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PubMed | Asia University, Taiwan, Chien Hsin University, National Central University and Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Type: | Journal: Therapeutics and clinical risk management | Year: 2015

Recent studies have shown that inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) can exert anti-inflammatory effects for chronic airway diseases, and several observational studies suggest that they play a role as cancer chemopreventive agents, particularly against lung cancer. We aimed to examine whether regular ICS use was associated with a reduced risk for future malignancy in patients with newly diagnosed adult-onset asthma.We used a population-based cohort study between 2001 and 2008 with appropriate person-time analysis. Participants were followed up until the first incident of cancer, death, or to the end of 2008. The Cox model was used to derive an adjusted hazard ratio (aHR) for cancer development. Kaplan-Meier cancer-free survival curves of two groups were compared.The exposed group of 2,117 regular ICS users and the nonexposed group of 17,732 non-ICS users were assembled. After 7,365 (mean, 3.5 years; standard deviation 2.1) and 73,789 (mean, 4.1 years; standard deviation 2.4) person-years of follow-up for the ICS users and the comparator group of non-ICS users, respectively, the aHR for overall cancer was nonsignificantly elevated at 1.33 with 95% confidence interval (CI), 1.00-1.76, P=0.0501. The Kaplan-Meier curves for overall cancer-free proportions of both groups were not significant (log-rank, P=0.065). Synergistic interaction of concurrent presence of regular ICS use was conducted using ICS-negative and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)-negative as the reference. The aHR for the group of ICS-positive, COPD-negative did not reach statistically significant levels with aHR at 1.38 (95% CI, 0.53-3.56). There was a statistically significant synergistic interaction of concurrent presence of regular ICS use and COPD with aHR at 3.78 (95% CI, 2.10-6.81).The protective effect of regular ICS use in the studied East Asian patients with adult-onset asthma was not detectable, contrary to reports of previous studies that ICS might prevent the occurrence of future cancer.

Chiu C.-H.,National Taiwan Ocean University | Peng Y.-F.,Chien Hsin University | Sun C.-H.,Tamkang University
Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems | Year: 2017

In this work, an intelligent decoupled backstepping control system (IDBCS) is proposed for mobile inverted pendulums (MIPs) real-time control. This control system combined with adaptive output recurrent cerebellar model articulation controller (AORCMAC) and H∞ control theory. The AORCMAC is designed to imitate an ideal backstepping controller, and the H∞ controller is used to mitigate the effect of the approximation errors and outer disturbances. The decoupled method provides an easy way to achieve asymptotic stability control for a fourth-order nonlinear mobile inverted pendulum system. The concept of the decoupled approach is to decouple the whole system into two subsystems such that each subsystem has an individual control target. Then, the secondary subsystem provides information for the main subsystem, which generates a control action to make both subsystems move to their targets, respectively. In other words, it means that a fourth-order MIP system can be controlled well based on a second-order dynamic model. Moreover, all the adaptation laws of the IDBCS are obtained based on Lyapunov stability criterion, Taylor linearization technique and H∞ control technique, so that the stability of the system can be guaranteed. Experiment results show that the MIP can stand stably when it moves toward a given position. © 2017-IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.

Yeh R.H.,Asia University, Taiwan | Chao T.M.,Chien Hsin University | Tan A.H.,Chien Hsin University
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials | Year: 2014

This paper presents the effect of nanoscale damage layer on magnetic results obtained from the optimization of media overcoat deposition parameters on the top magnetic layer on magnetic hard disks. We have investigated the effects of interface interaction between the overcoat deposition parameters on the top magnetic layer on the media by using a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) on next generation hard disks. The goal is to achieve a reduced damage layer, lower head media spacing (HMS) and a higher spectrum of signal to noise ratio (SpSNR) optimized by using Taguchi experimental design with a four-factor three-level (L9) orthogonal array. An analysis of variance (ANOVA) was carried out to interpret the measured coercivity (Hc), HMS and SpSNR. It was found that source gas type is the most significant factor with a percentage contribution effect of 59.8% on HMS and 51.7% on SpSNR. The bias voltage is the second most significant factor with its percentage contribution being 24.2% on HMS and 31.0% on SpSNR. Overall, the optimum SpSNR was obtained using a C2H2 source gas, -100 V bias voltage, 50 V anode voltage and 20 sccm gas flow rate, respectively. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Yeh R.H.,Asia University, Taiwan | Chao T.M.,Chien Hsin University | Lee C.K.,Chien Hsin University | Tan A.H.,Chien Hsin University
Key Engineering Materials | Year: 2015

