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Chinese Academy of Sciences | Date: 2016-08-30

The present invention relates to a synthetic method of graphitic carbon nitride material. The method involves a homogenous mixing of carbon nitride precursor and ammonium salt, and calcining the mixture to obtain a porous graphitic carbon nitride material. Wherein, the ammonium salt is any one or a combination of at least two which could release gaseous NH_(3 )during thermolysis. The present invention uses thermolabile ammonium salt as a pore former; the thermolysis of ammonium salt could release soft gas bubbles during the calcination; the later burst of bubbles leads to the formation of nanoporous structure. The proposed method is template-free and environmentally-friendly, and the resultant material exhibits high photocatalytic activity in the field of gas and water decontamination.

Chinese Academy of Sciences | Date: 2016-09-02

The present invention relates to a spin logic device and an electronic equipment comprising the same. A spin logic device may include a Spin Hall effect (SHE) layer formed of a conductive material having Spin Hall effect and configured to receive a first logic input current and a second logic input current, the first logic input current and the second logic input current both being an in-plane current, a magnetic tunnel junction provided on the SHE layer comprising a free magnetic layer in contact with the SHE layer, a barrier layer disposed on the free magnetic layer, and a reference magnetic layer disposed on the barrier layer, and a current wiring in connection to the reference magnetic layer side of the magnetic tunnel junction, the current wiring being in cooperation with the SHE layer to apply a read current passing through the magnetic tunnel junction therebetween.

Chinese Academy of Sciences and A+ Network | Date: 2017-03-15

The present invention relates to a method, a device and a system for processing media resource information. The method comprises: a server acquires media resource information and user viewing information, the media resource information comprising media features, and the user viewing information comprising user features; the server ranks the media resource information according to the media features and the user features, so as to generate a first sequence; the server schedules the first sequence into time periods of idle channels according to preset priority of channels and time periods so as to generate a program list, and sends the program list to a client; the server receives an update request sent by the client, the update request comprising time baseline changes; and the server updates the program list according to the time baseline changes.

Chinese Academy of Sciences | Date: 2017-01-04

An embodiment of the present disclosure provide a key protection method, via setting that each core of the multi-core process may have one symmetric master key, dynamically obtaining the plaintext private key of the asymmetric algorithm via a decryption operation and using the Intel TSX, it may be ensured that the private key and the intermediate variables used in the computation process may be stored in the cache occupied by the operation core only in terms of the hardware level, which may prevent the attackers from stealing the private key from the physical memory and ensure the security of the implementation of the public-key cryptographic algorithm in the computer system. Further, even the OS may be compromised and the attacker may directly read the memory storing the key, since the Intel TSX mechanism may ensure the atomicity of the memory operation, the attacker cannot obtain the plaintext private key. Further, in this scheme, while the physical attacks and system intrusions are resisted, the other cores of the multi-core processor may perform the cryptographic operation, which may enhance the operation efficiency.

An aflatoxin nanobody immunoabsorbent and immunoaffinity column and preparation method and use thereof. The immunoabsorbent comprises a solid phase carrier and aflatoxin B1 nanobody 2014AFB-G15 coupled with the solid phase carrier. The 50% inhibiting concentration IC_(50) of aflatoxin B1 nanobody 2014AFB-G15 to aflatoxin B1 is 0.66 ng/mL, and the cross-reactivity of aflatoxin B1 nanobody 2014AFB-G15 to aflatoxins B2, G1, G2, and M1 are respectively 22.6%, 10.95%, 32.1% and 26%. The amino acid sequence of aflatoxin B1 nanobody 2014AFB-G15 is as depicted by SEQ ID NO: 7, and the coding gene sequence thereof is as depicted by SEQ ID NO: 8. The aflatoxin nanobody immunoaffinity column can be used for purification and concentration of sample extract prior to computer testing, and the immunoaffinity column can be reused repeatedly.

