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Pentewar R.S.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Khadkutkar V.K.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Sugave B.K.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2014

Aptamers are single-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA) oligonucleotides, which are able to bind their target with high selectivity and affinity. Aptamers based gold nanoparticles are nano systems well qualified for the development of new biomedical devices for analytical, imaging, drug delivery and many other biomedical applications. Aptamers conjugated with the nanoparticles such as gold nanoparticles play vital role in the nanomedicine as the diagnostic and therapeutic tool and even in the drug delivery system. The development of biosensors is probably one of the most promising ways to solve some of the problems concerning the increasing need to develop highly sensitive, fast and economic methods of analysis in medical diagnostics. In this review, some consideration will be given to biosensors and their application in medical diagnostics, taking into account several crucial features and techniques of development of different types of Aptamers having properties such as high affinity and specificity for targets, easy chemical synthesis and modification, and rapid tissue penetration. They have become attractive molecules in diagnostics and therapeutics rivaling and, in some cases, surpassing other molecular probes, such as antibodies. In this review, we highlight the recent progress in aptamers-mediated delivery for therapeutics and disease-targeting based on aptamers integration with a variety of nanomaterials, such as gold nanorods, DNA micelles, DNA hydrogel and carbon nanotubes and their diagnostic applications.

Pentewar R.S.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Usturge D.R.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Rajurkar R.M.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2014

If the organization in time of living system including man is borne in mind, it is easy to conceive that not only must the right amount of the right substance be at right place but also this must occur at the right time therefore in pharmaceuticals Controlled drug delivery systems have acquired a centre stage in the area of pharmaceutical R & D sector. In such cases a chronopharmacotherapy may be more advantageous. In order to increase the effectiveness of drug here one of the techniques is described which is chronotherapeutic drug delivery system. Ideally, these systems should embody spatial and temporal control drug delivery systems.These dosage forms offer many advantages, such as nearly constant drug level at the site of action, prevention of peak-valley fluctuation, reduction in dose of drug, reduced dosage frequency, avoidance of side effects and improved patient compliance.The dependence of our body functions in the certain diseased states depends on the circadian rhythms which occur in the certain diseased conditions like depression, rheumatoid arthritis, myocardial infarction, peptic ulcer etc. Theoretically; such ideal drug delivery system would potentially improve the safety, efficacy and patient compliance of old and new drugs. Our aim in this review is to outline the rational and prominent design strategies behind site-specific oralpulsatile drug delivery system on the principle of Chronodynamics refers to dosing-time, i.e., rhythm-dependent.

Pentewar R.S.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Dhotre B.G.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Sugave R.V.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Somwanshi S.V.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2014

Gastro-retentive floating microspheres are low-density systems that have sufficient buoyancy to float over gastric contents and remain in stomach for prolonged period. The drug is released slowly at desired rate resulting in increased gastric retention with reduced fluctuation in plasma drug concentration. The oral route achieved such popularity due to its ease of administration but has drawback of non-site specificity. GRDDS providing better bioavailability to poorly absorbed drugs, Floating microspheres is to improve patient compliance by decreasing dosing frequency, better therapeutic effect of short half-life drugs can be achieved. These systems are useful in overriding the several problems encountered during the development of a pharmaceutical dosage forms. The purpose of this review is to focus on the recent advances in the field of formulation, characterization, evaluation and applications of floating microspheres in the area of gastro retentive dosage forms. Floating microspheres is one of several approaches to gastro retention, like mucoadhesion flotation, sedimentation, expansion, modified shape system etc. Microspheres received much attention not only for prolonged release, but also for targeting of anticancer drugs to the tumor. In future by combining various other strategies, microspheres will find the central place in novel drug delivery, particularly in diseased cell sorting, diagnostics, gene & genetic materials, safe, targeted and effective in vivo delivery and supplements as miniature versions of diseased organ and tissues in the body. It is the reliable means to deliver the drug to the target site with specificity, if modified, and to maintain the desired concentration at the site of interest without untoward effects.