A nano-scale polish process with improved desired characteristics of low roughness and low scratch counts has been developed using a novel polish tape and diamond abrasive on hard glass substrates. For an improved polishing performance with high removal rate properties and preventing scratches, a novel tape was developed having a nano-fiber level, densified surface and a flatter surface by slenderizing the fiber and dispersing ultrafine fiber using an innovative technique. Using this novel polishing tape with a fiber size of 200nm, one can produce a 17% lower surface roughness (Ra) (from 1.05A to 0.87A) and a reduced polished surface scratch count of 53 reduced to 18. The novel nano-cluster diamond abrasive is synthesized from carbon atoms of explosives created by detonation in a closed chamber under an oxygen leaked atmosphere ambient. Several crystals are bonded together by layers of non-diamond carbon and other elements, forming aggregates with a nano-cluster structure. Using this novel nano-cluster diamond along with an ultra-fine diamond mixture with a nominal size of 15nm, one is able to produce an improvement of a 48% lower surface roughness Ra (from 0.87A to 0.45A) and a lower polishing surface scratch count reduced from 18 to 7. Overall, these results indicate that a smoother and a reduced scratch polished substrate results in a significant improvement in disk defects and related magnetic performances. © (2015) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Yeh R.H.,Asia University, Taiwan | Chen H.Y.,Chien Hsin University | Lee C.K.,Chien Hsin University | Tan A.H.,Chien Hsin University
Key Engineering Materials | Year: 2015

A production-scale multiwire saw machine and 4 inch sapphire ingots were used in this study. The diamond wire used in the study had a core diameter of 0.1mm with an attached diamond particle size of 8-12μm. This study uses the Taguchi method and Grey relational analysis on the Key diamond wire parameters which are electroplated nickel layer thickness, diamond wire tension, diamond wire speed and sapphire ingot feed rate, in order to simultaneously optimize the cutting performance in the diamond wire sawing of sapphire ingots. Based on the analysis, the nickel layer thickness and wire speed are the first and second most significant factors with 31.7 and 29.9% effects on cutting performances. The optimal control factors were then simultaneously evaluated for Ra, material removal rate, diamond wire wear rate and TTV and were found at optimization to be 14 μm nickel layer thickness, 15NT wire tension, 800m/min wire speed and 0.2mm/min feed rate, respectively. Compared with current standard condition, this improved process obtained from the optimization of diamond wire electroplated nickel layer thickness and saw machine parameters in the diamond wire sawing of sapphire ingots can achieve a 33% lower Ra, a 20% lower diamond wear rate, a 13% lower TTV and a 20% higher material removal rate, simultaneously. © (2015) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Yeh R.H.,Asia University, Taiwan | Chao T.M.,Chien Hsin University | Tan A.H.,Chien Hsin University
Surface Engineering | Year: 2015

This study uses the Taguchi method and Grey relational analysis in order to simultaneously improve the magnetic and corrosion performance in media. Higher resistivity and Co corrosion resistance of the overcoat film were found using higher source gas H/C ratio and gas flows. This trend is due to the fact that the Id/Ig ratio decreases with increasing source gas H/C ratio and flowrate, which indicate a compositional change from a less dominant sp3 structure towards a highly dominant sp3 structure. The optimal diamond-like carbon (DLC) deposition parameters are source gas C2H6, bias voltage of 2100 V, anode voltage of 100 V and gas flow of 40 sccm. Compared with the standard DLC deposition conditions, this improved process result obtained from the optimisation of overcoat deposition parameters can achieve a 0.5 nm lower overcoat thickness with excellent corrosion resistance and a 0.90 dB higher SpSNR. © 2015 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Lai Y.-L.,National Taiwan University of Science and Technology | Lin J.-W.,Chien Hsin University | Yen Y.-H.,Oriental Institute of Technology | Lai C.-N.,University of Taipei | Weng H.-L.,National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Journal of Communications and Networks | Year: 2013

In this paper, a novel method called location-based delivery (LBD), which combines the short message service (SMS) and global position system (GPS), is proposed, and further, a realistic system for tracking a target's movement is developed. LBD reduces the number of short message transmissions while maintaining the location tracking accuracy within the acceptable range. The proposed approach, LBD, consists of three primary features: Short message format, location prediction, and dynamic threshold. The defined short message format is proprietary. Location prediction is performed by using the current location, moving speed, and bearing of the target to predict its next location. When the distance between the predicted location and the actual location exceeds a certain threshold, the target transmits a short message to the tracker to update its current location. The threshold is dynamically adjusted to maintain the location tracking accuracy and the number of short messages on the basis of the moving speed of the target. The experimental results show that LBD, indeed, outperforms other methods because it satisfactorily maintains the location tracking accuracy with relatively fewer messages. ©2013 KICS.