Chinese Academy of Sciences | Date: 2017-03-01

The present invention provides a precision actuating device for achieving precision actuation in at least two directions, including: a first moving component having an installation space formed therein, wherein the first moving component has an upper surface and an inner side face, the installation space is recessed from the upper surface towards the interior of the first moving component and is open towards the upper surface, and the periphery of the installation space is defined by the inner side face; a first precision driving mechanism in transmission connection with the first moving component, wherein the first precision driving mechanism is used for driving the first moving component to move along a first direction; and a second moving component and a second precision driving mechanism, which are arranged and held within the installation space so as to be able to move along the first direction together with the first moving component, wherein the second precision driving mechanism is in transmission connection with the second moving component and is used for driving the second moving component to move in the installation space along a second direction that is different from the first direction. The structural design of the precision actuating device of the present invention is compact, and the precision actuating device is small in occupation area and large in movement range.

Nan H.,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Nature Genetics | Year: 2017

Soybean is a major legume crop originating in temperate regions, and photoperiod responsiveness is a key factor in its latitudinal adaptation. Varieties from temperate regions introduced to lower latitudes mature early and have extremely low grain yields. Introduction of the long-juvenile (LJ) trait extends the vegetative phase and improves yield under short-day conditions, thereby enabling expansion of cultivation in tropical regions. Here we report the cloning and characterization of J, the major classical locus conferring the LJ trait, and identify J as the ortholog of Arabidopsis thaliana EARLY FLOWERING 3 (ELF3). J depends genetically on the legume-specific flowering repressor E1, and J protein physically associates with the E1 promoter to downregulate its transcription, relieving repression of two important FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) genes and promoting flowering under short days. Our findings identify an important new component in flowering-time control in soybean and provide new insight into soybean adaptation to tropical regions. © 2017 Nature Publishing Group, a division of Macmillan Publishers Limited. All Rights Reserved.

The present invention relates to a DNA sequence showing difference between the female and male individuals of Litopenaeus vannamei and its corresponding acquired method. The method comprises: respectively conducting high-through put sequencing on the mixing pools of female individuals and male individuals in by high-through put sequencing platform; conducting bioinformatic analysis on the sequencing results to screen out sequences showing significant difference between the mixing pools of female and male individuals; verifying the obtained sex difference sequence in individuals from different sources; and finally, obtaining a probe sequence for female and male identification of L. vannamei, so that the genetic sexe of this species can be accurately identified using the sequences. The method of the present invention has the characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy and reliability, and possess broad application potential in the early sex identification and sex control research of prawns.

Chinese Academy of Sciences | Date: 2017-06-28

Provided are a respiratory guiding device (100) and method used in respiratory gated ion beam irradiation, the respiratory guiding device (100) comprising: a respiratory signal detecting unit (101), for measuring a respiratory motion trajectory curve during free breathing and deep breathing, and a real-time respiratory motion position signal in the case of guided respiration; a respiratory signal processing unit (102), for modeling free breathing and deep breathing according to an average respiratory cycle and an average respiratory amplitude calculated on the basis of the respiratory motion trajectory curve and setting a preset breath-hold time at the tail end of a function curve of a free breathing model and a deep breathing model to establish a respiratory guiding curve; a control unit (103), for adjusting the magnetic excitation cycle of a synchrotron according to the respiratory cycle represented by the respiratory guiding curve during free breathing or deep breathing, thus synchronizing the magnetic excitation cycle of the synchrotron with the respiratory cycle. The device and method effectively reduce residual motion in a target region within a guided respiration window, and improve irradiation efficiency and precision of an ion beam.

National Center for Nanosciences, Technology of China and Chinese Academy of Sciences | Date: 2017-05-31

The present invention provides a group of polypeptides and a complex formed by the polypeptides and human serum albumin, a method for improving the solubility of the group of polypeptides in a salt solution by combining the polypeptides with human serum albumin, a method for preparing the complex formed by the group of polypeptides and human serum albumin, and an application of the group of polypeptides and the complex formed by the polypeptides and human serum albumin in the preparation of drugs for suppressing tumor metastasis and treating leukemia.

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