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Guo J.,China Tobacco Machinery Technology Center Co. | Ma W.,Shaanxi University of Science and Technology
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

To solve the problems of cigarette jam and staggering falling movement in discharge channel of cigarette hopper in FOCKE 700S hard packer, the spacer plates and discharge guide plates in the discharge channel was modified via analyzing the factors, which affect the movement, such as cigarette distribution, hopper shape and friction force acting on the cigarettes. The contact area between cigarettes and those plates was minimized, and the friction between cigarette and the spacer plates reduced accordingly. A tobacco discharge slot was added to discharge scattered tobacco out of discharge channel timely and ensure a free cigarette falling. After improvement, the rate of machine failure caused by cigarette jam in hopper reduced from 50%-60% to 25%-35%, and the machine efficiency was effectively improved.

Jin F.,China Tobacco Machinery Technology Center Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

The dust collecting device in ZL41 filter rod combiner is designed on the basis of that in YJ14 cigarette maker, the bag filter works unstably and dust cleaning means is obsolete, which result in poor dust cleaning effect and short working life. Therefore, the filter material and system structure were improved. By adopting pleated polyester resin filter cartridge, the filter area was tripled comparing with flannel bag filter. Fan, electric control assembly and electromagnetic valve were configured in the system, and compressed air was introduced. The dust collector was divided into 5 sections, i. e. blowing, filtering, dust collecting, electric control and clear air. The results of application showed that comparing with the dust collector in YJ14 cigarette maker, the designed air volume, filtering area of the improved dust collector increased by 1500 m3/hour and 24.5 m2, respectively, which featured stable filtering performance and good cleaning effect. The working life of filter cartridge was over 3 years, maintenance work was reduced.

Ou Y.,Hunan University | Zhou C.,Hunan University | Du G.,China Tobacco Machinery Technology Center Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2014

For improving tobacco rods transfer, an analytical model was established based on the movement of transfer from spider to transfer drum in PROTOS2-2 ultra-high-speed cigarette maker, and a numerical model was also developed by adopting virtual prototype motion simulation technology, to output the trajectory curves of motion. By contrasting the movement trajectory obtained from the analytical model with that of numerical simulation model, the numerical simulation model was validated. According to the numerical model, the rod transfer was analyzed by comparing the relative displacement and relative velocity of the rod passage centers of active/fixed hands against that of the inside/outside rod passage centers of the suction carriers on the spider. The results proved that the system provided a gentle transfer of tobacco rods to the transfer drum.

Hu B.,Hunan University | Zhou C.,Hunan University | Ren Z.,China Tobacco Machinery Technology Center Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2015

To provide a theoretical basis for optimizing its performance, the kinematic characteristics of foil-wrapped cigarettes pusher device in the new type ultrahigh-speed packer were studied. Based on the analytical model of the pusher, the movement trajectory of its working point was calculated by analyzing its working principle. By referring to the dynamics theory of multiple-rigid body, a simulation model was established for determining the movement trajectory of its working point. The trajectory obtained by the analytical model was compared with that by the simulation model, the two agreed pretty well, it confirmed the correctness of the dynamics simulation model. The key kinematic characteristics, including displacement, velocity and acceleration of the pusher were analyzed with the simulation model. The acceleration of long-arm pusher was tested and compared with the results of simulation calculation. It was proved that the pusher device could accurately moved along the preset trajectory and gently push foil-wrapped cigarettes into the reciprocating mandrel at the speed of 1 000 packet/min. ©, 2015, Editorial Office of Tobacco Science and Technology. All right reserved.

Xu F.,China Tobacco Machinery Technology Center Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2015

In order to prevent the adhesive pattern on labels from misalignment, inaccurate shape or uneven adhesive thickness in a self-binding soft packets, a new type hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive application system was designed, which comprised an adhesive pot, an adhesive pipe, an adhesive gun, an operation panel, a controller, an encoder, a sensor, wherein the adhesive was applied by scraping to ensure good appearance. A label guide was designed to ensure the label positioning during scraping. The start and stop positions of scraping were monitored by pulse positioning method. I/P converter was utilized to harmonize the pressure in adhesive pot with the running speed of the packer. The scraping adhesive pattern was tested by setting its length and width 45 mm and 4 mm respectively, and the results showed that: 1)The longitudinal and transverse position errors of scraped adhesive pattern were ±1.100 and ±0.375 mm, respectively; which met the requirements of cigarette packing quality and satisfied the needs of self-binding soft packer. 2)Setting the start and stop positions of adhesive scraping at the middle of label running speed curve would obtain an adhesive pattern with accurate position and good appearance. © 2015, Editorial Office of Tobacco Science & Technology. All right reserved.

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