Lin J.-W.,Chien Hsin University | Lai Y.-C.,National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Computers and Education | Year: 2013

Social network awareness (SNA) has been used extensively as one of the strategies to increase knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities. However, most SNA studies either focus on being aware of peer's knowledge context or on social context. This work proposes online formative assessments with SNA, trying to address the problems of online formative assessment (i.e. lack of individual assistances and low participant rate) and enhance learning effectiveness. This study focuses on being aware both peer's social context and knowledge context for student to promote the opportunity of peer interaction and to select the appropriate helpers to ask for help when facing problems in online assessments. Social-context information particularly includes centrality (i.e. social network position) of a candidate, and social distance (i.e. the shortest distance between the candidate and a seeker) in a sociogram, and nimbus (i.e. willingness to help others) of a candidate. A corresponding system, called Social Network Awareness for Formative Assessments (SNAFA), is further developed. The education experiments particularly focused on the effects of social-context awareness on learning activity and social activity. The results showed that the SNAFA not only increase the participant rate of students on formative assessment and opportunities of knowledge sharing, but also promote learning achievement, compared to the Traditional Formative Assessment (TFA). Meanwhile, centrality, which is represented by two indices: degree and closeness, also plays an important role in the SNAFA environment. More specifically, students with higher centrality (regardless of degree and closeness) 1) are more likely to take advantage of the social network position to ask for help, 2) easily become target helpers that peers seek to, 3) utilize the SNAFA more frequently, and 4) have better learning achievement, compared with those with lower centrality. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Tsai A.,Chien Hsin University
Online Information Review | Year: 2014

Purpose: This study aims to introduce an empirical model which incorporates newsgroups, knowledge forums, knowledge assets and knowledge application processes to share organisational knowledge. Therefore it seeks to illustrate an application for integrating knowledge management (KM) into the business process. Design/methodology/approach: The Taiwanese contingent of an international certification body - also a council member of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) - was selected for a case study. A hybrid technology infrastructure was designed and employed to implement the proposed model. Based on knowledge value added validation, the proposed KM model provides a set of new operating systems for sharing knowledge within an organisation. Findings: Although many theories regarding implementation of KM in organisations have been proposed and studied, an application model for practical integration of various modern principles to share organisational knowledge is strategically important. Therefore a model that integrates principal KM applications into the business process, and the measurement of the resulting benefits, has been developed. Originality/value: Knowledge is a valuable asset for an individual in today's economy; nevertheless the acquisition of such an asset relies heavily on knowledge sharing within an organisation. The author has proposed an exclusive hybrid platform with an empirical process model to address innovative approaches and practical values of KM within an organisation. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited 1468-4527.

Lin J.-W.,Chien Hsin University | Lai Y.-C.,National Taiwan University of Science and Technology | Chuang Y.-S.,Chien Hsin University
Educational Technology and Society | Year: 2013

To efficiently learn database concepts, this work adopts association rules to provide diagnostic feedback for drawing an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD). Using association rules and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) techniques, this work implements a novel Web-based Timely Diagnosis System (WTDS), which provides timely diagnostic feedback whenever a learner encounters hurdles when learning database concepts. The WTDS provides crucial hints that help students rectify their misconceptions at each step to prevent prospective mistakes. To identify the learning effects of various feedback types, this work compares the proposed WTDS with systems providing other feedback types. The evaluation results demonstrate that all systems enhance learning achievement significantly. However, learning achievement of the class using the WTDS was significantly better than that of other classes, and the learning achievements of all cluster levels in the class using the WTDS were enhanced significantly. Finally, questionnaires and interviews were used to acquire student attitudes about the proposed system. © International Forum of Educational Technology & Society (IFETS).

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