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Sun H.,Changzhou Textile and Garment Institute | Sun H.,Changzhou Key Laboratory of New Textile Material | Wang M.-Q.,Changzhou Sanmao Worsted Group Co. | Zhao X.,Changzhou Textile and Garment Institute
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2014

The experimental material uses doubling and twisting yarn worsted fabric of wool and bamboo charcoal filament attached to new green environmental fiber. It selects tensile property, antiwrinkle performance, moisture permeability and UV protection performance in particular. The result is all new products have better tensile property and moisture permeability compared with wool and bamboo charcoal filament interlacing fabric. Moisture permeability of doubling and twisting yarn fabric increases and UV protection performance falls off gradually when weight and weave is equation of all fabric. It also gets No. 1 sample has optimal performance in four properties when the content of bamboo charcoal filament is 29.5% ,the twist is 58.5 twist/10 cm, the weave is plain, the square meter gram weight is 144 g/m2 by product performance rank method. Source

Huang Y.-L.,Changzhou textile garment institute | Huang Y.-L.,Changzhou Key Laboratory of New Textile Material
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2014

After fabric pilling, it seriously affects the appearance quality, and reduces the performance of the fabric. Research and test standard of textile pilling are for pilling when dry, but the clothes in the washing and wet environment caused by wearing the wet rubbing of pilling phenomenon has a very big impact on the appearance of textiles. This article through to the worsted wool fabric .pilling performance of wet and dry test and comparative analysis, the results show that worsted fabric's resistance to pilling than dry pilling of wet, dry pilling is better than pure wool fabric wool blended fabric, but the wet pilling rating will send half, wool-polyester blend fabrics level fell by half. By analyzing factors that influence the pilling performance of wet proposed in worsted fabric design and production, reduce the pilling of wet method, which provide the basis for worsted fabric variety design, more coastal areas and rain-belt worsted fabric clothing choice and in providing some guidance. Source

Xiong Q.Y.,Changzhou Key Laboratory of New Textile Material | Xiong Q.Y.,Changzhou textile garment institute
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

The removal of cationic Blue X-BL in aqueous solution by adsorption of silica gel was investigated. Effects of pH, initial concentration of dye solution and temperature on the adsorption of Cationic Blue X-BL onto silica gel were studied. When the initial concentration of the blue dye was 100 mg/dm3, silica gel is 0.6 g at pH 9.3 and at 303 K, adsorption reached equilibrium after 2 h with the final adsorption quantity 16.38 mg/g. Fenton reaction with UV light was applied in the regeneration operation of silica gel which can transmit most of the UV light. The concentration of Fe2+ and H2O2 was evaluated and when the concentration of Fe2+ and H2O2 were 0.05 mmol/dm3 and 0.132 mol/dm3, the first, second, third and forth regeneration efficiency were 84.68%, 82.05%, 65.26% and 50.73%, respectively. In order to improve the regeneration capacity and silica gel's reuse times, acid washing was introduced in the forth regeneration after Fenton reaction, which can enhance the regeneration efficiency to 92.19%. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Xu T.-H.,Changzhou Textile and Garment Institute | Xu T.-H.,Changzhou Key Laboratory of New Textile Material | Sun H.,Changzhou Textile and Garment Institute | Sun H.,Changzhou Key Laboratory of New Textile Material
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

The study shows overfeed sewing shrinkage was not linear relationship with physical property and garment sewing process parameter. It chose simulation arm of light wool fabrics to do overfeed sewing experiment, and selected seven characteristic values such as connection length of long fabric, connection length ratio flexural-tensile modulus ratio, relaxation shrinkage and wet expansion rate of long and short fabric, and applied artificial neural network to forecast overfeed sewing shrinkage of light wool fabrics. Compared with actual result, the error of predicted result was lesser. The foundation of prediction model is significant for woolen mill to develop a set of interactive software and extend application. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Zhang Z.-Q.,Changzhou textile garment institute | Zhang Z.-Q.,Changzhou Key Laboratory of New Textile Material | Wang J.-P.,Changzhou textile garment institute | Wang J.-P.,Changzhou Key Laboratory of New Textile Material
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2010

Woolen yarns are not advisable to be stored for a long time. It can result in waste to the textile manufacturers, if the piece end yarns are not used timely. The article inductive analyses the causes of piece end yarns, and proposes a solution which is from the viewpoint of design and production control. This paper introduces the piece end yarns scale' s making and using placing a great variety of piece end yarns side by side which is according to a regular pattern, as well, which can provide designers with abundant yarn resources. So designers have access to physical form support for the idea. The article not only shows by example how to use the piece end yarns in 1 product as much as possible, so that the products have a certain amount, but also put forward its own proposals which is in the management of the piece end yarns. Source

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