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Chen J.,Jiangsu University | Wang G.,Jiangsu University | Wang G.,China Institute of Technology | Tian L.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co. | And 2 more authors.
Zhongguo Jixie Gongcheng/China Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2016

The HSK spindle-toolholder FEM was modeled and the stiffness and damp parameters of joint part were identified with elastic theory and damp theory. The HSK spindle-toolholder system could be divided into three parts, such as HSK spindle, spindle-toolholder joint part and toolholder. HSK spindle and toolholder could be simplified as Timoshenko beam, and the FRF could be gained with receptance coupling theory. The spindle-toolholder joint part might be simplified as spring-damp model, and the FRF could be achieved with multi-points receptance coupling theory. Then the FRF of system was gained with rigid coupling theory. The spindle-toolholder was treated as rigid connection, five-points connection and seven-points connection, and the tip-point FRFs of system were computed. At last, comparing these FRFs with experimental FRF, some results may be obtained. © 2016, CHINA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Magazine Office. All right reserved.

Chen Y.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Chen Y.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co. | Du H.,Sichuan University | Chen M.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | And 3 more authors.
Applied Surface Science | Year: 2016

AlCrN, AlCrSiCN, AlCrSiN/MoN, and AlCrSiN/NbN coatings have been deposited on high-polished WC-Co cemented carbide substrate and tools by mid-frequency magnetron sputtering in Ar/N2 mixtures. Al0.6Cr0.4, Al0.6Cr0.3Si0.1, and C/Mo/Nb targets were used during the deposition. The microstructure and mechanical properties of as-deposited coatings were investigated. Investigations of the wear behaviors of coated tools were also performed. The results showed that cubic structure was formed in the coatings. Broader CrAlN (1 1 1) and (2 0 0) peaks without SiNx peak were formed in the AlCrSiN/MexN coatings, which showed a nanocomposited structure. Meanwhile, according to SEM micrographs, AlCrN exhibited a columnar structure, while, AlCrSiCN, AlCrSiN/MoN, and AlCrSiN/NbN coatings showed nanocrystalline morphology. The nano-multilayered coatings performed higher hardness, H/E, and H3/E2 ratios compared with AlCrN coating. Through the Rockwell adhesion test, all the coatings exhibited adhesion strength quality HF1. After turning Inconel 718 under dry condition, the nano-multilyered coatings showed better wear resistance than AlCrN coating. Due to the molybdenum and niobium in the coating, AlCrSiN/MoN and AlCrSiN/NbN coatings showed the best wear resistance. © 2016 Published by Elsevier B.V.

Liang M.,Sichuan University | Wan W.,Sichuan University | Guo Z.,Sichuan University | Xiong J.,Sichuan University | And 4 more authors.
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials | Year: 2014

Ti(C,N)-based cermets are fabricated with diverse contents of TiN addition by traditional powder metallurgy technique. The microstructure and properties are investigated and discussed. The influence of TiN content on the erosion and erosion-corrosion resistance is researched under alkaline conditions. Results reveal that the grain size decreases along with the increase of TiN. However, too much TiN results in incompact material and residual porosities in cermets. The grain size plays an important role in wear behavior. The effect of TiN content on erosion-corrosion of Ti(C,N)-based cermets is the same as that on erosion. It is advantageous for the wear resistance to add a small amount of TiN. Excessive TiN makes the wear resistance decrease on the contrary. In alkaline slurry, the cermets with coarse grains deteriorate largely due to corrosion which decreases the mechanical properties and speeds up the total loss of material. Nevertheless, the mechanical erosion is responsible for the degradation of cermets with fine grains. Cermets with 7.5 wt.% TiN addition have the highest erosion and erosion-corrosion resistance. © 2013 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Zhang C.,Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences | Zhang C.,Xihua University | Wang Q.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute CO
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

In this paper, the WC-16TiC-xTaC-9Co and Co are mixed together preparing for WC, (W, Ti, Ta) C. By high-energy ball milling, the powder is cold isostatic pressed and vacuum sintered by 1410°, 1430°and 1450°.The physical properties and the micrographs of samples are detected. The main conclusions are as following: sintered samples have the best comprehensive performance at 1450°, the density of the sample is 99.7% and the actual density is 10.91g/cm3. The hardness is 92.8 HRA and the transverse rupture strength (TRS) is 1100MPa. The grain size grows up obviously with the high temperature. The average grain size of WC is 0.7μm and the average size of (W, Ti, Ta)C is 3μm. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Chen J.,Jiangsu University | Tian L.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co. | Shang H.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co. | Shen C.,Jiangsu University | And 2 more authors.
Zhongguo Jixie Gongcheng/China Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2015

According to the working principles of HSK spindle system, a FEM (finite element method) dynamic model of HSK spindle system was built in ANSYS software, the joint parts were simplified as spring element and the parts were simplified as multi-parts beam. The dynamic performance of HSK spindle system was analyzed with Timoshenko beam theory and FEM, and the modal experiments were made in HSK tooling system. The Timoshenko theory for analyzing dynamic performance of HSK spindle system was proved to be feasible, compared with modal results. At last, the joint parts affecting HSK spindle system tool point frequency response were studied, some anti-vibration solutions were proposed. ©, 2015, China Mechanical Engineering Magazine Office. All right reserved.

