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Yan J.-F.,Chinese Institute of Materia Medica | Yan J.-F.,China Patent Information Center | Tong Y.,Chinese Institute of Materia Medica | Pu C.,Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health | Wang J.-Y.,Chinese Institute of Materia Medica
Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi | Year: 2014

Objective: To investigate molding technology of total alkaloids from Sophora alopecuroides freeze-dried powders and observe its inhibition effects on liver transplantation tumor in mice. Method: With color, clarity, water-soluble and formability as indexes, single factor tests were adopted to screen type and amount of filler, the concentration of total alkaloids in drug liquid, pH in order to determine optimum prescription of total alkaloids from S. alopecuroides freeze-dried powders, the lowest melting point was determined and freeze drying curve was drafted. Mice hepatoma H22 ascites tumor strain was sterile inoculated in right axillary subcutaneous of mice, and antitumor effect of total alkaloids from S. alopecuroides freeze-dried powders on liver transplantation tumor H22 in mice. Result: When selected 80 g·L-1 as mannitol as filler, the concentration of total alkaloids in drug liquid was 25 g·L-1 and pH 6.5-7.5, freeze-dried effect was optimum with fast reconstitute speed. Average inhibition rate of the big (120 mg·kg-1) and medium (60 mg·kg-1) dose group of total alkaloids from S. alopecuroides freeze-dried powders on liver transplantation tumor H22 in mice were 56.08% and 35.49%, respectively. Conclusion: Preparation technology was reasonable, reproducible and stable, total alkaloids from S. alopecuroides freeze-dried powders had significant antitumor effect and showed a dose-effect relationship.

Li Z.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Tian J.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Song T.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Jiang H.,China Patent Information Center
Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences | Year: 2012

This paper proposes a bi-level programming model for the analyzing of socially optimal choice. The optimal decision of representative household is made by constructing the utility function based on the budget constraint in a family and considering the relation between the employment and the economic situation in a period. The socially optimal decision is made by the policy-making department of indemnificatory housing supply under constraints of land, labor and capital based efficiency and fairness. Then the bi-level programming model of socially optimal choice in housing security system can be built accordingly. This paper also analyzes the existence of socially optimistic optimal decision and presents an appropriate solution method. Results show that the socially optimum choice can be made in urban housing security system by constructing bilevel programming model and the price of indemnificatory housing set by the policy-making department of supply is the key factor affecting the effective demand.

Xu Q.,Petrochina | Jiang W.,China Patent Information Center | Lin W.,Petrochina | Zhang L.,Sinopec | And 2 more authors.
Oil and Gas Geology | Year: 2015

Considering the vertical heterogeneity characteristics of multilayer reservoirs and nonlinear seepage regularity for fluid flowing in the ultra-low permeability reservoirs, natural large-scale outcrop model and nonlinear seepage numerical simulation software were adopted to research the development effect of commingled production for ultra-low permeabi-lity reservoirs. Results show that total recovery percent is influenced by permeability ratio, average permeability, layer number and oil viscosity during commingled production. With the increase of permeability ratio, the total recovery percent decreases and the difference between the higher and the lower permeability layers becomes larger; And the higher the average permeability is, the higher total recovery percent is; the more the layer number is and the higher the oil viscosity is, the poorer the develoipment effect is during commingled production. On this basis, a new parameter called "quad-element synthetic influence factor" is proposed to evaluate the development boundary for the commingled production of multilayer reservoir. Analysis indicates that the total recovery percent is in a power function relationship with this new parameter, which could be used as an important indicator for development effect evaluation of ultra-low permeability multilayer reservoir. © 2015, Editorial Office of Oil and Gas Geology. All right reserved.

Chen Q.,Jiangsu Province Blood Center | Wang S.,China Patent Information Center | Xiao J.,Jiangsu Province Blood Center | Li P.,Nanjing University | And 2 more authors.
Chinese Journal of Medical Genetics | Year: 2016

Objective: To explore the molecular mechanism underlying the DEL phenotype among RhD negative ethnic Han individuals from Jiangsu, China. Methods: The DEL phenotype was determined by an adsorption-elution test among 57 RhD negative blood donors. The Rh C, c, E, and e phenotypes were detected by a tube method. PCR with sequence-specific primering (PCR-SSP) assay was used to determine the RHCE genotypes. The RHD gene of the DEL individuals were amplified with polymerase chain reaction and subjected to Sanger sequencing analysis. Results: Among the 57 RhD negative donors, 10 (17. 54%) were determined as having the DEL phenotype. The major RhCE phenotypes for DEL and RhD negative cases were RhCcee (80. 0%) and Rhccee (61. 7%), respectively. All RHD gene sequences of the 10 individuals have harbored a G> A mutation at position 1227 of exon 9. Conclusion: A proportion of RhD negative individuals determined by routine serological method are actually DEL with RHD gene mutations. RHD ∗ 1227A is the most prevalent DEL genotype among ethnic Han Chinese from Jiangsu. Further research on the phenotype and underlying molecular mechanism of DEL is important for blood transfusion. © 2016, West China University of Medical Sciences. All rights reserved.

Zhou Q.,National Engineering Research Center for Nanomedicine | Mu K.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | Jiang L.,National Engineering Research Center for Nanomedicine | Xie H.,China Patent Information Center | And 8 more authors.
International Journal of Nanomedicine | Year: 2015

Surgical resection is the primary mode for glioma treatment, while gross total resection is difficult to achieve, due to the invasiveness of the gliomas. Meanwhile, the tumor-resection region is closely related to survival rate and life quality. Therefore, we developed optical/magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) bifunctional targeted micelles for glioma so as to delineate the glioma location before and during operation. The micelles were constructed through encapsulation of hydrophobic superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) with polyethylene glycol-block-polycaprolactone (PEG-b-PCL) by using a solvent-evaporation method, and modified with a near-infrared fluorescent probe, Cy5.5, in addition to the glioma-targeting ligand lactoferrin (Lf). Being encapsulated by PEG-b-PCL, the hydrophobic SPIONs dispersed well in phosphate-buffered saline over 4 weeks, and the relaxivity (r2) of micelles was 215.4 mM-1⋅s-1, with sustained satisfactory fluorescent imaging ability, which might have been due to the interval formed by PEG-b-PCL for avoiding the fluorescence quenching caused by SPIONs. The in vivo results indicated that the nanoparticles with Lf accumulated efficiently in glioma cells and prolonged the duration of hypointensity at the tumor site over 48 hours in the MR image compared to the nontarget group. Corresponding with the MRI results, the margin of the glioma was clearly demarcated in the fluorescence image, wherein the average fluorescence intensity of the tumor was about fourfold higher than that of normal brain tissue. Furthermore, 3-(4,5-dimethyl-2-thiazolyl)-2,5-diphenyl-2-H-tetrazolium bromide assay results showed that the micelles were biocompatible at Fe concentrations of 0-100 μg/mL. In general, these optical/MRI bifunctional micelles can specifically target the glioma and provide guidance for surgical resection of the glioma before and during operation. © 2015 Zhou et al.

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