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Chicago, IL, United States

Chicago Bridge & Iron Company known commonly as CB&I, is a large multinational conglomerate engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company. CB&I specializes in projects for oil and gas companies. According to one of the founder's heirs, "The old joke is that Chicago Bridge & Iron isn't in Chicago, doesn't build bridges and doesn't use iron." CB&I currently employs approximately 50,000 people worldwide. Wikipedia.

Chicago Bridge And Iron Company | Date: 2013-06-26

Improved two-stage entrained-flow gasification systems and processes that reduce the cost and complexity of the design and increase the reliability, while maintaining the efficiency by implementing a first chemical quench followed by a second water quench of the produced syngas. The quenched syngas is maintained above the condensation temperature of at least one condensable component of the syngas, allowing residual particulates to be removed by dry particulate filtration.

A process for insulating the void in a thermal distance piece in a low-temperature or cryogenic storage tank uses a vacuum source to draw insulation into the TDP. Two remotely spaced openings to the void are provided. A strainer is temporarily mounted in one of the openings. The other opening is connected to a suction wand. The wand has an inner cylinder that extends through an outer cylinder and projects outwardly from a proximal end of the outer cylinder. Distal air vents are provided on the inner cylinder, near a distal cap that connects distal ends of the cylinders. Proximal air vents are provided on a proximal cap that connects a portion of the inner cylinder to a proximal end of the outer cylinder. The distal end of the wand is inserted into a container of insulation.

Chicago Bridge And Iron Company | Date: 2013-11-26

An apparatus and method for raising a self-jacking scaffold system including extending a jacking screw and jacking screw bracket axially upward, connecting a jacking screw bracket to an overhead tank bracket for a plurality of scaffold sections coupled to a jacking assembly, detaching a plurality of scaffold mounting brackets from a plurality of tank mounting brackets, raising the continuously coupled plurality of scaffold sections, and reattaching the plurality of scaffold mounting brackets to a plurality of tank mounting brackets. Noting the plurality of scaffold sections is continuously coupled proximate a circumference of a shell tank, the continuously coupled scaffold sections and tank mounting brackets provide stiffness to the tank shell to enable it to resist external loads and can be quickly moved and restored as required during tank construction.

Chicago Bridge And Iron Company | Date: 2015-03-27

Methods of treating mercury contaminated gas comprising: introducing a hydrogen halide selected from HBr and HI into a mercury contaminated gas stream containing a quantity of particulate matter at an introduction rate sufficient to create a concentration of at least 0.1 ppmvd; wherein greater than 50% of all particulate matter in the mercury contaminated gas stream is a native particulate matter; contacting a quantity of active bromine with the native particulate matter; creating a doped particulate matter; coating a filtration media with the doped particulate matter; and passing a portion of the mercury contaminated gas stream through the doped particulate matter on the filtration media and other related methods are disclosed herein.

Chicago Bridge And Iron Company | Date: 2014-02-18

A method of designing a self-shielding tank is disclosed. The method includes calculating a wind pressure loading and a projectile impact loading for the tank. Finite element analysis results are generated for the tank based on the calculated wind pressure loading and projectile impact loading. Tank geometry and features based on analysis results are determined and compared to acceptance criteria. The generated finite element analysis results are limited by a specified degree of plastic deformation.

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