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Chesapeake, United States

Bruton G.,Chesapeake Operating Inc. | Crockett R.,Novatek | Taylor M.,Novatek | DenBoer D.,Novatek | And 5 more authors.
Oilfield Review | Year: 2014

Polycrystalline diamond compact bits have led the way to greater drilling efficiencies in many recent plays. However, as operators push the limits of depth, temperature and distance in pursuit of new reserves, they also push the limits of drillbit life and efficiency. Recent advances in cutter technology are enhancing bit performance and durability across a wider range of lithologies than was previously possible. Copyright © 2014 Schlumberger.

Bruton G.,Chesapeake Operating Inc.
Oilfield Review | Year: 2014

Historically, drillers have relied on openhole cement plugs or cased hole whipstocks for sidetracking wells. By incorporating an innovative downhole anchor with a whipstock assembly, drillers can set whipstocks in open holes without concern for cement plug integrity. Advances in whipstock and mill design are also significantly reducing the time required to initiate cased hole sidetracks. Copyright © 2014 Schlumberger.

Chesapeake Operating Inc. | Date: 2013-08-01

A system and method for drilling management is disclosed. More particularly, the present invention relates to the management of drilling data such that, among other things, drilling can be controlled to prevent the encroachment into other boreholes and into non-leased tracts of oil and gas assets. The present invention provides for a computer-based system that generates and sends electronic notices within certain well-related events which occur, such as the downloading of drilling information or when the wellbore being drilled approaches another wellbore or a non-leased tract.

Chesapeake Operating Inc. | Date: 2013-02-12

A well pad drainage system is provide, which allows for the testing of drainage water collected from the surface of the well pad prior to the release or removal of the drainage water. The drainage system utilizes a French drain in association with one or more catch basins, a drainpipe for release of uncontaminated drainage water and an extraction line for removal of contaminated drainage water.

Bruton G.A.,Chesapeake Operating Inc. | Talkington J.,Chesapeake Operating Inc. | Desai P.,Schlumberger | Swadi S.,Schlumberger | Kelley J.,Schlumberger
SPE/IADC Drilling Conference, Proceedings | Year: 2013

The Granite Wash formation in Beckham County, Oklahoma and surrounding areas presents a number of unique challenges in drilling the build section from a vertical openhole to form a horizontal lateral in the productive zone. The formation is hard and abrasive and it is difficult to anticipate rock properties downhole from one well to the next. The erratic nature of the formation results in unpredictable performance by the steerable drilling assembly and drill bits particularly in the build section below 12,000 ft. In most cases, the target build rates are not achieved forcing multiple trips and undesirable cost overruns. To remedy the issue, an innovative drilling system was developed which provides a dependable kick-off ramp and a firm beginning in initiating the build section without having to rely on the drilling BHA's fulcrum point. From the bottom, the drilling system consists of hydraulically set openhole anchor, a whipstock, an impregnated drill bit mechanically attached to the top of the whipstock, a double bend turbodrill section and the rest of the BHA. The procedure includes positioning the drilling system in the hole at kick-off point, orienting the whipstock face with MWD in a desired direction, anchoring the whipstock by hydraulically setting the anchor, disengaging the BHA from the whipstock and commencing drilling operations. All of these steps take place in a single trip downhole. Once the impregnated bit and the turbine assembly pass the whipstock, the sliding and the rotating phase begins to achieve the target build rate. The authors will describe the system's components and the running procedure. They will also discuss system performance, realized benefits to the operator, lesson learned and planned improvements going forward. Copyright 2013, SPE/IADC Drilling Conference and Exhibition.

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