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The University of Chittagong is a public research university located in the suburban area of the Hathazari, Chittagong district, Bangladesh. Established in 1966, the campus is 22 kilometers north of Chittagong City. It is a multidisciplinary research university and one of the largest universities in Bangladesh with about 22,000 students and about 750 faculty members. Wikipedia.

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Mitu K.,Chittagong University
AMA journal of ethics | Year: 2016

Increasing numbers of young transgender people are now using medical technologies to achieve a physical gender transition. However, the procedures of physical gender transition might cause temporary or permanent sterility. Thus many transgender people are now using fertility preservation technologies. Nonetheless, they can experience dilemmas in making reproductive and family-building decisions and face challenges in gaining access to and utilizing fertility preservation services. Based on qualitative research conducted with transgender men and women who used reproductive technologies for preserving their fertility before or during their physical transition, this paper contributes to the discourse of reproductive choice by the inclusion of transgender people's experience. © 2016 American Medical Association. All Rights Reserved.

Ashrafuzzaman K.,Chittagong University
IEEE Communications Letters | Year: 2012

In this letter, we explore the boundaries of optimal operations pertaining to maximum throughput and minimum energy consumption for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) that adopt low-power slotted CSMA/CA as the medium access control scheme. To that end, a non-trivial analysis of energy consumption is performed in the process referring to existing model frameworks that are shown to be equivalent. Perspectives drawn in this work on optimal points of operations, as mapped onto backoff parameters, can help contain wastes of bandwidth due to heightened collisions during periods of traffic intensity and prolong network lifetime by properly reducing attempts to send sensed data for energy conservation during uneventful periods. © 2012 IEEE.

Uddin M.N.,Chittagong University | Abdus Salam M.,Chittagong University | Hossain M.A.,Chittagong University
Chemosphere | Year: 2013

A spectrophotometric procedure for the simultaneous determination of zinc(II) and copper(II) in a mixture using diethyldithiocarbamate (DDTC) as ligand has been described. Complexes formed with DDTC was extracted with CHCl3/CCl4 and the absorbance was measured at 435nm which is equivalent of Cu(II) in sample only as Zn(DDTC)2 has no absorption. Zinc measurement is based on the quantitative displacement of zinc from Zn(DDTC)2 by Cu(II) with the addition of excess copper(II) to the extract. The absorbance is measured again where additional absorbance is equivalent to zinc. The molar absorptivity and sandall's sensitivity at this wavelength are 2.86×105mol-1Lcm-1 and 3.076ngcm-2, respectively. Reproducibility with in 4% and detection limits of 0.29μgmL-1 was obtained. Linear calibration range was 0.2-14μgmL-1 for zinc and 0.2-12μgmL-1 for copper with the regression coefficient (r2) 0.998 for each. In the presence of a suitable masking agent (EDTA) very good selectivity was achieved. The method was extended to the determination of zinc and copper in a number of environmental water and soil samples, biological, pharmaceutical, fertilizer and food samples. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Alam E.,Chittagong University
Disasters | Year: 2010

For generations, cyclones and tidal surges have frequently devastated lives and property in coastal and island Bangladesh. This study explores vulnerability to cyclone hazards using first-hand coping recollections from prior to, during and after these events. Qualitative field data suggest that, beyond extreme cyclone forces, localised vulnerability is defined in terms of response processes, infrastructure, socially uneven exposure, settlement development patterns, and livelihoods. Prior to cyclones, religious activities increase and people try to save food and valuable possessions. Those in dispersed settlements who fail to reach cyclone shelters take refuge in thatched-roof houses and big-branch trees. However, women and children are affected more despite the modification of traditional hierarchies during cyclone periods. Instinctive survival strategies and intra-community cooperation improve coping post cyclone. This study recommends that disaster reduction programmes encourage cyclone mitigation while being aware of localised realities, endogenous risk analyses, and coping and adaptation of affected communities (as active survivors rather than helpless victims). © 2010 The Author(s). Journal compilation © Overseas Development Institute, 2010.

