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Guo X.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Zhang X.,China Construction Engineering Design Group Corporation Ltd | Wang M.,Beijing Jiaotong University
Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering | Year: 2015

Sinusoidal curved lateral resistance method (SCLRM) is the theoretical correction for triangular method. Considering the nonlinear characteristics of soft, underwater soft plastic and composite strata that the large diameter tunnel passing through, the lateral resistance was corrected in SCLRM. The theoretical formulas of SCLRM were derived and the example was shown. Based on the free-form deformation method (FFD), the internal force distribution for the lining structure were calculated using triangle method and SCLRM. The scope and restriction of the application of theory were expanded. The applicability of each lateral resistance method in actual complex formations was discussed. Comparing the measurement value with theoretical results for Nanjing subway line one, it is indicated that the internal force calculation of single round integral type shield tunnel by SCLRM having a definite procession and a small error range which are suitable for this engineering example design. Application of this example provided a theoretical reference of internal force maximum value for designing single round shield tunnel passing through the composite strata. It seems that SCLRM has the certain practicality for similar project design. ©, 2015, Academia Sinica. All right reserved. Source

Zhang J.,Beijing University of Technology | Cheng H.,Beijing University of Technology | Yang X.,China Construction Engineering Design Group Corporation Ltd | Cao W.,Beijing University of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration | Year: 2014

With the elimination of traditional clay-brick structure, new multi-story residential structure systems desiderate to be studied. In order to construct multi-story residential buildings with better seismic behavior, lower cost and easier construction, the energy-saving multi-storey RC shear wall structure with bidirectional single row of steel bars and inclined reinforcements is proposed by the authors. In onder to study the seismic performance of this new shear wall structure, the low-frequency cyclic loading tests on one T-section shear wall with bidirectional single row of steel bars and another with bidirectional single row of steel bars and inclined reinforcements were carried out along their flange direction. A comparative analysis of load-carrying capacity, ductility, stiffness, hysteresis property, energy dissipation and failure characteristics between the two walls was made. It is shown that the seismic performance of T-shear wall with inclined reinforcements is better than the wall without inclined reinforcements. So it is able to meet the requirements of seismic design of multi-story residential structure. Source

Guo X.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Zhang X.,China Construction Engineering Design Group Corporation Ltd | Wang M.,Beijing Jiaotong University
Mathematical Problems in Engineering | Year: 2016

The thermomechanical transport approach includes the process of diffusing or the condition of being diffused, absorption/desorption, swell/shrink, equilibrium/nonequilibrium, and thermomechanical transport of contaminant in three phases of polluted mining soil which are discussed. The thermomechanical transport model of the contaminants transport in polluted soil is established, and its basic equations are given. Based on that, the distribution regularities of the contaminant seepage in water-soil system are discussed in detail and the sensitivities of parameters are analyzed. The study shows that the parameter has important influence on the contamination distribution and transportation in polluted soil-water system. The influence degree is also related to the action of seepage force directly. © 2016 Xuan Guo et al. Source

Guo X.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Zhang D.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Zhao C.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Zhang X.,China Construction Engineering Design Group Corporation Ltd | And 2 more authors.
Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering | Year: 2016

The damage theory was introduced based on the thermodynamic potential function and a new damage constitutive theory for hyperplastic structure of deep rock was established. The new internal variable pairs: strain (including damage accumulate strain and structural rearranged strain) and the corresponding generalized stress, the temperature and entropy were defined and four kinds of thermal energy function: Internal energy, Helmholtz free energy, enthalpy and Gibbs free energy were used to describe the hyperplastic constitutive theory of rock structure. The rock constitutive theory obtained satisfies the laws of thermodynamics. The framework has a strict physical meaning and can reasonably consider the structural characteristics of rock. The links between the different energy functions were established by using the Legendre transformations. Dissipative functions were introduced through the kinematic internal parameters and their conjugate variables (generalized stresses). The plastic dissipation function or yielding function of deep rock was given for the various conditions of pressure and temperature. It can reflect the damage character and structural rearrangement of the volume changes at the same time, which could be related through a degenerate case of Legendre transformation. The incremental stress-strain relation and new application examples were constructed for the deep rock structure. The criterion of application was provided. © 2016, Science Press. All right reserved. Source

Yang T.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Xiong J.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Hao L.,China Construction Engineering Design Group Corporation Ltd
Huagong Xuebao/CIESC Journal | Year: 2015

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from materials in indoor and vehicle environment is one of the main factors causing poor air quality and obviously affects people's comfort and health. The emission behaviors of VOC from materials are characterized by three key parameters, i.e., the initial emittable concentration (C0), the diffusion coefficient (Dm) and the partition coefficient (K). Determination of the above key parameters is the foundation of researches for emission laws of VOC from materials as well as prediction for human exposure and health risks. Based on the most widely used VOC emission process in ventilated chamber at present, this paper proposes a novel method to simultaneously determine C0 and Dm. By assuming an initial value for K and then performing the linear curving fitting for the logarithm of chamber concentration, the key parameters C0 and Dm can be obtained from the slope and intercept of the fitting results. As is shown in sensitivity analysis, the variety of K has little effect on the determination of C0 and Dm. By the virtue of the treatment for experimental data of ventilated chamber tests in literature, it is demonstrated that the proposed method has a relatively high accuracy. ©, 2015, Chemical Industry Press. All right reserved. Source

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