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Lu H.,Southern Medical University | Jiang P.-C.,Changzhou NO. 2 Peoples Hospital | Zhang X.-D.,Nanchang University | Hou W.-J.,Southern Medical University | And 9 more authors.
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine | Year: 2015

High risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the major cause of cervical cancer. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is considered as the most prevalent vaginal imbalance affecting women of reproductive age. However, the relationship between HPV and BV infection is unclear. This study aimed to assess the prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection combined with bacterial vaginosis (BV) infection in Shanghai suburbs and evaluate associations between bacterial vaginosis with HPV infection, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) and cervical cancer. Methods: From October 1, 2009 to October 31, 2013, a total number of 3502 women who visited Fengxian Hospital, Southern Medical University were enrolled in this study. All participants gave informed consent and agreed to HPV, BV, chlamydia, mycoplasma and thinprepcytologic test (TCT). In addition, all women took histopathologic examination under colposcopy. Statistical analyses were done using SPSS 17.0 for windows (IBM). In present study the overall BV-positive rate was 9.25%. The top three high risk HPV types were listed as follows (in descending order): HPV16, 52, 58. Moreover, our data showed BV infection tended to occur in the HPV positive women, HPV infection also tended to occur in the BV positive women. Most of the women who present HPV with BV infection were younger than 30 years old. We also found that CIN and cervical cancer occurred mainly in HPV/BV positive and HPV with BV positive group. BV infection and HPV infection may haveconsistency or synergies. HPV with BV infection may increase the incidence of CIN and cervical cancer. © 2015 E-Century Publishing Corporation. All rights reserved.

Li L.,Nanjing Medical University | Wu J.,Nanjing Medical University | Pu D.,Nanjing Medical University | Zhao Y.,Nanjing Medical University | And 13 more authors.
Maturitas | Year: 2012

Objective: To investigate the factors associated with the age of natural menopause and menopausal symptoms in a large population of Chinese middle-aged women. Study design: In this cross-sectional study, a total of 20,275 women (40-65 years) attending health screening in Jiangsu Province of China were enrolled. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data of demographics, menopausal status, chronic diseases, reproductive history, etc. Also we evaluated the severity of menopausal symptoms by Kupperman menopause index (KMI). Main outcome measure: Menopausal age and scorings of Kupperman menopause index. Results: The overall median age at natural menopause was 50 years. Lower educational level, poor economic status, lower body mass index (BMI), age at menarche less than 14 years, nulliparity and smoking were associated with earlier onset of natural menopause (P < 0.05). The most frequently symptoms in postmenopausal women were sexual problems (57.05%), muscle/joint pain (53.29%) and insomnia (51.02%), while fatigue, insomnia and muscle/joint pain were predominant symptoms in pre- and peri-menopausal women. After adjusting for confounding factors, logistic regression analysis revealed that women with poor educational background, low income, divorce, higher BMI, higher parity, smoking and chronic diseases presented higher KMI scores (P < 0.05). Conclusion: The study provided an estimate of median age at natural menopause in Chinese women. The main factors contributing to earlier onset of menopause and severity of menopausal symptoms were lower educational level, poor economic status, and smoking. Thus, this study provides important insights for physicians to prevent and treat menopause related symptoms. © 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

Yu Z.,Nanjing Medical University | Han S.,Nanjing Medical University | Wu J.,Inner Mongolia Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital | Li M.,Xinjiang Medical University | And 6 more authors.
Jornal de Pediatria | Year: 2014

Objective to prospectively validate a previously constructed transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) nomogram for identifying severe hyperbilirubinemia in healthy Chinese term and late-preterm infants. Methods this was a multicenter study that included 9,174 healthy term and late-preterm infants in eight hospitals of China. TcB measurements were performed using a JM-103 bilirubinometer. TcB values were plotted on a previously developed TcB nomogram, to identify the predictive ability for subsequent significant hyperbilirubinemia. Results in the present study, 972 neonates (10.6%) developed significant hyperbilirubinemia. The 40th percentile of the nomogram could identify all neonates who were at risk of significant hyperbilirubinemia, but with a low positive predictive value (PPV) (18.9%). Of the 453 neonates above the 95th percentile, 275 subsequently developed significant hyperbilirubinemia, with a high PPV (60.7%), but with low sensitivity (28.3%). The 75th percentile was highly specific (81.9%) and moderately sensitive (79.8%). The area under the curve (AUC) for the TcB nomogram was 0.875. Conclusions this study validated the previously developed TcB nomogram, which could be used to predict subsequent significant hyperbilirubinemia in healthy Chinese term and late-preterm infants. However, combining TcB nomogram and clinical risk factors could improve the predictive accuracy for severe hyperbilirubinemia, which was not assessed in the study. Further studies are necessary to confirm this combination. © 2014 Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria.

Xing B.L.,Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital | Li T.,Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital | Tang Z.H.,Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital | Jiao L.,Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital | And 3 more authors.
Genetics and Molecular Research | Year: 2015

DNA methylation plays an important role in carcinogenesis and cancer development. In this study, we examined gene methylation in epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) using cationic conjugated polymer (CCP)-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) to evaluate the application of cumulative methylation alternations of genes associated with cancer antigen 125 for early cancer diagnosis. The methylation status of 3 genes (Ras association domain family 1 isoform A, RASSF1A; opioid-binding protein/cell adhesion molecule, OPCML; homeobox A9, HOXA9) were examined and compared in 35 EOC samples and 11 normal ovarian tissue samples using CCP-based FRET. Gene methylation levels were clustered into 3 sections and assigned a value; values for the 3 genes were summed. Although methylation of the OPCML gene was significantly associated with stage, histological types, grade, and ascites and that of RASSF1A and HOXA9 was not, the sum for the 3 genes was significantly associated with stage and ascites. The sum showed higher sensitivity (85.7%) and specificity (100%) for discriminating EOC from normal ovarian tissues than did the methylation status of RASSF1A, OPCML, and HOXA9 (48.6, 77.1, 77.1, and 100, 88.1, 100%, respectively). Combining cancer antigen 125 levels with the sum increased the sensitivity to 94.3%. The detection and analysis of a panel of genes’ methylation status with the CCP-based FRET technique may be useful for diagnosis and screening of EOC; the associated cancer antigen 125 can be used to increase diagnostic sensitivity. © FUNPEC-RP.

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