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Tainan, Taiwan

We assessed which nutrition evaluation method [subjective global assessment (SGA); malnutrition universal screening tool (MUST); nutritional risk index (NRI)] provided the most efficacious combination of high validity, low cost, and ease of use to examine and improve the status of malnutrition for colorectal cancer (CRC) patients. The SGA, MUST, and NRI scales were used to analyze the preoperative status of malnutrition for 45 CRC patients in a medical center in Taiwan. Differences in the reliability of the 3 methods were compared using the kappa (κ) coefficient of agreement. Lengths of hospital stays were compared using the Mann-Whitney U test to examine the effect of malnutrition in CRC patients. The SGA κ coefficient was higher with the MUST than with the NRI. Preoperative and postoperative weight losses were significantly different on the NRI, and the longer the length of the hospital stay, the greater was the weight loss. Although the SGA had a higher validity and lower cost than the NRI, we recommend using the MUST method for a routine nutrition evaluation because it is easier to use and is less expensive than the SGA and the NRI. Source

Pan J.-W.,National Chiao Tung University | Pan J.-W.,Chi Mei Medical Center
Optics Express | Year: 2012

Modified testing equipment for adjusting the back focal length of a compact camera module (CCM) is proposed. The advantages of this modified testing equipment which includes a conversion lens are that it saves on testing space, offers a smaller sized testing chart, as well as high speed chart changing, and variable object distances. The modified testing equipment can produce a test chart of 38.32 mm compared to an equivalent testing chart of 5000 mm with the conventional testing equipment. At the regular object distance of 2000 mm, both total track and testing chart size for the modified test equipment were 8.3% that of the conventional testing equipment. By using this testing equipment, the testing space can be shrunk significantly. © 2012 Optical Society of America. Source

An illuminated surgical retractor system includes a surgical retractor and at least one illumination device. The surgical retractor includes an outer ring, a light-transmissive hollow inner ring, and a tubular retraction membrane which extends between the output ring and the inner ring and which has a first open end connected to and spread open by the outer ring and a second open end connected to and spread open by the inner ring. The illumination device is disposed in the inner ring and is operable to emit a light beam. The illumination device includes a magnetic component which is responsive to an applied magnetic field to cause the illumination device to change a direction in which the light beam is emitted.

Chi Mei Medical Center and Taipei Medical University | Date: 2013-03-14

The invention relates to a novel use of the members of the IL-10 cytokine family in wound healing. Particularly, the invention relates to the use of the member of the IL-10 cytokine family in the promotion of the proliferation and the migration of keratinocyte cells in wound healing.

Chi Mei Medical Center | Date: 2012-07-02

A combined retractor and endoscope system includes a retraction ring and an endoscope unit. The retraction ring includes a tubular inner surface defining a passageway. The endoscope unit includes a flexible arm that can be positioned stably and moved between an edge of an incision and an outer peripheral surface of the retraction ring, and a camera attached to one end of the flexible arm. In a preferred embodiment, the flexible arm has a flexible outer tube body incorporating a support strip that can be bent together with the outer tube body to retain a bent configuration of the outer tube body.

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