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Hefei, China

The University of Science and Technology of China is a national research university in Hefei, Anhui, China, under the direct leadership of the Chinese Academy of science . It is a member of the C9 League formed by nine top universities in China. Founded in Beijing by the CAS in September 1958, it was moved to Hefei in the beginning of 1970 during the Cultural Revolution.The inception and mission of USTC was in response to the urgent need for the national economy, defense construction, and education in science and technology. It has been featured by its competence on scientific and technological research and expanded into humanities and management with a strong scientific and engineering emphasis. USTC has 12 schools, 27 departments, the Special Class for the Gifted Young, the Experimental Class for the Teaching Reform, the Graduate Schools , the Software School, School of Network Education, and School of Continuing Education. In 2012 Institute of Advanced Technology of University of Science and Technology of China was founded. Wikipedia.

University of Science and Technology of China | Date: 2013-02-06

The present invention provides a polypeptide able to specifically bind to rare-earth nanoparticles and the use thereof. The polypeptide comprises an amino acid sequence shown by SEQ ID NO: 1 or analogues thereof. The present invention further provides a method for screening a polypeptide having the capacity of specifically binding to rare-earth nanoparticles. The present invention further provides a method for regulating and controlling the in vivo and in vitro autophagy and toxicity of the rare-earth upconversionnanophosphor material, comprising mixing and incubating the polypeptide specifically binding to rare-earth nanoparticles with rare-earth upconversion nanophosphor material, such that the polypeptide specifically binds to the nanophosphor material, wherein the rare-earth upconversion nanophosphor material comprises the rare earth, and the polypeptide specifically binding to rare-earth nanoparticles comprises the amino acid sequence shown by CTARSPWIC (RE-0, SEQ ID NO: 1) or analogues thereof.

University of Science, Technology of China and Huawei | Date: 2012-09-26

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and a device for generating a morphing animation from multiple images, where the method includes: performing hue preprocessing on adjacent images among multiple images; determining the quantity of intermediate frames between the adjacent images according to a feature point differential of the adjacent images on which the hue preprocessing has been performed, generating, between the adjacent images through an image warping technology, intermediate frame images, the quantity of which is the same as that of the intermediate frames, insert the intermediate frame images between the adjacent images, and generate a morphing animation from the multiple images and the intermediate frame images that are inserted between all adjacent images among the multiple images. The morphing animation generated in the present invention is smooth and natural, thereby improving a morphing effect of the morphing animation.

University of Science and Technology of China | Date: 2012-05-24

Methods for rapidly determining earthquake parameters of an earthquake include inputting a seismogram of the earthquake, searching concurrently in pre-established historical seismogram database and theoretical seismogram database by use of an approximate nearest neighbor search method, to find a set of seismograms similar to the input seismogram according to a preset similarity condition, and determining from the set of similar seismograms one or more seismograms matched with the input seismogram, and determining the earthquake parameters from the matched seismograms. With the present invention, it is possible to search in millions of seismograms and determine parameters for an earthquake in a few second, and thus realize rapid and even real-time estimation of earthquake parameters.

University of Science and Technology of China | Date: 2012-05-22

A periodogram-based wireless microphone signal detection method, which solves the problem of incapability of distinguishing wireless microphone signal from narrow-band interference, includes: acquiring a time-domain digital signal for detection through antenna module, RF front-end module, ADC module and time-domain signal preprocessing module; and performing detection of microphone signal in frequency domain, that is, calculating an average value of periodogram of M segments of the time-domain digital signal for detection, shifting the average value to obtain a shifted vector, estimating a mean and a covariance matrix of the shifted vector, locating a maximum point of the vector, and taking several points on each side of the point as a center to form an information vector; calculating a decision statistical quantity of the information vector using the decision theory, simulating or calculating a threshold in a predefined method, and deciding the signal is narrow-band interference if the decision statistical quantity is less than the threshold, otherwise the signal is wireless microphone signal.

University of Science, Technology of China and Shincron Co. | Date: 2011-08-30

A magnetic field generator arranged behind a target and for generating a magnetic field on a front surface of the target based on magnetic force lines can include a ring-shaped outer magnetic body having a pole axis in a parallel direction (X-direction) with respect to the target surface, a center magnetic body arranged on an inner side of the outer magnetic body and having a pole axis in a parallel direction (X-direction) with the direction of the pole axis of the outer magnetic body, a yoke plate for supporting the outer magnetic body and the center magnetic body from behind, and a magnetic permeable plate for changing a magnetic field distribution of the front surface of the target. The magnetic permeable plate is arranged so as to be supported by the yoke plate from behind.

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