Zheng D.S.,Jiangsu University | Chen J.,Jiangsu University | Tao D.F.,Jiangsu University | Lv L.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co. | And 2 more authors.
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

Tooling system for high-speed machining is one of the key components of high-end CNC machine, its stability and reliability directly affects the quality and performance of the machine. Based on the finite element method, developing a 3D finite model of high-speed machining tool system, studying on the stability of the high Speed machining tool from the natural frequency by the method of modal analysis. Analysis the amount of the overhang and clamping of the tooling, different shank taper interference fit and under different speed conditions, which affects the natural frequency of high-speed machining tool system. Proposed to the approach of improving system stability, which also provides a theoretical basis for the development of new high-speed machining tool system. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Xie H.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute Ltd. | Fu Y.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute Ltd. | Feng G.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute Ltd.
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

The accuracy measurement of fine-pitch gears within module 0.02-0.2mm in batch production is one of the puzzle problems in industry because of its small amout of dimension and rigidity. Based on the gear integrated error measurement technology developed by CTRI in China and Frenco in Germany, a kind of differential roll-scanning measuring technology and a differential fine-pitch gear integrated error measuring machine first developed by the authors are introduced briefly in the paper, including the working principle and calculation formulas of 'two synchronized rotate-driving systems, one differential- compensation closed-loop measurement', the stucture of 'spindle on spindle' and 'differential composite driving spindle system' of the master gear, and the unique master gear with 'every other tooth thinned' followed the principle of overlap coefficient not bigger than 1 for a few certain gear pairs, and also the special made hob for making the thinned master gear. The measuring results of four items of deviations, including pitch, profile, tangential composite and integrated deviations of product fine-pitch gears show the feasibility and prospect of the new developed measuring technology and machine in future industry application. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

Zhu Y.,Jiangsu University | Huang J.,Jiangsu University | Wang G.,Jiangsu University | Chen Y.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co.
Xitong Fangzhen Xuebao / Journal of System Simulation | Year: 2015

According to the relative motion of tool and workpiece, a new mechanical-thermal coupling finite element model of turning burr formation was established. It adopted supporting plate method to eliminate the influence of workpiece deformation which remained on the workpiece side. Operational efficiency improved greatly under this model. Based on the analysis of simulation results, it is discovered that there are both bending deflection and partly cutting occurred on cutting layer material. AISI1045 steel turning experiment was conducted, it is found that the results of simulation are close to the experimental. The model provides an effective way for analyzing the cutting heat, cutting force, workpiece deformation, stress flow and so on in the process of burr formation. ©, 2015, Editorial Office of Journal of System Simulation. All right reserved.

Chen J.,Jiang Su University | Chen J.,Chengdu tool research institute co. | Tian L.,Chengdu tool research institute co. | Shang H.M.,Chengdu tool research institute co. | Wang G.C.,Jiang Su University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

The principle which the tool is embedded into the HSK shrink toolholder is expanding with heat and contracting with cold. The thermal cycle that the tool is embedded into or taken out the toolholder is heating toolholder and cooling it quickly. After a few thermal cycles, the HSK shrink toolholder is damaged with the way of thermal fatigue. The analysis of thermal fatigue is transient heat transfer and stress coupling and the temperature distribution, stress and strain of every time are gained in thermal cycle. The fatigue of shrink tool holder is strain fatigue by analyzing the stress. The fatigue life is gained with Coffin-Manson formula. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Chen J.,Jiangsu University | Chen J.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute co. | Shang H.M.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute co. | Tian L.,Chengdu Tool Research Institute co. | Wang G.C.,Jiangsu University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

The gear is widely used in manufacturing industry. The object of study is straight spur gear. According to the feature of involute gear, a three-edged indexable milling insert is designed. Firstly, the milling model is built in Deform3D. Then, the optimal relief angle is gained based on the cutting temperature and the optimal relief angle is 6°. The cutting parameters are researched and the optimal parameters are obtained according to the cutting force. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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