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Zhou Q.,Beihang University | Qu Z.,Beihang University | Lin H.,China State Shipbuilding Corporation
Chinese Journal of Aeronautics | Year: 2011

Avionics full duplex switched ethernet (AFDX) is a switched interconnection technology developed to provide reliable data exchange with strong data transmission time guarantees in internal communication of the spacecraft or aircraft. Virtual link (VL) is an important concept of AFDX to meet quality of service (QoS) requirements in terms of end-to-end message deadlines. A VL admission control algorithm in AFDX network under hard real-time (HRT) constraints is studied. Based on the scheduling principle of AFDX protocol, a packet scheduling scheme under HRT constraints is proposed, and after that an efficient VL admission control algorithm is presented. Analytical proof that the algorithm can effectively determine whether VL should be admitted is given. Finally simulative examples are presented to promote the conclusion. © 2011 Chinese Journal of Aeronautics. All rights reserved. Source

Chen H.-Y.,Northwestern Polytechnical University | Yang Y.-X.,Northwestern Polytechnical University | Tang J.-S.,China State Shipbuilding Corporation
Binggong Xuebao/Acta Armamentarii | Year: 2012

The underwater acoustic countermeasure strategies concern a variety of factors, and have no analytical optimal solution. A method of optimizing the underwater acoustic countermeasure strategy using hierarchical parameters was proposed. Firstly, the hierarchical parameters were determined according to the effect of each parameter in oppositional process. Secondly, the hierarchical parameters were optimized through exhaustive simulation. Finally, the underwater acoustic countermeasure strategy was optimized. This method requires less computation than the exhaustive simulation method and eliminate the pseudo-optimal strategies which have no meaning in practical countermeasure. Source

Li N.,Beihang University | Gao D.,Beihang University | Gong G.,Beihang University | Chen Z.,China State Shipbuilding Corporation
Proceedings - 2010 International Forum on Information Technology and Applications, IFITA 2010 | Year: 2010

TBB (Thread Building Blocking) is currently a representative parallel computing platform of multi-core processors. The ant colony algorithm is used to solve combinatorial optimization problem of discrete-time systems. With the expansion of the problem scale, it often results in rapid increase of calculation. Based on TBB a parallel ant colony algorithm was researched and developed to improve the efficiency of the algorithm. TBB parallel multi-core technology and implementation techniques of the parallel ant colony algorithm based on TBB are introduced in detail. This algorithm was applied to resolve large-scale TSP (traveling salesman problem). Experiment results showed that the parallel optimization progress is flexible to operate and multi-core resources can be made full use of to greatly improve algorithm efficiency. And it provided possibility for real-time calculation of large-scale combinatorial optimization engineering problems. © 2010 IEEE. Source

Yu J.-G.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Liu M.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Bao J.-H.,China State Shipbuilding Corporation | Yao L.,Harbin Institute of Technology
Dianzi Yu Xinxi Xuebao/Journal of Electronics and Information Technology | Year: 2013

The systemic bias of space-based sensor hinders accurate threat identification and target location of coming targets. The correction of this systematic bias has unique difficulties including unable to in-situ commissioning and systemic bias periodically change as the satellite undergoes a cyclical heating and cooling due to its orbit. Combining the satellite altitude determination system, this paper firstly obtains the star vector measurement from electro-optical sensor and monitors the deviation of these measurements from expected value in navigation star table. Then, on the basis of systemic bias, this paper derives bias model and design the Bias Corrected Shift Rayleigh Filter (BCSRF). Simulation results show that the proposed filter can achieve in-situ calibration, and yields significant improvements in tracking ballistic targets compared with classical intersection and Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) methods. Source

Zhang J.,China State Shipbuilding Corporation | Yin X.,Beijing Jiaotong University
Beijing Jiaotong Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University | Year: 2011

The Data-Centric Publish-Subscription(DCPS) is introduced. It is analyzed in this paper that the Data Distribution Service (DDS) specification based on DCPS, which is defined by OMG. RTI DDS is used for the design and realization of the upgrade program of a navy's air traffic control simulation system based on DDS specification and the requirements of this simulation system. It is proved that the design can satisfy the requirement by validation, and it is practical. Source

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