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Longcheng, China

There is an unrelated raw material processing company named Sinosteel based in the People's Republic of China.China Steel Corporation is the largest integrated steel maker in Taiwan. Its main steel mill is located in Siaogang District, Kaohsiung. The corporation and its sister companies are administrated under the CSC Group. According to the International Iron and Steel Institute , China Steel is the 25th largest steel producer in the world in 2006. Wikipedia.

Li C.-L.,China Steel Corporation
Chinese Rare Earths | Year: 2013

The research progress over the recent years in rare earths influence on steels has been overviewed. The acting effect, mechanism and application of rare earths on the modification of steels leading to high purity and high homogeneity of ultra-fined grained structure through the cutting-edged metallurgical, new emerged, and specially developed processing technologies are summerized. As such, several technical issues basically restricting the application of rare earths in steels are highlighted and discussed, and thus new clues on the development of alloyed steels modified by rare earths are addressed in the paper. Source

A high temperature oxidation-resistant coated steel plate includes a steel base material and a high temperature oxidation-resistant coating. The high temperature oxidation-resistant coating is formed by coating a high temperature oxidation-resistant paint onto the steel base material and baking in an oven. The high temperature oxidation-resistant paint includes a binder and a plurality of micron aluminum flakes. The binder has a three-dimensional molecular structure of AlO. The micron aluminum flakes has a micron-sized thickness and a length ranging from 5 to 30 m inclusive. The disclosure can enhance high temperature oxidation-resistant ability and hot stamping characteristics of the coated steel plate, and makes objects after hot stamping have good spot weldability and coating performance.

China Steel Corporation | Date: 2012-02-21

The present invention relates to a hot rolling high-pressure fluid descaling method and descaling apparatus. The apparatus comprises at least one descaling unit, a axial direction of a main pipe header of the descaling unit and a rolling stock transportation direction intersect. Each nozzle ejects fluid onto a surface of the rolling stock to form an impact region. The adjacent impact regions are presented in an alternate pattern on the surface of the rolling stock. The center lines of the impact regions along a longitudinal direction are spaced apart by a specific distance, and the center lines are essentially perpendicular to the rolling stock transportation direction. The interference caused by the rebounding of the jet sprays from the adjacent nozzles is reduced. Hence, the descaling quality is improved, that is, the roll-in-scale in the surface of the products is reduced and the surface quality of the products is enhanced.

China Steel Corporation | Date: 2014-06-10

An energy-dissipating junction assembly includes a junction plate and a plurality of bolts. The junction plate includes two junction sections and an energy-dissipating section. The two junction sections are used to connect a structure body. The energy-dissipating section is located between the two junction sections and has a plurality of slots, wherein each slot has a length. The bolts are separately disposed at each slot of the energy-dissipating section, so as to connect the energy-dissipating section to the structure body. Each bolt has a head portion, and an external diameter of each head portion is smaller than the length of each slot. The disclosure can convert external force (such as acting force of earthquakes or typhoons) acting on the structure body into uniform tensile force and pressure, so as to avoid generation of stress concentration to damage the structure body.

China Steel Corporation | Date: 2013-07-08

A multi-layer thermoelectric module and a fabricating method thereof are provided. The module includes two thermoelectric element sets and a metal electrode set, in which the thermoelectric element sets are corresponding to different operating temperature ranges. Each thermoelectric element set includes a thermoelectric unit, an interfacial adhesion layer, a diffusion barrier layer and a high melting-point metal layer. In the method, the thermoelectric unit, the interfacial adhesion layer, and the diffusion barrier layer are sequentially formed on the thermoelectric unit. Then, two high melting-point metal layers are formed respectively on the electrode layers of the metal electrode set. Thereafter, a solid-liquid interdiffusion jointing step is conducted to use a low melting-point metal layer to react with the high melting-point metal layer for producing an intermetallic compound layer jointing the thermoelectric element set with the metal electrode set, and the low melting-point metal layer is consumed completely.

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