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An aflatoxin M1 nanobody, an immunosorbent and an immunoaffinity column. The aflatoxin M1 nanobody 2014AFM-G2 has the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO:7, is encoded by the nucleic acid sequence of SEQ IDNO:8, has a 50% inhibiting concentration IC

An artificial antigen of aflatoxin biosynthetic precursor terigmatocystin (ST) and a method for preparing same. Firstly, hydroxyacetic acid is reacted with the double bound of the difuran ring in the aflatoxin biosynthetic precursor ST, yielding an aflatoxin biosynthetic precursor ST hapten with an active carboxymethoxy group. Secondly, a carboxyl group on the ST hapten is attached to an amino group on a carrier protein. At last, the artificial antigen of aflatoxin biosynthetic precursor ST is obtained by dialysis and lyophilize.

Chinese Academy of Sciences | Date: 2015-05-06

A semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes forming a first semiconductor layer and a second semiconductor layer sequentially on a substrate. The method also includes patterning the second and first semiconductor layers to form an initial fin. The method also includes selectively etching the first semiconductor layer of the initial fin to form a lateral recess in the first semiconductor layer. The method also includes filling the lateral recess with a dielectric material to form a body spacer. The method also includes forming an isolation layer on the substrate, wherein the isolation layer partially exposes the body spacer and thus defines a fin above the isolation layer. The method also includes forming a gate stack intersecting the fins on the isolation layer.

Chinese Academy of Sciences and Washington University in St. Louis | Date: 2014-03-26

The present invention provides aminohydantoin anti-malarial agents. In some embodiments, these agents have the property of functions of targeting malarial aspartic proteases while at the same time having low activity against human BACE. Methods of employing such agents are also provided.

Chinese Academy of Sciences | Date: 2015-01-12

The present invention relates to an antibubble generator and a preparation method. The antibubble preparation method includes: generating a jet flow or droplets in a discrete phase from a first fluid through a gas phase; and under the action of an external force, the jet flow or droplets passing through a liquid membrane and moving towards a second fluid in a continuous phase, to form antibubbles. The present invention can generate a large number of antibubbles in a simple and convenient way, and can meet the needs of large-scale industrial applications.

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