Hossain M.M.,Chittagong University
Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology | Year: 2013

In vitro embryo morphogenesis and micropropagation of Dendrobium aggregatum Roxb. were described. The gradual developmental stages of embryos to seedlings were traced out. Within two weeks of culture the cells of undifferented embryos underwent repeated aniclinal and periclinal division producing a compact, green parenchymatous cell mass called spherule that emerged out by rupturing the testa. The spherules subsequently differentiated into greenish protocorms were considered as typical seed germination. Germination occurred on both (MS and Phytamax (PM) medium but MS medium proved to be more efficient. The primary protocorms underwent profuse proliferation through production of secondary (2°) protocorms when transferred to different plant growth regulators (PGRs) supplemented MS; the medium fortified with 2.0 mg/l BAP and 1.0 mg/l NAA proved to be most effective for induction of 2° protocorms and seedling development. Multiple shoot buds (MSBs) were induced in pseudobulb segments of the in vitro grown seedlings when cultured on different PGRs supplemented media; and the maximum number of MSBs were obtained MS + 2.0 mg/l BAP + 0.5 mg/l picloram. The MSBs underwent elongation and then they rooted when they were transferred to half strength of MS + 0.5 mg/l IAA. The well rooted plantlets were finally transferred to outside natural environment with 80% survival.

Miah M.I.,Chittagong University
Materials Today: Proceedings | Year: 2015

We perform a theoretical investigation to estimate the hydrogen storage capacity in carbon-based spiral-nanostructures (CSNSs). The chosen storage systems are both intrinsic and lithium-doped CSNSs. The results show that due to small interlay distance intrinsic CSNSs do not uptake hydrogen at ambient pressure and temperature. However, lithium-doped CSNSs can uptake significant amount of hydrogen, giving an uptake capacity of 3.3 wt%. © 2015.

Miah M.I.,Chittagong University
Materials Today: Proceedings | Year: 2015

The basic requirements necessary in developing semiconductor spintronic devices are the efficient generation and detection of spin current in semiconductors. Since in spintronic devices the information is carried by the electron spin, an electrical means of detecting spin current in semiconductors is desirable for fully exploring the possibility of utilizing spin degree of freedom and for possible device applications. By reviewing the potentials and the recent success and understanding of spintronics, we demonstrate a technique for the electrical detection of optically generated spin current in semiconductors. The results show that the effect resulting from the spin current depends strongly on the strength of the applied electric bias acted on the spin-polarized electrons. The results are presented and discussed. © 2015.

Nandi S.K.,Chittagong University | Ghosh H.R.,University of Dhaka
Energy | Year: 2010

A pre-feasibility of wind-PV-battery hybrid system has been performed for a small community in the east-southern part of Bangladesh. Solar radiation resources have been assessed from other meteorological parameters like sunshine duration and cloud cover as measured radiation data were not available at the site. The predicted monthly averaged daily global radiation over Chittagong is 4.36 kWh/m2/day. Measured wind speed at the site varies from 3 m/s to 5 m/s. For few months and hours the speed is below the cut in speeds of the available turbines in market. The hybrid system analysis has showed that for a small community consuming 53,317 kWh/year the cost energy is 0.47USD/kWh with 10% annual capacity of shortage and produces 89,151 kWh/year in which 53% electricity comes from wind and the remaining from solar energy. The sensitivity analysis showed that the hybrid system for the community is compatible with the 8 km-12 km grid extension depending on small variation of solar radiation and wind speed over the district whereas the proposed site is more away from the upper limit. Such a hybrid system will reduce about 25 tCO2/yr green house gases (GHG) emission in the local atmosphere. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Miah M.I.,Chittagong University
Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology | Year: 2011

We generate electron spins in semiconductors by optical pumping. The detection of them is also performed by optical technique using time-resolved pump-probe photoluminescence polarization measurements in the presence of an external magnetic field perpendicular to the generated spin. The spin polarization in dependences of the pulse length, pump-probe delay and external magnetic field is studied. From the dependence of spin-polarization on the delay of the probe, the electronic spin transport lifetimes and the spin relaxation frequencies as a function of the strength of the magnetic field are estimated. The results are discussed based on hyperfine effects for interacting electrons. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Chowdhury A.Z.,Chittagong University
Photonic Sensors | Year: 2014

In recent years, the silica-on-silicon based multimode interference (MMI) optical waveguide is an interesting research topic. It is being advanced various researches on the silica based MMI coupler. This paper represents the considerations of the optimal design of the silica-on-silicon based MMI optical coupler for better performance. For that, we have illustrated the simulation results on a particular case of the 4×4 silica-on-silicon based MMI coupler. From the simulation results, it is seen that the performance of the MMI coupler depends on multiple width and length combinations of the MMI waveguide. The results also show that the width of the multimode waveguide could not be too small or too large for optimal performance, and at the widths, 100 μm, 120 μm and 130 μm, the performance could be optimized and be almost 0.62-0.64 in a given length range. Finally, the results have been compared with the optical coupler presently available in the market and show that the silica-on-silicon based MMI coupler is much more efficient in terms of losses and the performance associated with it and the size of the coupler. © The Author(s) 2013.

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