is provided. The method includes: calculating a first voltage error value, which is a difference between a reference voltage value of the point of common coupling and an actual voltage value of the point of common coupling; calculating a compensation reference voltage value based on the first voltage error value; calculating a second voltage error value by subtracting a voltage value of an output terminal of a wind turbine from a sum of a reference voltage value of the wind turbine and the compensation reference voltage value; calculating a reactive power compensation value corresponding to the second voltage error value; and injecting a reactive current corresponding to the reactive current compensation value into a power grid.

Chonbuk National University | Date: 2014-04-23

A flyback type snubber circuit includes an transformer configured to have a primary side connected between a power source and a switch and have a secondary side connected to a diode. The diode is connected between the power source and the transformer.

Postech Academy Industry Foundation and Chonbuk National University | Date: 2013-03-04

An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a three-dimensional virtual liver surgery planning system including: a digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) receiving module which receives an abdomen computer tomography (CT) volume data set from a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) server; a DICOM loading and noise removing module which loads the received abdomen CT volume data set and remove noises; a standard liver volume estimation module which estimates a standard liver volume (SLV) from the denoised abdomen CT volume data set; a liver extraction module which extracts a three-dimensional liver region; a vessel extraction module which extracts a three-dimensional vessel region including a portal vein, a hepatic artery, a hepatic vein, and an inferior vena cava (IVC); a tumor extraction module which extracts a three-dimensional tumor region; a liver segmentation module which divides the extracted three-dimensional liver region into several segments using landmarks which are selected by a user or a segmentation sphere; and a liver surgery planning module which makes a three-dimensional liver surgery plan using a resection surface, a liver segments, or the segmentation sphere.

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