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Han J.,China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Co.
Journal of Railway Engineering Society | Year: 2014

Research purposes: With investment and financing system reform of our engineering construction and the implementation of national macro-control policies, more and more projects, especially domestic infrastructure and public utilities projects have widely adopted project investment and financing construction mode, but because of the rapid development of China's urbanization process, government financing and repurchase capacity has certain limitations, resulting that in a period of time the project repurchase risk will continue to exist. From the perspective of the repurchase risk prevention, this paper proposes strategies and measures can be taken, provides a valid reference for the construction of the project investment and financing mode to reduce the risk of repo infrastructure. Research conclusions: (1)The anticipated governmental financial fund in future is the source of BT Mode repurchase payment, due to the financial fund is different from other financing resources and its actual sum is uncertain, that the repurchase risk is the most important problem in front of investors. (2)The risks are mainly reflected in four aspects that the repurchase conciousness of the government party is still undeveloped, the government party may deliberately postpone the repurchase action, the repurchase guarantee can't be honoured and the repurchase price is subject to final audit. (3)It should enhance legal arugmentation, endeavour to obtain repurchase guarantee from government party, include sophisticated business clauses in contract and seek remedial measures which are the significant legal control means to fight against governmental repurchase risks. (4)The research conclusions can be applied in the management fields and repurchase of project investment and financing construction mode.

Qin S.,China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Co. | Qin J.,University of California at Los Angeles | Zhang D.,Southwest Jiaotong University
Long Span Bridges and Roofs - Development, Design and Implementation | Year: 2013

For a spatial frame structure constructed in stages, the unstressed state of an element is defined as its initial geometric shape with zero internal stress. Using energy method, a new equilibrium equation for spatial frame structure constructed in stages is established. In this paper, a simple spatial truss is used as an example to illustrate the application of this new equilibrium equation. Calculation demonstrates that the final member forces and structural displacements can be uniquely determined for a structure constructed in stages with any given structure type, loading and boundary conditions and without knowing the actual construction processes and methods, as long as the unstressed state of all structure modules or components remain unchanged. And the final internal forces and structural displacements are irrelevant to construction processes.

Tang Y.,China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Co. | Song X.-S.,China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Co.
Journal of Railway Engineering Society | Year: 2015

Research purposes: By using the twice vertical swivel technology by the negative point of view and computer network control synchronization technology of raising and lowering developed vertical swivel construction to needle steel tower of cable-stayed bridge in Shanghai Yunzaobang. This paper sums up the experience to explore the application promotional value of this new technology in the bridge engineering construction of the leaning tower steel structure assembly. Research conclusions: By comparison with the different method of the steel tower construction technology to select the optimal solution, it is concluded that: (1) It adopts the hydraulically synchronous technique to hoist the negative point of view of the needle steel tower which centered on the steel tower angular point, to swing the steel towel in place with 75°, then synchronous lowering it to the theoretical position. The technology is advanced and reliable, the scheme is reasonable and feasible. (2) The technical innovation on the twice vertical swivel technology by the negative point of view of the needle steel tower is successfully used in Shanghai Yunzaobang cable-stayed bridge, it can guarantee the rapid, efficient, safe and high quality, which can save about three months period and effectively lower the cost. (3) It can be used in the steel structure assembled construction fields of the high and thin inclined tower. ©, 2015, Editorial Department of Journal of Railway Engineering Society. All right reserved.

Zhou Y.,China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Co. | Zhang L.,China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Co.
Structural Engineering International: Journal of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) | Year: 2010

Railway construction technology in China, especially of high-speed railway long-span bridge construction, has been developing rapidly since the beginning of the twenty-first century. To maintain the dynamic characteristics, travel safety and passenger comfort when the train travels over a bridge at high speed, and, at the same time, to meet the requirement of economical and technical viability of construction of the bridge-was a challenging problem. For solving this problem, many new types of bridge structure have been developed for railway and high-speed railway long-span bridges. The arch beam hybrid structure is one of the structures that have been widely used in China. It is normally made up of a prestressed concrete (PC) beam, a rigid frame, or V-shaped piers and a steel arch or concrete- filled steel tube arch. © 2010.

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