Pentewar R.S.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Kazi S.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Bharti R.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Pulgamwar G.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2014

Microsponge technology has been introduced in topical drug products to facilitate the controlled release of active drug into the skin and in cosmetic preparations in order to reduce systemic exposure and it offers the potential to hold active ingredients in a protected environment minimize local cutaneous reactions to active drugs and also provide controlled delivery of oral medication to the lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract, where it will be released upon exposure to specific enzymes in the colon. The size of the microsponges can be varied usually from 5-300μm in diameter, depending upon the degree of smoothness or after-feel required for the end formula. Although the microsponge size may vary, a typical 25μm sphere can have up to 250000 pores and an internal pore structure equivalent to 10ft in length providing a total pore volume of about 1ml/g. This approach opens up entirely new opportunities for MDS by colon specific targeting of drugs. Microsponges are extremely small, inert, indestructible spheres that do not pass through the skin. Rather, they collect in the tiny nooks and crannies of the skin and slowly release the entrapped drug, as the skin needs it. They are designed to deliver a pharmaceutical active ingredient efficiently at the minimum dose and also to enhance stability, reduce side effects and modify drug release. They can be incorporated into conventional dosage forms such as creams, lotions, gels, ointments, tablets and powder and share a broad package of benefits and thus provide formulation flexibility.

Pentewar R.S.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Somwanshi S.V.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Sugave B.K.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2014

Spray drying is a method used to produce dry powder from a liquid or slurry by rapidly drying with a hot gas and it is mostly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. This paper covers the parameters of spray dryer, principles of spray dryer, basics of spray drying, dryer configuration, collection of dried powder, and flow of drying gas, process design and control. Spray dryers can dry a product very quickly compared to other methods of drying. They also turn a solution or slurry into a dried powder in a single step, which can be advantageous for profit maximization and process simplification. Spray drying offers multiple opportunities that no other single drying technology can claim. Besides spray drying offers unique opportunities in particle size engineering. They can also turn a solution or slurry into a dried powder in a single step, which can be advantageous for profit maximization and process simplification. Spray dryers are also capable of handling a very wide range of feed materials and flow rates: a pharmaceutical company may use a lab scale system to dry a few kilograms of high value product whereas the mining industry might use a much larger drier to continuously process over 100 tons of material per hour.

Bhusnure O.G.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Shinde N.G.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Gholve S.B.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Thonte S.S.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Giram P.S.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2015

Using less toxic chemicals and time saving method for determination of the Risperidone (RIS) and Benzoic Acid (BA) was achieved with Waters XTerra (4.6 × 150mm, 5μm) stationary phase, using a UV detector at 275nm wavelength. The optimized mobile phase was consisted of potassium dihydrogen phosphate buffer (pH-3.00) and methanol (50:50 v/v). The retention times were 3.07 and 4.18 for RIS and BA respectively. Run time was 8 min, the flow rate was 0.8 ml/min and injection volume was 10 μl. The method was validated for specificity, linearity, solution stability, accuracy and precision. The method was specific, linear, accurate and precise. The method was linear within the range of 25% to 200% of the assay concentration (200 for RIS and 400 for BA). The method was accurate within the range of 50% to 200% of assay concentration. These methods can be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of Risperidone and Benzoic Acid in a risperidone oral solution.

Bhusnure Omprkash G.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Prasad K.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Gholve Sachine B.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College | Giram Padmaja S.,Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2016

The objective of this investigation was to prepare extended release tablet containing interpolyelectrolyte complex (IPEC) formation technique using Eudragit E100 and Eudragit L100 polymers andEE was selected as the cationic polymer. The other cationic types of Eudragit cannot be used because they are insoluble in aqueous solutions. And, EL, which is usually used as an enteric coating, was used as the anionic polymer The main goal of controlled drug delivery systems is to improve the effectiveness of drug therapies. Controlled drug delivery is delivery of drug at a rate or at a location determined by needs of body or disease state over a specified period of time. In which the drug is delivered over an extended time period. to study its in vitro release and in vivo absorption. The design of dosage form was per-formed by choosing Eudragit E100, EudragitL100, Mg Steret and Talk and PVP-K30 as granulating polymers. Granules were prepared by composing drug with interpolyelectrolyte complex. Optimized formulation of Desvenlafaxine succi-nate was formed by using interpolyelectrolyte complex (IPEC) formation technique using Eudragit E100 and Eudragit L100 polymers This extended the release period up to 10 h in vitro study. Similarity factor and mean dissolution time were also reported to compare various dissolution profiles. The network formed Eudragit E100, L100 polymers had been coupled satisfactorily with the controlled resistance. Biopharmaceutical study of this optimized dos-age form in rabbit model showed 10 h prolonged drug release in vivo. A close correlation (R2 = 0.9833) was established between the in vitro release and the in vivo absorption of drug. The results suggested that wet by interpolyelectrolyte complex (IPEC) formation technique, is a suitable method to formulate sustained release Desvenlafaxine succinate and it can Perform therapeutically better than conventional immediate release dosage form.

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