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Jiang M.,China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2014

Vacuum aluminizing inner liner is of high resilience and thin aluminum coating, it tends to be creased during folding in FOCKE703 packer. By analyzing the makeup of the inner liner conveying system and the factors influencing the packing quality of cigarette packets, the related folding parts and electric elements were improved as following: 1) regulating the pressure of embossing roller to reduce the resilience of folded inner liner; 2) modifying the inner liner short slit knife to prevent pull piece from dropping; 3) improving electric detection elements to keep the lateral deviation of inner liner within acceptable limits. The results of application showed that the average number of cigarette packets with the defects of inner liner folding decreased from 165 to 28 packet/shift, while machine efficiency increased from 78.3% to 84.2%, the number of machine stoppage reduced obviously. The stability and reliability of vacuum aluminizing inner liner in packing process were effectively improved. Source

Cao B.,CAS Zhengzhou Research Institute | Hong G.,CAS Zhengzhou Research Institute | Lang H.,China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Co. | Zhang J.,CAS Zhengzhou Research Institute
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2014

A method for determining the O6-methylguanine (O6-mG) in mouse's tissues (liver and lung) with high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) was established. Using [CD3]O6-mG as internal standards, the tissue samples were extracted with DNA reagent kits, went through acid hydrolysis at 80°C and extraction with HLB solid phase extraction column, then analyzed by HPLC-MS/MS. The results showed that: 1) O6-mG displayed good linearity in the range from 0.2 to 10 ng/mL with r of 0.9998, the limit of detection (LOD) of 0.044 ng/mL, the recoveries from 88.2% to 92.2%, and RSD from 0.96% to 2.13%. 2) The concentrations of O6-mG in liver and lung of mice with alcoholic fatty liver were 1.25 and 2.96 times as high as that of normal mice, respectively, in 4 hours after dosing; it indicated that long-term heavy drinking might promote the carcinogenicity of 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK). This method is suitable for the analysis of O6-mG in mouse's tissues. Source

Fan S.,China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co. | Yu X.,China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co. | Jin D.,China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

In order to know the status of counting measurement system, 6 such systems including cigarette with punctured holes, recessed-end, staggered tipping paper joint, packet with staggered tear tape, staggered label folding, and hard packet with misaligned blank folding were analyzed and determined by consistency analysis method and general analysis method. From the factors of man, machine, material, method and environment, 4 of the systems were investigated in detail and the relevant improvement was conducted. The results showed that measurement system analysis could definitely and quantitatively determine the status of measurement systems; the overall consistency ratio and Cohen's Kappa, K, of the improved measurement systems were no less than 85% and 0.83, respectively; and the effectiveness of measurement systems met the requirements. Source

Zhou K.,China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Co. | Gu J.,Shenzhen Tobacco Industrial Co. | Liu Q.,China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2014

To prevent film from wrinkling or loosely wrapping around cigarette carton produced by FOCKE-779 Packer, the process of cigarette carton packing and the nature of film shrinking were analyzed. By referring to the principles of hot air heating and pneumatic drying, the original shaping device with double-heater was replaced by a pneumatic heating type shaping device, which was composed of a heater, temperature controller and detector, carton turnover mechanism, guide, etc. The film wrapping on the six sides of carton were uniformly heated and shrank evenly. The results of application showed that after improvement, the appearance quality of cigarette carton was promoted, the qualified rate of cartons sampled from market raised from 95.6% to 98.5%. Source

Zhou K.,China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Co. | Zhao L.,China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

An equipment management information system was developed based on SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) NetWeaver, which adopted the standard flow and function of SAP NetWeaver to normalize and standardize the differences existing in equipment management business by combining with the management characteristics of China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Limited Corporation. An integrated information platform was established by using SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure) to synchronically process the data from the systems of different configurations, and realize the technology management of equipment in the whole life cycle and the economic management during equipment running. The results of application showed that: 1) The system optimized maintenance strategy, and put the whole process of equipment operation, maintenance and troubleshooting under control, it unified technology management and economic management by real-timely integrating the information about spare parts. 2) The system covered the overall management and control process of equipment, the flows of all business were based on the integrated management of the enterprise, to carry out whole process management, standardization and group management of equipment. 3) All of the equipment running and management data were included in the scope of information management, to implement equipment management by datamation and provide a support for scientific decision-making by the comprehensive analysis of the data. Source

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